1 in 3 Americans Worried About Shariah Law Being Adopted In U.S.

1 in 3 Americans Worried About Shariah Law Being Adopted In U.S.

Recently it came to light that there is an Islamic Tribunal court that is active in North Texas, who is already in trouble for describing members of its ranks as “lawyers” when they have not passed the bar. In the age of ISIS and heightened awareness of Islamofascism across the globe Americans are very wary of anything that might suggest that Sharia’h, or Islamic law, is taking root in the U.S. Frankly, I see this wariness as a good thing. It makes us more vigilant against the very real threat that exists within the borders of our nation and that is the threat of sharia’h law gaining parity with American law. People did not think it could happen in Britain, and eventually Sharia’h courts gained parity with British courts. Now, the ruling dictated by a Sharia’h court is given the same legal weight as those handed down by the Queen’s courts. This past summer a Muslim reporter in London wrote an article that said that banning Sharia’h law courts in Britain would harm British Muslim women. This seems odd to me since Sharia’h law, by its very nature is anti-woman. After all Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced child marriage (and subsequent child rape) and even marital rape are all accepted practices within Sharia’h law.

The breakdown of the LifeWay Research Study

In a new study by a Christian research company called LifeWay Research finds that 37% of Americans polled in their study were concerned about Sharia’h law being applied in the U.S., while 27% of the study respondents believed that ISIS was an accurate reflection of the Islamic faith as a whole. According to the study, 43% of those polled believe that Islam can create a peaceful society.

Cover of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after the slaughter of their journalists at their Paris office

It seems that the Charlie Hebdo attack and subsequent attacks on a kosher deli in Paris figured heavily into people’s views on Islam. According to Ed Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research it has created an odd paradigm in the U.S. publics view of freedom of religion.

“ISIS has stirred an odd religious debate in America today,” said Ed Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research. “In a nation that has long espoused religious freedom, Americans are thinking long and hard about the kind of society Islam fosters – especially the more radical groups that say they are Islamic – and whether Sharia law would ever be adopted here.”

I can certainly understand the concern. I have studied Islamofascism for many years and have detailed its incursion into the U.S. investment markets over the past decade. If you see a “socially responsible investment index” look at the companies excluded carefully. If they exclude the following, they are probably a Sharia’h compliant index-alcohol, pork production, alcohol production, Western weapons of defense (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing), and pornography (but then who wants to invest in porn anyway?).

There is a remedy. It is called American Laws for American Courts (ALAC for short) and it has been passed in a total of five states already. This is legislation that protects the spirit of American law from the elements of any foreign law that seeks to undermine the Constitution and those freedoms it protects.

Forgive me, I think most Americans would be even more vigilant about this issue if the majority of the voting public knew how often Islamic terror organizations have been invited into the White House under the current Administration. Just two weeks ago Breitbart revealed that a number of terror connected groups were hosted at the Obama White House to discuss anti-Muslim bigotry.

“Also at the event was Hoda Elshishtawy of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). MPAC was founded by members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The group has written a position paper rejecting the United States’s designation of Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist organizations, and has insisted that the Jewish state of Israel be added as a state sponsor of terrorism. The group’s former president, Salam al-Marayati, has also publicly entertained that Israel should be considered a suspect in the 9/11/01 attacks against America. He has said that Hezbollah’s attacks against Israel should be seen as “legitimate resistance,” according to Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Foundation.”

The article continues to name other terror connected “Muslim leaders” who were present.

“Elshishtawy revealed that Dr. Sherman Jackson, who serves as the King Faisal Chair of Islamic Thought at the University of Southern California, was also at the meeting. One lecture Dr. Jackson gave has been described as a “call to battle” between Muslims and the West.

The Detroit Free Press revealed the names of three additional individuals who were in the meeting: Azhar Azeed, president of the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); Rahat Hussain, the Legislative Policy Director for Shiite advocacy group UMAA; and Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a women who played college basketball while wearing an Islamic hajib.”

But, of course, there is nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Waleed Sharaby flashing the Muslim Brotherhood hand sign at an event sponsored by the White House


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  • To a small extent sharia law is already here in the West. When Terry Jones, a pastor in Florida, announced that he planned to burn a Koran, President Obama and several others administration officials pressured him not to do it (since when is the US government in the business of enforcing Islam’s anti-desecration laws, however obliquely?). The Archbishop of Canterbury suggested that British Muslims should be governed by sharia law instead of British law. The University of Michigan constructed foot baths for Muslim students to use before prayers. An elementary school in San Diego allow Muslim students an extra recess students to pray. A school in Canada allows Muslims to use school space for prayers – including segregating menstruating female students. There is the relentless attacking (by both government officials and private citizens) of anyone who dares to criticize Islamic beliefs. There are many, many other examples.

    Multiculturalists who do not adhere to any religious beliefs (except a mindless worship of Big Government) are pushing this “creeping sharia” as a way of sticking it to the hated Jews and Christians. How else to explain the wacky embrace by multiculturalists of Islam (including the murdering of homosexuals in Muslim countries and rampant female genital mutilation)?

  • Jennifer says:

    Recovering Lutheran,
    I have been asking people “Where are the feminists on this??”, sharia’h oppresses women in so many ways and yet…crickets. I agree with everything you have stated. Unless we continue to sound the alarm, I fear we will continue to see incursions that eat away at liberty in the West. Keep the faith.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    When you try to impose a code of law from the 7th century onto a 21st century society you have a recipe for disaster. If those in the ummah want to live under such a code that is their business. However, imposing this code outside the ummah is not acceptable. I do find it comforting that over a third of Americans think imposing sharia here is a bad idea-the way most Americans view all things Koran connected I figured the number would be more like 3 percent. This is a good start but there’s a long way to go before a solid majority correctly views the Koran and all that comes from it-that it is no real religion nor is it peaceful at all. It is merely the world’s oldest and longest lasting brand of totalitarianism covered with a religious veneer.

  • Xavier says:

    Opinions, “awareness”, and polls don’t matter. What does matter is the percentage of Moslems countrywide and in concentrated regions, the willingness of politicians to pander to an Islamic voting block, and the well documented history of Islam’s subjugation of host countries.


    If anyone hasn’t see this video, I strongly urge you to watch it. It’s over 20 minutes and worth every second.


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