CNN Plays “Sexist” Card on Trump Federal Reserve Pick Stephen Moore

CNN Plays “Sexist” Card on Trump Federal Reserve Pick Stephen Moore

CNN Plays “Sexist” Card on Trump Federal Reserve Pick Stephen Moore

For the record: I’m a woman. I also watch sports. Predominately sports that are dominated by men. And just this past weekend, as I was watching an NBA playoff game, I asked my non-sports watching husband this question: Why are there women commentating on the men’s NBA games? What is that all about? It’s a relatively recent phenomenon, and one in which my answer is this: political correctness.

Now you might ask: Why shouldn’t women commentate on men’s sports? Well, no earth-shattering reason really, except for the one that Stephen Moore—one of the men on President Trump’s short list to take a seat on the Federal Reserve Board—offered in op-eds he did years ago, op-eds CNN is now using to bludgeon him out of the running:

[In his] column, Moore expressed disgust at a woman refereeing an NCAA game.

‘How outrageous is this? This year they allowed a woman [sic] ref a men’s NCAA game. Liberals celebrate this breakthrough as a triumph for gender equity,’ Moore wrote. ‘The NCAA has been touting this as example of how progressive they are. I see it as an obscenity. Is there no area in life where men can take vacation from women? What’s next? Women invited to bachelor parties? Women in combat? (Oh yeah, they’ve done that already.) Why can’t women ref the women’s games and men the men’s games. I can’t wait to see the first lady ref have a run in with Bobby Knight.'”

And the pile-on begins:

Pardon me, but:

Do you know what? Say what you will about his economy creds, but Moore is right. Social justice sledgehammers have successfully destroyed clubs like the Boy Scouts (note the word “BOY” in their organization’s name), and women are now serving in military combat roles, leaving some, including me, questioning how safe that is for all of our troops.

Now you can call me “sexist” if you want, but I WANT men to have their space, to have their own outlets to be, well, men—whatever that means for each of them—without the intrusion of women. And yes, I want the same for women. AND…I want WOMEN to play women’s sports, without the intrusion of biological men—also known as transgendered women—usurping their futures. And I say this as a woman WITH a transgendered family member and with no real answer on how to address this very real problem.

And before you call me a “segregationist,” I am NOT saying women and men shouldn’t enjoy sports or any other pastime together or offer commentary on same. What I AM saying is that neither gender should force its way into the other’s camp uninvited.

Now what does all of this have to do with Stephen Moore, you might ask? Well, it’s CNN’s latest attempt to smear their former contributor, a man they don’t want to see placed on the Federal Reserve Board. Why? Because first and foremost he’s a Republican. He’s also not a Swamp Creature, and he’s unafraid to tell the truth about the detrimental effects interest rate increases have on an economy recovering from eight years of malaise. Oh, and did I mention Moore praises what Trump has done to heal our economy, as well as the steps he’s taken to create an environment where we have more job openings than unemployed (and motivated!) Americans?

So, yeah, there’s the real reason for the breathless STEPHEN MOORE IS SEXIST!! smear THIS! IS CNN published yesterday afternoon. Because CNN—home of the Nothingburger—has precisely ZERO funny bones:

‘This was a spoof,’ Moore said in a statement to CNN about the columns. ‘I have a sense of humor.'”

“Moore suggested to The Daily Caller that ‘digging through 25 years of columns … stuff that they know is comedy’ reveals the media’s desperation in destroying his nomination. Trump announced via Twitter in March that he intended to nominate Moore to the Federal Reserve Board.”

“‘They can’t defeat me based on my qualifications or my economic ideas so they resort to character assassination,’ Moore asserted.”

Sounds familiar.

Allegations of sexual misconduct have already tanked Herman Cain’s chance at holding a Federal Reserve Board seat, and now the Hate Trump 24/7 socialist media machine is coming after Moore with a similar siren song: misogyny.

Which has absolutely diddly squat to do with the Federal Reserve Board position even IF it were true. Which it’s not. It’s a joke, CNN. Perhaps you could take out one of those low-interest loans Moore advises and buy yourselves a sense of humor.

‘I plan on staying in, although the smear campaign has been hurtful to me, my family, and my children,’ Moore said.”

Good. Never cave to bullies. It’s one of the many things kids learn by playing sports. So CNN: get back to me when you start going after the man with two credible allegations of sexual assault—aka the Lt. Governor of Virginia—with the same vigor as you do toward the guy who wrote waggish things eons ago about how men want their—what do you guys call it, again?—oh, yes, SAFE SPACES from over-reaching estrogen. Until then, pound sand with your #MeToo butter knife.


Feature Image Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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  • Jim says:

    ”I can’t wait to see the first lady ref have a run in with Bobby Knight.”

    As a long-ago graduate of Indiana University at Bloomington I would like to see that!

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