Coming to a town near you: Pro-Abortion concerts and comedy! [video]

Coming to a town near you: Pro-Abortion concerts and comedy! [video]

Coming to a town near you: Pro-Abortion concerts and comedy! [video]

Save the date! September 10 is your day to show your support for better access to abortion! Your day to celebrate death!

If you live in one of these 30 cities, comedy, music, dance, and art are coming so that the stigma abortion carries may be eliminated. Access to abortion must be unfettered and abortion itself shouldn’t even be normalized, but celebrated!

At least that’s what pro-abortion activists would like to have happen. If you haven’t noticed, visible support for abortion is on the rise amongst the usual suspects – liberals, feminists, and Hollywood. Actresses have told their brave stories of having abortions on their days off and dressing up as abortionists for Halloween. Hashtags are trending too:

#ShoutYourAbortion is working to broaden existing discourse on abortion by creating platforms where discussing abortion is as normal as the procedure itself.

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood president, was profiled as “immaculate” and “authentic” in the Washington Post’s “Style” section. If you didn’t know any better, you might be swayed by the sheer star power of abortion endorsements.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

But you do know better. No matter what these abortion-mongers do, there is no changing the immorality and brutality of the act of killing an innocent, dependent, and helpless human being. To try to normalize a procedure of death into something that can be associated with mirth and voter registration takes the work of individuals devoid of humanity.

I am sure plenty of us know women, our friends, who have had abortions. At least in my case, that makes this an extremely difficult subject to tackle. How do you condemn the act without also hurting your friend? It’s not as if she just made a mistake and can make up for it, and yet I have no desire for her to live in shame either. A life has been taken, and it most often is simply because the woman couldn’t deal with the social side-eye looks of being pregnant when she wasn’t supposed to be. There are certainly “rational” reasons for choosing abortion, but there is almost never a right reason. Even when there might exist a “right” reason, it doesn’t erase the loss of human life, and when that happens, we should always be sorrowful.

There is no one-size-fits-all or easy answer to unwanted pregnancies. But normalizing and celebrating abortion is not the solution. Cecile Richards and her ilk do nothing to strengthen women’s rights by minimizing abortion; they only continue to feed into the devaluing of the worth of women, and for that I hope they fail. I hope all those people that plan to attend these events somehow awaken a conscience, and realize the selfishness and superficiality in how they conduct themselves. I hope that instead of celebrating death, they learn to embrace life and all the unexpected and yet wonderful challenges that are in their futures. I’m hoping for a miracle.

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  • J walter says:

    At least I’m only going to be here for another 40 years.

  • Fen says:

    “they only continue to feed into the devaluing of the worth of women”

    Good insight. From a male pov, I am responsible and have no say in the matter – if she wants to kill it and I don’t, I have to stand by helplessly, even though half its DNA is mine ; if she wants to keep it and I don’t, I have to provide for it financially for 18 years or go to jail.

    But she is not held responsible for her choices the way I am. She knows intercourse carries a risk of pregnancy, but she chose to take that risk. She also knows that birth control is not 100% effective, yet she chose to take that risk too.

    And now that another life is on the table, she wants to complain about her Choice.

    So as a male, my takeaway is that she is not responsible for the choices she makes, not like I am. Which implies she is being held to a lesser standard because women are inferior.

    • Jenny North says:

      Fen, I agree, this is an area where women’s rights surpass men’s rights. There is no equality in this situation. The thought I had behind that idea though was that by women minimizing abortion, it actually allows everyone to devalue the ability that women alone have to incubate new life. If we say it is nothing to be honored, then women cannot claim any sanctity over their own bodies – if life in the womb is nothing, then there is no moral restriction to requiring (v. allowing) an abortion. The argument has been framed in terms of “allowing” abortion, but if we try to make abortion so commonplace as to think nothing of it, women lose any special claim to reproductive rights. By the way these abortionists think, it’s not a very large step to having the attitude that having an abortion is a right of passage! Join the club!

  • Jim says:

    God forgives ANYONE and ALL sins, but you have to try to change your ways. You can’t continue to blatantly sin in God’s face by killing innocent little babies and expect to make it into Heaven. I think there are going to be a lot of surprised people standing at the gates of Hell.

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