CNN Thinks We’re A Bunch Of Sourpusses

CNN Thinks We’re A Bunch Of Sourpusses

CNN Thinks We’re A Bunch Of Sourpusses

As I was scanning the news outlets for election coverage last night, I came across a late, breaking headline from CNN. The banner headline read: “Americans’ Sour Mood Knocks Biden in New CNN Poll.”

I about spit out my drink. Apparently, according to an unofficial poll, former President Donald Trump edges out Joe Biden in a hypothetical rematch.

One year out from Election Day 2024, former President Donald Trump narrowly leads President Joe Biden, 49% to 45% among registered voters, in a hypothetical rematch in the latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS.”-Jennifer Agiesta, CNN

And CNN is crapping their pants.

Just a quarter of Americans (25%) say Biden has the stamina and sharpness to serve effectively as president, while 53% feel Trump does. Only about half of Democrats (51%) say Biden has the sharpness and stamina to serve, compared with 90% of Republicans who say Trump does.”-Jennifer Agiesta, CNN

The poll also states that 41 percent of Independent voters said they would back Biden, while 45 percent said they would back Trump. But wait, there is still more. According to this, A CBS News poll released Sunday also found Trump leading Biden in a hypothetical matchup, 51 percent to 48 percent. And, A New York Times/Siena College poll found Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination, leading Biden in five out of six critical battleground states that will likely determine the outcome of the 2024 race. The poll also found Biden losing support among young voters and Black voters compared to 2020.

Alarm bells, Savannah! (What is a good liberal journalist from the Today Show to do?! Perhaps grab herself another Emmy?) And, excuse me, “Joe Biden needs to consider whether it is in his best interests or the country’s best interests for him to continue running?”

Since when does this nimrod consider anything? No, it’s not in the country’s best interests for Biden to run. But, he will. Dr. Jill will make sure of this. She will roll him out in a wheelchair, drooling all over himself and babbling at his imaginary friends (perhaps he can call on them to churn out 80 million votes again) a year from now for a victory speech should he win. So, embrace the suck, everybody, because it’s coming. Here’s your sour lollipop…

And, speaking of sour, CNN thinks we Americans are in a “sour mood”. This is what “knocked” Joe Biden in the most recent polling. Not Joe Biden’s sheer lack of appeal and that 72 percent of Americans say things in this country are going badly. Nope. It’s our bad moods and our sheer, miserable existences bringing these poll numbers to fruition. We just do not realize the genius that is Joe Biden. Our nasty dispositions did this to Biden. Biden is blameless. Us mean-spirited, MAGA-Americans doubt Joe Biden’s stamina. We doubt his cognitive ability. How dare we! We are a bunch of sourpusses, really.

Our “sour moods” have absolutely nothing to do with paying extra at the pump and at the grocery store since Biden took office. Our sour moods have nothing to do with the fact that the media, to include CNN, continuously pushed stories about Biden’s corruption under the carpet, all while showcasing Trump’s corruption for all to see. Our sour moods have nothing to do with our borders being overrun with illegals, some of them criminals. Our sour moods have absolutely nothing to do with deadly fentanyl coming across the borders with some of these criminals. Our sourpusses have nothing to do with the fact that Joe Biden appointed his VP to handle this and she did nothing. Our long faces have nothing to do with our country experiencing more crime, more homelessness and more injustice because of Democrats at the local level who endorsed and voted for the mess that is in The White House.

Nah. We’re just a bunch of malcontent, pickle pusses, that’s all.

Our sour moods also have nothing to do with watching an insensitive, incompetent jackass make an embarrassment of himself and our country by the things he does, the things he says and some of the very people he put in office. We obviously did not see the cute little old man who woke up from his afternoon siesta and wanted Jeni’s ice cream before addressing a crowd after a tragic shooting. We did not see the cute little old man who gave a man in a dress who advocates for child mutilation an “Admiral” title and a freak show luggage thief another title as his nuclear official. Our sour moods have nothing to do with this administration’s agendas to completely obliterate and divide this country even further and to make our children dumb and dumber. Our moods grow sour by the day as we watch Joe Biden’s feckless leadership make us a laughing stock worldwide. We also watch in horror as wars churn in Europe and in Israel. More our our money goes out for one, and racism swirls on college campuses (largely from Joe Biden voters) for Jews in our homeland.

So, yeah. We’re sour. Excuse us while we frown, we doubt, we get a bit aggravated. But we did not “do this” to Joe Biden, CNN. The Biden Administration did this to themselves. You leave trash lying around and eventually, it stinks. He was a disaster and a horrible choice for the candidacy from the very beginning. Anyone who can say with a straight face that these three years have been a vast improvement from 2016-2020 is living in a land of serious delusion. These polling results were not because we’re sour, spiteful, Americans filled with doubt. We’re pissed. Joe Biden sucks as a president. And, yes, these past few years flat-out sucked.

It may be a “five-alarm fire” for the Democrats. I say, “good”. Yes, CNN. You bet your a$$es we’re in a sour mood over old Joe. My prayer is that next year, you all will be in a sour mood, too, as that would for sure be a good thing. DeSantis 2024 has a great ring to it. In the meantime, get yourselves a big, hefty scoop of Jeni’s Chocolate Chip, and suck it.

Photo Credit: Ernie Smith or Ronald Bryant at Campsie Baby Show, Hood, Ted, 1911-2000, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped

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