Congress Wants a Pay Raise

Congress Wants a Pay Raise

Congress Wants a Pay Raise

Pretend you’re an employer who has hired a team of employees to do a job. Pretend said team of employees failed miserably by any available metric to do its job. Now pretend that same failing team has decided to give itself a pay raise. What would your response be?

How about “YOU’RE FIRED!”

That’s what I would tell this worthless, lazy, ignorant failure of a team.

Unfortunately, things are not quite that easy with Congress – the body that’s supposed to represent the people of the United States, gets paid by the taxpayers, and fails miserably to do its job year after year. Instead of being sent home for failing to do their jobs for the American people, Congressional representatives are trying to give themselves a pay raise.

Members of Congress have had their salaries frozen for a decade, after last receiving a pay adjustment in January 2009.

Hoyer has called for a lawmaker pay raise in the past to keep up with the cost of living, arguing that it would help ensure that people who aren’t wealthy can serve in Congress.

“The cost of rent, child care and other necessities has risen substantially in Washington and across the country in recent years, but members and staff pay and benefits have not kept pace with the private sector,” Hoyer said this week. “If we want to attract a more diverse group of Americans to run for office and work on Capitol Hill, we need to make it possible for them to do so.”

Poor darlings! They haven’t had an increase to their six-figure salaries in 10 years, and you should give them a raise to increase diversity!

Um. What?

Congressional representatives earn $174,000 per year. The House Speaker earns the most at $223,500, and the majority and minority leaders in both chambers and the Senate president pro tempore earn $193,400. The salary for an average American household – not individual, but household – was $62,175 per year. I would submit that the average American would be thrilled to receive nearly three times that amount, so I doubt that low pay is keeping Congress filled with old, white men.

In addition, Congress is filled with filled with some very wealthy individuals so Steny Hoyer’s plea about how hard things are for Congressional representatives rings a bit hollow.

So although some in Congress were wealthy when they were elected, others enriched themselves once they got to Capitol Hill. If you watch the segment above, you will see that 60 percent members of Congress have grown their net worth at a rate that is faster than the average household, and members of Congress lost less money during the recession as well.

In the meantime, what have they accomplished?

Screen capture: Twitter

They’ve shut down the government in a full-blown war with the White House over border security, and some have outright lied about the supposed support they received from their constituents, claiming that somehow people whom they’ve put out of work and forced to stay home while they got paid to grandstand and fail at one of their basic job duties – to pass a budget – begged and pleaded with them not to give in to the evil orange guy in the White House.

They have passed legislation that undermined health insurance coverage for millions of Americans, claiming that they needed to pass the bill so the people whom it will impact would see what was in it.

They are working to relieve the very people to whom they’re supposed to be accountable of their constitutional rights by passing HR8 – an odious, tyrannical pile of steaming turds that would control how you purchase firearms, increase the cost of exercising your right to keep and bear arms and make it more cost prohibitive for people who don’t earn a lot, even as they are protected in Washington by men with guns.

They’ve been consistently late passing budget bills and have worked assiduously to blame members of the other party for their failure to do their jobs.

Screen capture: Pew Research Center

They enjoy a 21 percent approval rating – probably slightly higher than a burning case of the clap and on par with cockroaches, hemorrhoids, and Nickleback.

But they want you to feel bad, because they haven’t gotten a raise in 10 years.

Where I come from, if you’re a consistent fail at doing your job, lie to your employer, and spend your employer’s money to entrench yourself in the job you’re clearly unqualified to do (yeah, I’m looking at you, bartender), you don’t get a raise. You get shitcanned.

If you force others to work for free, while you suck up taxpayer dollars and play politics with people’s livelihoods, you get shitcanned.

And if they get ballsy and decide to vote themselves a pay raise, I would hope that every constituent would work to remove from office every indolent, entitled politician who votes for this travesty!

The answer is, “YOU’RE FIRED!”


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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Kathy says:

    Agree. Many, if not most need to be told “YOU’RE FIRED!”. The problem seems to be finding the right kind of people nuts enough to take the job.

    • Mary says:

      Absolutely yourfired. You’ve done absolutely nothing since you’ve been in the house. Oh yeah except cause the sitting President of the United States of America problems. The president who actually is doing what the PEOPLE want. You’ve just worked hard to cheat in November elections by encouraging ILLEGAL aliens to vote. Of course they didn’t understand it’s a felony, but you all do. So since you haven’t done anything you were suppose to do “your fired”.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    I considered making some amusing comments, but can’t. I deeply hate these people, these “leaders” in DC, politicians and bureaucrats and the various camp followers. I’m immediately reminded of something my brother told me about being manager of a major oilfield services operation during an oil price slump. He said the worst thing he’s ever had to experience is calling a really good worker in to the office and telling him he’s laid off. They had to cut way more than 50% of workforce. My brother also pointed out that as soon as oil prices rose the bastards in DC started talking about taxing away these “unearned windfall profits.” I don’t dwell on it, because it isn’t good to do so, but I do hate these people.

    • Sarah Anderson says:

      Marta Hernandez you just pulled my thoughts by msgic. Love your post because it says the things I feel.
      Our elected officials go the most part look out for no one but themselves. They have wasted the money we pay them by spending more money trying to stop the President in his efforts to make our government run more efficiently with every imaginable way seeking to unseat him.
      No raises until they earn the money they are being paid now. Also no free vacations on taxpayer money.

      • Susan says:

        #No raise for Congress

      • Mary says:

        Another thing I think if they push the government into another pay freeze till they can figure stuff out. I think it should go for them too, maybe them first. If they aren’t getting paid it will encourage them to get something done if they want our money to support them.

  • Not until we get our wall. We get our safety, you get your safety net.

    • Nanky52 says:

      Congress will attach it to another piece of legislation that Trump wants so Trump will not be able to veto it. American taxpayer and citizen is constantly screwed by Congress. No moneyvfor wall not one dollar pay raise. Email your reps and tell them no.

    • Bill Francis says:


  • Gene Sadler says:

    “but members and staff pay and benefits have not kept pace with the private sector,” Nope, they have been outpacing the private sector for years now. I am a proponent of a large pay cut till they get figured out they work ‘For the People’. As for the ………… (feel free to plug in whatever derogatory name you choose) that are new, give ’em time they’ll be rich in no time considering they always have insider information.

  • Ron Nedos says:

    No one forced any of idiots to run for office. If they don’t honk they need more get a real job.

  • wes says:

    As a group, worthless. Main Steam media is even below 21%. President is around 40-45%. Yet the MSM reports 90% negative press about President. Most corrupt institution is MSM, then regressives, legislative branch.
    Only hope we have is to recover all those institutions as a whole. In shorter term, drain the swamp.

  • DL Johnson says:

    You aren’t keeping up with inflation?
    You can’t pay your staff?
    The rent keeps going up and you need another raise?
    Etc., etc., etc. ……..
    The general public could get along without a pay raise and would be happy to do it on half of what the creeps in D.C. are making, and with a whole lot less whining.

    How about “YOU’RE FIRED!”………………

  • casca says:

    Disabled Vets want a raise too and deserve it. Instead in the 2020 budget VA gets cut as does the Compensation increases for Disabled Vets who receive unemployability. Pretty hard to work when it is 200 mile round trips to the Doctors one or two or four times week and you can barely function.
    Trump has attacked VA and especially Disabled Vets receiving Compensation every year along with the CBO.
    In 2007 a Congressional Committee recommended an immediate minimum increase of 25%, in Compensation to Disabled Vets..who earned far more than they will ever get in sacrifice to our Country and proud to di it.
    Ad a lot of us were drafted and didn’t have bone spurs nor money for deferments. Some of us never had a piece of steak until we were in service or shoes except in winter.They would like to get rid of us now. Meanwhile Congress gives itself a raise a real raise whenever it want to while Disabled Vets are considered welfare.

    • Donald Redder says:

      If it weren’t for the military past and present, the freedoms we have now would not exist. This country is going to hell and it seems as though no one cares. The people can impose term limits on election day. But apparently they enjoy being controlled by government. Maybe someday they will wake up.

  • william chandler says:

    How many of YOUR/America’s $4+BILLION in WELFARE given to Israel every year comes back to America in the form of BRIBES to “american” politicians? Traitors voting to give Israel MORE, so they can get bigger BRIBES. .
    Israel is paying for the vacations of 53 members of the US Congress while they are on their August break. The junkets are funded by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a prominent Israeli lobby. See? They go to Israel with empty suitcases, and come home with cases full with Your tax dollars.
    They NEVER go to the Palestinian areas …. NO BRIBES.

  • captain kirk says:

    Ah yes but with so many of these politicians screaming “socialism” they had better get used to the same “basic” income as everyone else and that includes national healthcare…funny how they were exempt from No-bama Care while the rest of us folks had it rammed down our throats! If they can not live on the salary they are receiving now, they prove they are not capable of managing their own finances and they expect to dictate the American peoples finances?

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  • Alabaster McGillicuddy says:

    For what Congress accomplishes they are over paid.

    • Diane Sorelle says:

      They don’t work full time…they fight the President and harass him constantly. They Sleep on the job. Their salary does not include expense accounts or paid vacations. Some are drunk at work and you know who she is lol. Most need to be fired. (Voted out) Some have suggested we wear the kind of clothing they wear so we won’t be killed by their kind which in my opinion is a death threat and she should be exiled from our country. They get special Insurance and retirement. Why are they not like all Americans..and Why do they deserve a raise. they do not deserve a raise period. They deserve to have their salary lowered and term limits need to be initiate now . They are completely out of control in DC.

  • richard says:

    Their pay should be tied to their job approval.

    • Nora Curd says:

      Dont give them a dine my husband is dead because the VA did not find out he had cancer fir over two years they did everything but run the test that the regural hospital did in one day now I get 760 dollars a month to live on my drugs if I had ti pay for all of them would cost double what I draw thank God I only have to pay a small copay I cant live on my own so I live with my son the people who make our laws should have to live like we do instead of hiding in their million dollar homes and taking more from us who have worked all our lives for minimum wage and giving it to people and their selves who wont work or dont do their jobs

  • ron says:

    They already make way more that they are worth we ought to make them pay to serve maybe we wouldnt end up with fools like kotex

  • Dave S says:

    Don’t forget per disk, free travel and franking privilege. Free gym too. How many days do they work? 2 1/2 or 3 max. If they worked 5 days and 40 hours like everyone else….. nah. Screw em.

  • Dave S says:

    Per diem not disk. Damned autocorrect.

  • Special_Ed says:

    Why not pay them the way they insist CEOs and the like are paid.
    Example: House members
    Base pay $100,000
    Incentive pay $ 4,000 for every one of 12 appropriations bills passed; $25,000 bonus for all 12 passed.
    Another $20,000 bonus for meeting budget limits set 6 years prior.

    Like Milton Friedman said, make the rules such that they want to do the right thing.

  • JimmyinTEXAS says:

    It is all about the Benjamins, baby! Maybe 15 dollars an hour would be an appropriate wage for this mob.

  • Mycroft says:

    I’m not impressed by the quality of candidate that our current pay structure has been able to recruit, so I’m in favor of a pay increase for Congresscritters, but not this half-arsed CoLA crap. I want pay that’s high enough that a person who could make millions in the private sector would be willing to take the job instead of our current crop of incompetents and grifters.

  • What for ?, They certainly have not worked for the people.

  • Donald F. Lombardi says:

    Let the Congress that show more interest in illegal immigrants, rather than we the taxpayers, get them to give them a pay raise seeing they are not working for us but others not paying taxes. When they show that they represent the Taxpayers not the ones who do not put any money in the POT, then we will consider a Pay raise earned. Until then get your raise from the Illegals.

  • Robert Hawks says:

    The true American people don’t reward obstructionists. The majority of the U.S. Congress forgot they work for the people. And from what I see Pelosi doesn’t even deserve minimum wage.

  • Jesse says:

    I say that the American people should be the ones who determine their pay. The first thing Americans need to do is make so Congress gets NOTHING till they do their job on the 13 Budget bills and NO MORE Omnibus spending bills EVER. If they cannot pass those bills they deserve no pay. Next America needs a method of removing members who violate ethics standards. No more allowing Congress to do it but a panel of VOTING Americans taken from voter rolls from all but the suspected violators home state. No more Congress saying I will let you slide so when I do something g you will let me slide. That means all those who used tax dollars to bribe or silence those they illegally fired or sexually harassed would be out barred for life never to be able to hold elected or appointed office at a federal level. Then we need a method of removing these LIBERAL Judges who violate the Constitution and that would include the Supreme Court. That MORON Bloom needs to go back to school and have her law license revoked and she should be barred from all aspects of law even down to being a janitor. She is not the only one that deserves that fate either. The IDIOTS who tried to block Trump canceling that UNCONSTITUTIONAL MESS of Obozo’s DACA need the same treatment. Judges DO NOT make Laws they only enforce them and say if they are in line with our CONSTITUTION. Only Congress can make laws. That in another thing their pay should be held on making laws. None of this passing a law then waiting till the first of the next calendar year. If it is so important that it must be a law it should start the minute it is signed into law or Congress overrides a veto. The last and most important thing Americans need is an amendment to the Constitution that makes it MANDATORY that Congress live under the laws they pass on to Americans and that they do so for 6 Months or better yet a year before the rest of America has to operate under it. This would stop most of the worthless ignorant laws Congress shoves onto Americans.

  • Wilber Williams says:

    Pay raise my butt!! They need to stop getting paid,For they hane done nothing to earn their regulay pay..The last couple of years the dumbocrats have done nothing to help us The TaxPayer.They keep geeting fat from lobbiest,kick backs etc.Hell No Don’t Give Them any kind of raise UNTIL THEY START earning it.They need to stop taking the pay already given to them for lack of work…IF ANY OF THEM WORKED FOR ME AND DID NOT PRODUCE ANY BETTER THAN THEY HACE I WOULD”SIMPLY FIRE THEM’.Cut the dead wood in Congree ,Drain the swamp now…BUILD THE WALL YESTERDAY””

  • Donna Calandra says:

    Congress has done nothing but waste taxpayers dollars in one scheme after another to try and take our President down. No viable immigration laws ( that cost nothing) to protect Americans, Giving Americans social security away while keeping a lucrative retirement that they have enacted for themselves as well as Medicare for us and the elite medical program that we pay for them. Not to mention giving themselves congressional immunity to do whatever they want with no prosecution or consequences. For this they need a raise? NO term limits is what they need

  • Sandra says:

    Absolutely not! NO! NO! NO!. They have not earned to last pay raised
    they have given themselves. Actually, they should be getting a pay decrease
    especially the Left. They haven’t done anything of any value in years.
    They are worthless.

  • Leland Chandler says:

    That is ridiculous, they don’t even work a full year, but they need a raise when they’re already making 3 times the average American household, cut back on your expenses, there’s your raise. In my opinion you need a pay cut to match the amount of work you do. you people have a lot of gall saying you need a pay raise. You’re Fired!!!!!!!

  • Mike W says:

    No surprise – It’s what Congress does best – vote for themselves. When Harry Truman left the White House – he took the train back home to Independence, Missouri He ate in the dining car with the rest of the passengers and the only income he had was his Army pension. Look at ALL the perks – privileges and luxuries these parasites have voted for themselves since then. Maxine Waters is known to have the limo come around to take her directly across the street. Of course she also flies First Class wherever she goes. I wonder why she has the need to go anywhere at all – she has been in D.C. for about 30 years – in all that time she has had 3 meaningless bills passed. An average of about 1 meaningless bill every 10 years. She has almost doubled that number with the number of times she has been named “The Most Corrupt Person in Congress” which has been 5 times – most recently in 2017. Nancy Pelosi is known to run up a $2,000,000 tab for military airfare in just 2 years – for herself – her family and friends – complete with $100,000 of that money for food and top brands of booze. IF Congressional pay raises were based on merit like in the private sector most of these parasites would owe us money. These people are famous for wanting to see President Trump’s tax returns. Let’s have a good look at theirs too. Many of them owe back taxes – both federal and in their home states and cities – Alessandra! They make many accusations against others with up to now little or no reprisals. We are long overdue for holding them accountable and holding their feet to the fire.

  • Joan Hill says:

    Considering the lavish money spent on trips> they owe us , the taxpayers, money. I dontknow about you but no one ever pd for my expensive world travels nor bought my meals or drinks. The free ride on us needs to STOP>

  • Rick says:

    15 dollars an hour is to much for the “worl” they have done.

  • Steve Lassere says:

    They’re all UNDERACHIEVERS that couldn’t make a living in the free enterprise system.

  • John says:

    Those crooks don’t deserve the money they get now. They should give money back. They’re ALL worthless.

  • Mike says:

    I’ve never seen a group of people, like Congress, who have done absolutely nothing all for years and years, and then stand in the way of others who want to, dare I say it, “Make America Great Again.” I can’t believe they now say they need a raise. For doing what ??? You have to be absolutely kidding me! They should be getting an 100% pay cut. But watch, they will vote them a pay raise anyway. God, I wish I could have a job like that but I have more than two brain cells to rub together so I don’t think I’m qualified. Probably for the best, I’d be bored stiff, not doing anything!!!

    Vote them out

  • dee revell says:

    I say hell no us seniors get a few dollars raise and then they raise medicare so we really get nothing at all so they shouldnt get anything either. Ill tell them what they tell us learn to live within your means or do without.

  • Craig says:

    The fiscal year starts on October 1st each year. If they haven’t passed a balanced budget and all the appropriation bills to fund the government by the end of September, they get no salary for the following year. Let’s pass that law and we’ll see how quickly everything else gets straightened out.

  • Matt says:

    Cut their pay in half

  • We need to elect a new bnch of politicians and have them sign a note saying the will abide by our rules ( we the peoples rules !!!) or they will be replaced IMMEDIATEL !!!!!!!. no butts !!!
    THIS MUST BE DONE NOW….IMMEDIATELY……now, now, now, etc……… DBRx

  • Dianna says:

    maybe they should be paid minimum wage for each hour they work! should have to clock in each hour they work like average Americans do! if they’re not working they shouldn’t be paid! they should have to account for every bit of money that goes through their offices just like regular Americans do! no work no pay! THEY’RE TOO BIG FOR THEIR BRITCHES! THEY BELIEVE NO BODY CAN TOUCH THEM THEY’RE ABOVE REPROACH! most of them are full of poop!

  • David Mowry says:

    Considering what their current salary is already, and that’s not even including all their perks, they are far from in need of a raise. Why don’t they post exactly what they get for a total including perks. Perhaps they should post their previous 10 years of tax returns also!!!

    A pay raise should NOT even be a thought until they PASS a bill for TERM LIMITS. Then as long as we keep them just above food stamps, rental assistance, utility assistance, earned income credit, and the such, just maybe, “We the People” should put that to a vote..

    Oh wait, they don’t care what we think or have to say. What was I thinking ??????

  • J L Fuller says:

    Every single Member of the House and Senate should be subjected to the same ridiculous scrutiny that the holier than thou Dems are trying to apply to the Republicans. Every single one. So what happens to the ones who do not pass the test? They get thrown out of the Congress and Senate. No appeals permitted.

    House Reps and Senators should be paid a fair hourly rate. Activity reports should be carefully reviewed by an outside auditor. Their finances should be scrutinized each and every year by outside auditors. Hey Nancy Pelosi, we know your husband, patient man he should be, has been successful in business. But can you and he account for the cost of your wardrobe? Or Maxine Waters. You have always lived on your elected official’s salary, or so you say. Yet you are a multi-millionaire who owns 3 large houses? Really, Maxine. Some homes that you claim you live in more than half the year are not even in your Congressional District. Really Maxine?

    Members of Congress should receive NO raises whatsoever, including no increased benefits, until they agree to be paid a salary representative of their constituencies and that their benefits should be precisely the same as other federal employees. In fact, their benefits should be exactly the same as our devoted military personnel. Hey Nacy and Maxine, I am trying, with great difficulty, to imagine the two of you wearing camouflage every day.

    One additional requirement would be that graduates of Harvard University or Harvard Law School would be precluded for ever running for federal office. Those SOBs lead the charge that got us into this mess to begin with.

  • Marilyn says:

    They don’t deserve the Pay they receive to begin with , only if Citizens would unite in DC and walk into the Capital and drag each one of these self concerned parasites out the building and kick their butts all the way down the Capital steps , standing Guard with a sign hanging on the door ,No Carrer Crooks needed ,stay the Heck out! Good Lord what a day for America that would be !!!!

  • PeglegSteve says:

    Build the wall. Pass logical legislation.
    Take excellent care of our Military and Veterans. Pay attention and Do What’s Right For America. DO YOUR JOB. NO raise.

  • steve evans says:

    That’s it all of you shitheads in congress are FIRED, take a walk GET OUT !!

  • JC says:

    They haven’t done anything since 2009 to deserve the pay they get now!

  • Darrell Rhodes says:

    The top Paragraph is the 27th amendment of the constitution congress is going around what the constitution says! So here’s the 27th

    No law varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

    This seems to be saying that if members of Congress vote themselves a pay raise, the new salaries can’t come into effect until after a congressional election. This looks good because voters would be unimpressed by senators and representatives who’d voted themselves more money — so members of Congress would be less likely to do so, in case the voters turned them out in the intervening election.

    However, Congress has gotten around this sensible provision by voting themselves annual cost-of-living adjustments, or COLAs. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled in 2001 that COLAs are not repugnant to the Twenty-Seventh Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to pronounce on this question.

  • Darrell Rhodes says:

    The government… especially Congress are in violation of the constitution!!! Particularly Actions taken by Democratic member’s. I would strongly advise folks read the constitution and compare what it says with what’s been happening! Look for constitution sites that also give reasoning and what the constitution actually meand

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