Colin Kaepernick: Capitalism For Me, Not For Thee

Colin Kaepernick: Capitalism For Me, Not For Thee

Colin Kaepernick: Capitalism For Me, Not For Thee

King of the ingrates and anti-capitalist, Colin Kaepernick is making a big push to sell his Nikes. The former San Francisco 49er spent a great deal of his time protesting the system, denouncing privilege of which he was a part and whining about life in general.

Earlier this month, ingrate Colin Kaepernick retweeted this:

The tweet suggests a stern warning against capitalism. At least, a stern warning against capitalism except in the instance Colin Kaepernick is trying to boost the sale of his shoes:

Shameless plug. And after making a big stink about the Betsy Ross flag on the back of the shoe, lo and behold, the shoe sports an embroidered portrait of Kaepernick himself. Yay. Just what every kid needs. A sneaker with his image.

There, apparently, is more “symbolism” to the shoe. “Special” individuals, like Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, got their pair delivered in wooden boxes featuring the No. 7 and the words “Resilience,” “The Man,” “Love,” “Awakening,” “Liberation,” “Truth,” and “Courage.” Inside the box, the Air Force 1’s are encased in glass and wrapped in black and white kente cloth. The Nike Air Force Ones also feature an inscription, “08 14 16”. You may remember this as the date when Kaepernick sat out his first National Anthem.

Kaepernick is so oblvivious to this delicious schadenfreude as he promotes stores carrying his kicks who are contributing to “fight social oppression”-at $110 bucks a pop and $65 if you want to put them on your toddler.

The quote Kaepernick shared was from revolutionary socialist and chairman of the violence-embracing Black Panther Party Fred Hampton warning against the evils of capitalism. Yet the “evils of capitalism” are allowing him to still pay his bills as an unemployed, former NFL player-turned-activist. Funny how that works. Let’s see how Fidel would have taken Colin’s stance.

Yet, there are still woke masses dropping their hard-earned (psst…capitalist) money on this shoe. Because they are a limited edition release, the sneaker sold out quickly. Here’s to the free market and to those individuals jacking up the prices for those desperate to get their hands on a pair of Kaepernick Air Force Ones. No, no, Colin. (Grunt.) Capitalism=bad. (Grunts some more…)

The sad part of this is that someone, who probably should not be dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a pair of sneakers, will buy them off a second-hand seller who jacks up the price for crazy profit. Capitalism at work once again, folks. These Nikes were made in a factory overseas where oppression is the reality. Where $110 dollars could feed multiple families for multiple days on end. Yet Kaepernick, a spoiled little b#tch who was adopted by a white Wisconsin family and given every opportunity and privilege possible to achieve, is claiming he is taking a stand against oppression by selling a sneaker with his face on it? The pathetic part of this whole gimmick is that while ingrate, cop-hating Colin Kaepernick is selling his shoes like hotcakes (minus the pig bacon), there are still inner-city black children suffering from oppression. Despite his claims of police brutality in the African-American community, there are still black police officers being killed in the line of duty by other black men in their communities. There are still kids becoming statistics in a system. Parents aren’t present, but they’ll gladly slap a pair of $200 shoes on their kids and they’ll wear Kaepernick’s shoes while spitting in police officers’ faces. The sale of Kaepernick’s Air Force Ones will do NOTHING to remedy race-relations in our communities and in our country.

Ironic who Kaepernick refers to as “pigs”, don’t you think? The narcissism runs deep. Who signs off on a shoebox that describes himself as standing for “Resilience,” “The Man,” “Love,” “Awakening,” “Liberation,” “Truth,” and “Courage”. Can we be any more vain and self-absorbed, Mr. Kaepernick? It’s as if the shoes could magically transform an individual for standing for all of the above. The box should read, “Ingrate”, “Hypocrite”, “Coward”, “Privileged”, “Race-baiting”, “Millionaire” and yes, in big letters, “CAPITALIST PIG”.

Photo Credit: FlickR/Creative Commons/Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  • Scott says:

    “Yet, there are still woke masses dropping their hard-earned (psst…capitalist) money on this shoe. “.. Plenty of them are using OUR hard earned money that they’ve received via welfare / public assistance.. But EVERYTHING you say about that washed up has been (Never was?) is spot on!

  • GWB says:

    the shoe sports an embroidered portrait of Kaepernick himself
    It’s always been about him. Though he really doesn’t realize it – he’s that un-self-aware.
    Oh, and he’s also making himself into an idol. There’s some religious proscriptions about that….

    dropping their hard-earned (psst…capitalist) money
    Some of them. Others are dropping un-earned cash on them……….

    as if the shows
    Is that in an Ed Sullivan voice? 😉
    (Egad, how long before that won’t even be a joke anymore because no one will remember?)

    • Joe in PNG says:

      I do suspect that most of those will be purchased by white Mercedes Marxist wanting to complete their designer revolutionary ensemble.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Once again, if not for double standards…

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