CNN Just Happens To Be On Scene For Roger Stone’s Arrest, Who Tipped Them Off?

CNN Just Happens To Be On Scene For Roger Stone’s Arrest, Who Tipped Them Off?

CNN Just Happens To Be On Scene For Roger Stone’s Arrest, Who Tipped Them Off?

The news today is going to be all about the early morning arrest of Roger Stone. Of course, many are chock full of glee that we have a Trump Gotcha! here. Except the indictment tells a different story. However, to me, the bigger part of the Stone arrest story is, how did CNN know to be on scene an HOUR before Stone’s arrest?

Here’s CNN’s video of the raid.

First of all, it’s Roger Stone guys, so why in the world would there be a full compliment of FBI plus FBI SWAT involved? Seems kind of over-the-top to me.

Secondly, why didn’t the prosecution contact Stone’s attorneys and work out a deal to have him quietly turn himself in?

Third, who tipped off CNN? Was it someone on the Mueller team, someone with the FBI, or someone else?

Keep in mind, the 24-page indictment, which you can read in full here, doesn’t implicate Trump at all. Instead the indictment makes it very clear that this covers Stone’s behavior and truthfulness during the investigation.

1 count of Obstruction of Proceeding

5 counts of False Statements

1 count of Witness Tampering

Nothing in the indictment about Trump Russia collusion whatsoever. Sorry anti-Trumpers, you lost this one too.

Moving along. Stone has known for quite some time that he was going to be indicted. People have claimed that he has had advance knowledge of what was in the Wikileaks data dumps and more. Reading through the indictment it doesn’t look like he did. But what he did do was lie about his communications with people who were trying to find out WHAT Julian Assange had in his possession.

Stone, a self-described political dirty trickster who famously has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back, will make an initial appearance later Friday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Lurana S. Snow at the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale.

The 24-page indictment alleges that Stone worked to obstruct the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election by making false statements to the committee, denying he had records sought by the committee and persuading a witness to provide false testimony.

The indictment does not charge Stone with conspiring with WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website that published the emails, or with the Russian officers Mueller says hacked them. Instead, it accuses him of witness tampering, obstruction and false statements about his interactions related to WikiLeaks’ release.

So again, those who so badly want Trump to be guilty will have to just deal with the fact that, this ain’t it.

But let’s go back to CNN. How in the world did they know to be parked outside Roger Stone’s house in Florida a solid HOUR before the over-the-top raid?

Here’s one explanation.

Oh. Ok!

Wait WUT? Someone in DC noticed unusual grand jury activity and just happened to math the right combination of apples and bananas and come up with Stone?

Yeah, I’m not buying it, nor is anyone else.

Look, I’ve never liked Roger Stone. He’s always been a slime ball. He was going to end up facing some type of music sooner or later. Yet what happened this morning is more about how the Mueller team, the FBI, and the media are handling this.

The only real conclusion one can make is that it is more obvious now than ever that the media (CNN in particular) is in bed with those who want to use any means necessary including half-truths of apples/bananas to try and take Trump down. If they can’t do it by use of facts, they’ll do it with innuendo and little tricks like conveniently being on scene to film the raid on Roger Stone’s home and his subsequent arrest.

Yes, indeed. No one should be thrilled with how this was handled this morning. No. One.

Exit question for CNN. Who are YOU colluding with within the FBI and the Mueller team?

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Feature Photo Credit: Josh Hallet, CNN via Flikr, modified and cropped

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  • GWB says:

    The news today is going to be all about the early morning arrest of Roger Stone.
    You may have spoken too soon. Now there’s something about delays due to FAA impacts from the shutdown.
    Oh yes, this weekend is going to be LIT.

  • Dietrich says:

    Anyone else remember the times the media was tipped off about about FBI raids?
    Branch Davidians in Waco, TX
    Elan Gonzales

  • GWB says:

    Seems kind of over-the-top to me.
    How else you gonna get that dramatic footage to get people all riled up about ORANGEMANBAD!

    Sorry anti-Trumpers, you lost this one too.
    But, where there’s smoke there’s fire! And they’ve been blowing LOTS of smoke up everybody’s skirt!

    the Russian officers Mueller says hacked them
    You know, it’s not really considered “hacked” if the owner simply gives you the password. *smh*

    noticed unusual grand jury activity
    That’s a non-indictable way of saying “Someone on the grand jury told us.”

    Yeah, this seems odd. But evidently all the other nothing-burger arrests have been lacking in tv-24-hour-news-cycle drama. So, SWAT!

  • GWB says:

    An excellent point from Hunter Pollack:
    I wish the FBI raided my sisters killers home in Parkland the way they did Roger Stone.

  • Sapceman says:

    Trump fired Stone in August 2015. You won’t hear that mentioned in the news

  • TB says:

    How stupid do they think we are? Just because you say it dont make it so. Zero credability- that’s what I’m talking about. Cant wait for douchebag CNN to go belly up .

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