Not yet registered to vote? Stop by your friendly neighborhood Planned Parenthood! [videos]

Not yet registered to vote? Stop by your friendly neighborhood Planned Parenthood! [videos]

Not yet registered to vote? Stop by your friendly neighborhood Planned Parenthood! [videos]

I have nothing against efficiency, so in principle this is just a great idea: While you are waiting for your “procedure” you can saunter on down the hall and fill out your voter’s registration. What could be more practical?

Cecile, you forgot “rare.”

Planned Parenthood has announced that it will start registering voters at its clinics, on campuses, online, and other places, and most generously it will accept your registration “regardless of … background, beliefs, or political ideology.” The campaign to register voters is called “My Vote, My Choice” and aims to round up people who would not normally vote. Unborn babies don’t normally vote either. Guess that campaign is called “No Voice? No Choice.”

Volunteers across 45 states will set up “action” tables outside of Planned Parenthood health centers and other locations in the community to sign people up to vote, educate them about voter ID laws in their states, and then remind them two weeks before the November election to vote.

Planned Parenthood admits that its demographic is younger, lower income, and people of color, and said the effort is intended to help “historically disenfranchised” communities. Amazingly, these are the same people who are “disproportionately affected by voter suppression laws.” Ok, so this is all about that nasty unfair ID requirement?

Planned Parenthood receives lots of taxpayer money – $528 million in 2104 – which is more than 40% of its annual budget. Of course it is earmarked to provide for women’s health and not abortions. Is Planned Parenthood also mindful about keeping its political arm out of the federal cash coffers? It is spending $20 million dollars to support Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this election year. Hillary Clinton is a great role model for women’s health. She is the only woman who can simultaneously claim the titles of Queen of Reproductive Freedom and Sultan of Suppression (as applied to eruptions of the bimbo variety). See video below for progressives who are mad about Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary instead of Bernie. It’s safe to say she is #NeverHillary.

How likely is it that Planned Parenthood won’t be pointing out all the benefits to register as a Democrat during this noble endeavor? Planned Parenthood’s political arm supports no Republicans, and advances a pro-abortion agenda. Now it is poised to wrangle in even more impressionable voters, who may be in a vulnerable emotional state, under the guise of responsible health care. See video below for a New Jersey woman’s testimony on how she went to Planned Parenthood for family planning and was talked into an abortion.

Leave it to the Democrats to get the win for exploiting untapped markets. Earlier this year it was Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe who restored the voting rights of felons which is expected to add over 200,000 new voters to the rolls, and now this. Democrats remain in the lead with points for creativity and lack of concern for ethics.

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