Cambridge joins movement to dump Columbus Day [video]

Cambridge joins movement to dump Columbus Day [video]

Cambridge joins movement to dump Columbus Day [video]

The movement to rewrite history continues. Or maybe I should say the movement to “right” history. Cambridge, Massachusetts, joins several other cities like Berkeley, California, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota in renaming Columbus Day, a federal holiday, to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Some states like South Dakota, the first state to rename the day, also celebrate it as Native American Day, or simply do not recognize it. Last year in Seattle:

Columbus Day marks explorer Christopher Columbus’ arrival in and discovery of America on October 12, 1492. While other explorers had previously reached America’s shores, and Columbus himself did not actually step foot in North America, he has been credited throughout history as establishing the period of great European exploration, conquest, and colonization. Columbus was from Italy, so his accomplishments are a great source of pride for Italians, but the support for his explorations was actually granted by Queen Isabella of Spain, so the Spanish hold this anniversary in high regard as well. The results of Columbus’ explorations are clearly still visible today – wherever he landed he claimed the territory for Spain, hence much of the western hemisphere remains heavily influenced by Spanish culture and language.

Portrait of a man said to be Christopher Columbus

But Columbus is not universally adored, as many have sought to charge him with murder, genocide, and initiating the slave trade. And thus seek to remove any adulation associated with the European development of America, as represented by Columbus.

“This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time,” Sarah Adams-Cornell told the station last month. “The fact that our country, our state and our city celebrate this holiday around this man who murdered and enslaved and raped indigenous people and decimated an entire population.”

In cities that have implemented a new holiday, activists described the change as the first step in a larger effort to reclaim a more accurate telling of history. For those communities, parades celebrating Columbus ignore a violent past that led to hundreds of years of disease, colonial rule and genocidal extermination following the Italian explorer’s accidental trip to the Americas, according to the AP.

Doesn’t that tweet remind you of this: Si se puede! Hmm, I wonder how the Mexicans view themselves in this situation? Because before California/Arizona/Texas/New Mexico/etc. was theirs, it wasn’t theirs. Interesting, but I’m sure no one thinks we need to sort that out. Just take it to whitey. Focus, people!

If these people were really seeking equality and respect, all they had to do was get their own day (some states like California and Tennessee have done this). But the way they go about it, always go about it, is to visit disrespect on their contemporaries who had absolutely nothing to do with the imperfections and misdeeds of the fathers. Our Founders were flawed, they were human! They did the best they could with what they knew and what they had. When they knew better they did better. Why is that not enough? Why do we have to continue to be flogged, slapped in the face, and disrespected for simply wanting to commemorate important milestones in the history of our country?

Yeah, well too late. Let's try to work on the things that can actually bring us together, shall we?
Yeah, well too late. Let’s try to work on the things that can actually bring us together, shall we?

These groups do not just promote awareness of a history viewed in hindsight, they promote punishment and retribution – even though the people they seek to punish are long dead. If they really sought to bring about harmony and unity they would not take these actions. So you don’t need to feel sorry for them. They are perfectly aware what they are doing, and are too self-involved to care that they are only sowing (and nowadays harvesting) the seeds of hatred and discontent. They will continue to drive us further apart, and they like it.

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  • GWB says:

    These people are self-centered hypocrites. You want to talk violence? How about the folks that Cortez ran into? They were ripping the hearts out of living humans (who had been sent to them as tribute by conquered tribes) to sacrifice to their bloodthirsty gods. Can you REALLY compare Columbus to them unfavorably? Hmmm?

    How about the Apaches and Comanches? They weren’t exactly living in harmony with nature – or with their fellow Native Americans. There are plenty of instances of duplicitous (and murderous) behavior by Native Americans that surpass anything Columbus’ heirs perpetrated.

    Personally, I’ve always been meh on Columbus Day as a federal holiday. But it’s the only decent thing that happened in October, it seems. Besides GW’s birthday (and MLK day in some places), it’s also the only day that recognizes an individual among our holidays. That also doesn’t enamor it to me.

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