CNN Producer Hopes That Trump Will Die Soon

CNN Producer Hopes That Trump Will Die Soon

CNN Producer Hopes That Trump Will Die Soon

The media gets its collective knickers in a knot every time Donald Trump criticizes them. They claim that Donald Trump’s calling out “fake news” is dangerous for the reporters and those who collect the news. With Project Veritas’ latest operation, CNN’s venomous reporting on the President proves their bias from the top down. A CNN producer even seems to hope Trump will die soon.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have done numerous undercover stings on organizations, like Planned Parenthood, and people, like Beto O’Rourke, to expose the dirty underpinnings there. So far, the CNN sting has covered the network’s racial bias and top down Trump hatred.

CNN hosts, like Brian Stelter, have, from the first, complained about Trump’s attacks on the media. Just last month, Stelter wrote a column for CNN Business. in which he wrote:

One of the most consistent features of the chaotic Trump presidency are the attacks against the press.

President Donald Trump and his allies tell the public almost daily not to believe real reporting. But the frequency and predictability of the attacks don’t make them any less damaging. To the contrary: The falsehood-filled tweets and televised tirades are gradually eroding Americans’ shared sense of reality.
Monday was a prime example. Trump shared 22 posts on Twitter before noon. In between his quotes from Fox News and his retweets about Hurricane Dorian, he blasted the Washington Post and spread misinformation about how major newsrooms operate.

As I have said many times in the past, the eroding of America’s shared belief in our “free” press has been going on for decades. Thanks, of course, to the obviously biased reporting.

According to the Daily Mail, the Project Veritas sting found:

CNN staffers were secretly filmed saying the network’s coverage of Donald Trump would only end ‘when he dies’ and complaining about Jeff Zucker’s obsession with the president being impeached in a third video taken by a whistleblower.

Cary Poarch gave an interview to Project Veritas along with secretly recorded video tapes from inside CNN’s Washington bureau, which he says proves his claim that the company, and Zucker, are ‘obsessed’ with bringing the president down.

As a matter of fact, the CNN producer, who said the “die” quote” is named Gerald Sisnette and he is on videotape:

This CNN producer is not the only disgruntled employee. From

Scott Garber, Senior Field Engineer at CNN: “We used to cover news. We used to go out and do stories…But Trump is more important.”

Adia Jacobs, CNN Technical Operations Supervisor: “When Zucker took over it wasn’t until Trump that we ended up being all Trump all the time.”

Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: “He (Zucker) basically said f**k all the other stories.”

Mike Brevna, Floor Manager at CNN:“It’s the Trump Network, dog. It’s like everything is all Trump…they not even thinking about anybody else. They sold themselves to the devil.”

Here is the worst of it from the Project Veritas website:

In a new clip that we released today, CNN Media Coordinator, Christian Sierra, recounts a story about Jeff Zucker, stating:

“Jeff Zucker goes into the control room while Jake Tapper is interviewing Kellyanne Conway…”

Sierra says Zucker orders Tapper: “Keep going, keep going, keep going!” and tells the Executive Producer to skip commercials, extend 7-minute interview to 25 minutes…

Sierra on Zucker’s control room command: “Just f**king nail her!”

Zucker personally ordered CNN host Jake Tapper to press Kellyanne Conway in a live TV interview.

I don’t think the CNN producer really wants Donald Trump to die soon. I think he wants the poisonous atmosphere at CNN, fueled by Jeff Zucker to end.

In the meantime, the President won’t stop calling out the fake news for being fake news. People, like me, are going to continue to distrust every, single thing that we hear and see on the news. The news is dead and that’s too bad.

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