#Copenhagen: One Dead, Others Injured At Free Speech Talk at Cafe

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#Copenhagen: One Dead, Others Injured At Free Speech Talk at Cafe

One 40 year old man is dead and at least two police officers are wounded after a Charlie Hebdo-style attack on a cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark, where a debate on free speech in Europe was taking place. The debate was entitled “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression” and Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who was under police protection, was in the cafe and scheduled to speak.

Vilks, a Swedish artist known for his provocative drawings of the Prophet Mohammed, has faced several attempted attacks and death threats after he depicted the Prophet as a dog in 2007.
As a result, he is guarded by police any time he visits Denmark. Some are speculating he was the intended target of the attack.
Sweden’s security police said Swedish bodyguards were with Vilks at the time of the shooting.

The French ambassador to Denmark, Francois Zimeray, was also attending the debate, and provided eyewitness reports of the attack.

“They fired on us from the outside. It was the same intention as [the 7 January attack on] Charlie Hebdo except they didn’t manage to get in,” Zimeray told AFP.

“Intuitively I would say there were at least 50 gunshots, and the police here are saying 200. Bullets went through the doors and everyone threw themselves to the floor,” the ambassador added.

“We managed to flee the room, and now we’re staying inside because it’s still dangerous. The attackers haven’t been caught and they could very well still be in the neighbourhood.”

A outside view of the cafe after the attack (photo:Getty Images/AP)
A outside view of the cafe after the attack (photo:Getty Images/AP)

Twitter captured other eyewitness statements.

Danish police have no doubts that this was a terrorist attack.

There are two reported assailants, and their getaway car has been found.

Police said the two suspects drove away in a dark Volkswagen Polo after they sprayed the Krudttoenden cafe with some 30 bullets, killing a 40-year-old man. The shooting also slightly injured three police officers. The artist, Lars Vilks was not hurt, the Danish news network, thelocal.dk, said, citing media reports.

The TV2 channel reported later that police found the the car nearby. The car had been abandoned and there was no sign of the suspects.

Victory Girls will continue to follow the story and update as it develops.

Another report of a shooting in central Copenhagen:

Three people are reportedly injured, including the person shot in the head.

We will be watching for further developments.

Reuters is reporting that the nearby metro and train station, Norreport, is being evacuated.

Trying to corner the suspect, if they can.

Reports are now out that one victim has died in the synagogue shooting.

We continue to watch for updates and confirmation.

The manhunt is on.

Residents of Copenhagen are being told to stay indoors.

Danish police are now saying that they are only looking for ONE suspect in the cafe shooting, not two.

Photo released by Danish security forces, showing the suspect
Photo released by Danish security forces, showing the suspect
Eyewitness reports are claiming they heard a person “yelling in Arabic” at the cafe shooting.
It is unknown at this time if this same individual is the one involved in the synagogue shooting.

Also, the reported death of one victim is still not confirmed.

The BBC is reporting that all three injured in the synagogue shooting are police officers.

Also, there is about a two-mile distance between the two shooting locations.

Copenhagen is now effectively in lockdown.

Danish police are giving an update and issuing corrections in a press conference.

The second shooting victim has now been officially confirmed dead.

Three policemen were wounded in the first shooting, two policemen in the second shooting.

Danish police say they have shot and killed the suspect they believe is responsible for both shootings.

Police killed the assumed perpetrator near a train station early Sunday after they put an address near the station under observation. The man opened fire on police causing them to fire back and killing the man. No officers were wounded during the incident, police said.

The victim at the synagogue has also been identified, though not by name.

Our prayers are with the families of the victims, and we will continue to update this story as more details emerge in the days to come.

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