California To Be Nation-State To Thwart Trump

California To Be Nation-State To Thwart Trump

California To Be Nation-State To Thwart Trump

Fresh off of canceling the high speed bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Governor Gavin Newsom has a new vision for California. The state will be a Nation-State all because, say it with me, Orange man bad. Yes, Donald Trump has so poisoned the entire United States of America, the Golden State must go it alone to preserve its values. Stop laughing. I see you over there.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, with a straight face:

… Newsom hopes he can preserve enough political capital to get his own legacy projects on the fast track.

If he can do that, he can lead California down its own path for as long as Trump is president. California must go it alone, because Trump’s portrait of America is “fundamentally at odds with California values,” the governor said Tuesday in his first State of the State speech.

One must ask at this point, what are California values? Highest state income tax in the whole country, check. Banning of plastic bags and straws, check. Casting couch cretins, check. Number 15 state for violent crime, check. Highest poverty rate in the country, check. Number four state for income disparity, check. Number two for highest cost of living, check. Number 35 in education, check. Fuhgeddaboud building a new house. Oh, and remember when the state lawmakers partied while California burned? Read Nina’s post here. But, the orange man is bad and doesn’t represent California values. Thank goodness.

Remember when this was how we thought of California?

I have to tell you that I lived in the O.C. in the late 80’s. I lived less than a mile from Laguna Beach. I cried for two straight days when we got transferred out of the state. It was paradise then. No mas.

Just what does Governor Newsom foresee for the state he now leads. From the article:

So while the White House is “laser-focused on destroying the Affordable Care Act,” as Newsom said Tuesday, he proposes that California offer its own health-insurance subsidies to families earning up to $150,000. He wants to expand Medi-Cal coverage to all Californians, including undocumented immigrants, until they are 26.

To counter what Newsom characterized as a “so-called emergency” at the nation’s southern border, he said Monday that California will remove its National Guard troops stationed there and redeploy them to take care of state issues like wildfire protection and the eradication of illegal cannabis farms.

Newsom even appointed California’s own surgeon general — Nadine Burke Harris, a pediatrician who is the chief executive of the Center for Youth Wellness in San Francisco.

Since Trump and the GOP-led Congress passed a new tax law that largely benefited the wealthy, Newsom wants California to expand its earned income tax credit to “a million more Californians who need it the most.”

Newsom has already proposed that California extend paid family leave and offer universal preschool and free community college to help low-income residents, since little is being done in Washington to address wealth inequality.

Wait just a hot minute there, Gav. The state with the highest income tax and number four for income disparity, despite 700 years of Governor Moonbeam wants to lecture President Donald J. Trump on taxes and income disparity. Hold on, I have to wipe off my screen. I did a spit take with my Diet Coke.

And, according to some random Democrat State Senator, California must stand alone because “The federal government is no longer a reliable partner in delivering health care, in supporting immigrants, supporting LGBT people, in protecting the environment” and so on. The idea of the “federal government” delivering health care the way it delivers the mail is terrifying.

Governor Newsom plans to fund this nation-state largesse with a projected $21.6 billion surplus, which includes $3.5 billion from the above cancelled train to nowhere which came from Federal funds aka the United States taxpayers aka you and me. has a wonderful post about the cancellation and the Golden State can be compelled to return the funds. Oops, there goes part of the “projected” surplus.

Plus, California needs tons of Federal funds to recover from the wildfires that were so horrific the last couple of years. Well, since part of the devastation was caused by the state’s mismanagement of lands, why should you and I tote the note?

Dear Governor Newbeam: Going it alone and being a nation-state means you don’t rely on the funds of the rest of us. Sincerely yours, Tennessee.

I like Governor Newbeam. It’s like Governor Moonbeam but retread for the new millennium. One last problem with your whole nation-state kingdom thing Gavin. A net of approximately one million people dribbled out of California in the last decade. There goes another part of your projected surplus, buddy. Oh well, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown in the nation-state of California.

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  • Scott says:

    I like his plan.. but it needs to include a wall around the state, and NOONE that voted for him, or any other dim is allowed to leave the state, and spread the disease that has ruined it ( Colorado is a perfect example, we’re going to loose our votes for President very soon, the dims are pushing through a bill that will give our electors to the winner of the national popular vote, which the Founders rightfully decided should mean exactly squat…but dims know better right?)

    • Sarah Hoyt says:

      This, this this. California wants to be a nation state? Groovy. Give them passports and make them apply to immigrate.
      And for the love of heaven keep all the idiots who voted for this retard out.
      Also, if they’re now a nation state can we deport Californians? Asking for the rest of Colorado, please Lord, listen to us.

    • A. C. says:

      If California becomes an independent nation, the socialist leadership will build a wall around the state to keep people in, like the USSR and the PRC did. And the PRC will likely end up running it within a few years, anyway.

  • GWB says:

    the Golden State must go it alone to preserve its values
    YAY! Don’t let the door hit ya! Bye! So long! Ciao! Arrivederci! Auf Wiedersehn! Sayounara! Adieu!

    what are California values?
    Hedonistic socialism, with big helpings of classism and totalitarianism, and a side of paganism.

    It was paradise then.
    Not really. It was already well on its way to being Land of Stutopia. You just lived where that sort of thing would last have its effect. Poor people were already suffering from it.

    California will remove its National Guard troops stationed there and redeploy them
    Ooooh, that would be easy to take care of. “Governor, your Guard folks are now nationalized.”

    Newsom even appointed California’s own surgeon general
    As if this is a national-only position? This reporter needs to get out more.

    a new tax law that largely benefited the wealthy
    ALL tax laws benefit the wealthy, dingleberry. Even the ones with confiscatory rates. Because … wait for it… the wealthy, by definition, can use their wealth to evade the taxes.

    little is being done in Washington to address wealth inequality
    Egad, the stupidity of naked envy politics is breath-taking.

    federal government […] delivering health care, in supporting immigrants, supporting LGBT people, in protecting the environment
    Ummm, none of those things (except the last, and then only as it applies to interstate waterways) are Constitutional duties of the federal gov’t. So, yeah.

    Going it alone and being a nation-state means you don’t rely on the funds of the rest of us.
    It also means you don’t get to rely on our electricity, or our water, or our infrastructure. *SNIP* *CA goes dark*

    I would love to see CA depart the Union. (Cut PR loose, too. And Guam – if they don’t want to be a state, then they need to be independent.) Watch them turn into a giant kleptocracy, whose only industry is making films for China. Oh. Wait………….

  • Joe R. says:

    CA needs to: First, deratify the Constitution; and Second, secede from this great Union.

    Then we’ll come and take our real estate back, violently, Sherman style.

    AND when the heck are we going to finally get some capital prosecutions of The Communist Control Act of 1954 (68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844) to clean up / out these commie-bastard states.

    “Kill a commie for mommy” – Johnny Ramone

  • Cameron says:

    Wow…it’s almost as if Newsom is a Tenth Amendment supporter. Who knew?

  • MIKE GUENTER says:

    We left San Diego, CA after my junior year of high school in 1975. Reagan was still Governor and the state was still mostly conservative, except for the bay area and parts of L.A.

    We never looked back and until I had a 10 week job there two years ago, hadn’t been back.

  • Mark says:

    I’m not laughing in the corner, I’m trying to find something I can reach into …

  • RebeccaH says:

    I spent a year in California back in the 70s and it was already on the downhill slide then. But who knew it would get this bad? I have a couple of elderly cousins and some of their progeny there, and I implore them to get out while they can.

  • Make California Mexico again.

  • JEFF MACCABE says:

    If you haven’t already, listen to his interview with comedian Adam Corrola. All politicians should be questioned that way.

  • Clair Kiernan says:

    Oh California, please, please don’t throw us into that briar patch! (quick, folks, block the passes of the Sierra, and plant mines in the desert)

  • WLD says:

    Why wait for California to secede? Surely some enterprising Congressperson could be persuaded to introduce a bill to EXPEL California from the Union? It would be a pity to lose all that coastline of course, but it might be worth it.

  • ZZMike says:

    There may be some Constitutional issues with a CalExit.
    But if they ever do succeed to secede, Washington can put our embassy in Redding……

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