COVID Mandate Whiplash Continues for Californians

COVID Mandate Whiplash Continues for Californians

COVID Mandate Whiplash Continues for Californians

Living in California during the COVID pandemic is existing on the blade of a boomerang. Monday, California lifted its statewide indoor mask mandate—again–with all kinds of stipulations. Of course. The COVID mandate whiplash from the on-again, off-again mandates is dizzying.

“California will end its indoor masking requirement for vaccinated people next week but masks still are the rule for schoolchildren, state health officials announced Monday amid rapidly falling coronavirus cases.”

Californians might be quick to do the happy dance as the February 15th date quickly approaches, but they’ve been to this dance floor before. This is the third time masks have been mandated then uhhh….unmandated.

Last summer’s Delta variant rung in months of masks.

“California has not enforced a general statewide mask mandate for all indoor spaces since June 15, when the state abandoned the color-coded county reopening system and only required fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks in certain settings such as schools, hospitals and public transit.”

You can just hear the summer fun ooze in the reporter’s voice as masks came off last summer.

Once that mask mandate went by the wayside, Omicron popped up. California rung in the 2021 Christmas season with masks and no parties for you!

“[California] began requiring mask-wearing in all indoor public settings across California regardless of vaccination status, a rule that has been in place for months in Los Angeles County…The statewide mask mandate will remain in place until Jan. 15. Among the indoor public spaces affected are retail stores, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers and government offices that serve the public.”

Who could forget the crazy buzz around the holidays where families were conducting COVID tests before entry to a party or gathering? Thanks California, you’re good at harshin’ the holiday vibe.

COVID mandate whiplash strikes again. For a second time the enthusiasm in the reporter’s voice is unmistakable, no masks!

Did you catch all the “no masks but….”? Those who aren’t vaxxed, you get to mask up. Those who have already received a vaccine because they have contracted COVID and have the antibodies—masks for you. Kids in classrooms, mask up.

Here’s a fun question, what about the Super Bowl, at California’s SoFi indoor stadium on the 13th? Not that I’ve watched much football this year since the NFL went woke, but when I see a game, I don’t see masks. What I do see on my newsfeed is a whole of the NFL is vaxxed, and a lot of players are getting ‘rona.

Because California is a buzzkill when it comes to letting go of masks, let’s remember with this release of mask mandates comes a lot of rules, adding to the COVID whiplash of mandates and rules.

“After Feb. 15, unvaccinated people still will be required to be masked indoors, and everyone — vaccinated or not — will have to wear masks in higher-risk areas like public transit and nursing homes and other congregate living facilities, officials said. Local governments can continue their own indoor masking requirements and last week Los Angeles County’s health officials said they intend to keep theirs in place beyond the state deadline.”

California isn’t the only blue state dropping mandates. Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey and possibly New York. New Yorkers, don’t get excited, this is only a hope. Your governor is extending masks in schools.

COVID mandate whiplash isn’t reserved for Californians. It’s reserved for those living in Democrat run bastions of misery and economic hell for anyone trying to make a living.

Here’s how this story will continue: the next variant will ring in another round of mandates, state economies will shut down, and then it will be time for the 2022 elections.

Did I just press the nerve? Do you think these blue state governors have realized they need to raise the happiness index in their state before election commercials take over the airwaves? Stay tuned.

Featured image: Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay, free for commercial use via PixaBay license, cropped.

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