Buttigieg: Train Wreck of a Transportation Secretary

Buttigieg: Train Wreck of a Transportation Secretary

Buttigieg: Train Wreck of a Transportation Secretary

How did mayor, Pete Buttigieg, of rust belt, South Bend, Indiana become our Transportation Secretary? It’s a long, tangled web of donations and virtue-signaling but, alas, here we are.

As FEMA deploys a team to East Palestine, Ohio, two weeks after a disastrous train derailment, The Washington Free Beacon provides us with a sobering reminder of all of the gross mismanagement of transportation affairs that have happened on Pete Buttigieg’s watch.

Discolorations of skin in children, breathing issues, headaches, fear of toxins in water. These are only some of the issues residents of East Palestine, Ohio are dealing with.

But there are thousands of train derailments a year, says Pete Buttigieg. Thanks for that, you big jerk. A callous dismissal of residents and their hardships from a box-checking, dithering, incompetent man who wants to someday be the first gay president in The White House.

The chemical smell was so strong that it made me nauseous. I just wanted to quickly pick up what I needed and leave. I only took a few pieces of clothes because even the clothes smelled like chemicals, and I’m afraid to put them on my kids.

I don’t want to take my son out of the preschool they’re in because I really like the teachers he has, but I’m still scared. Some teachers have even expressed their concerns about the air quality.”-Amanda Greathouse, East Palestine resident

Imagine this. If a train derailment happened in Pete Buttigieg’s neighborhood. He, Chasten, and their two children would be on a private jet outta there so fast-before you can recite all of the letters of the LGBTQ+ alphabet soup, I’d wager.

But the “Star of Biden’s Cabinet“, as The New York Times calls him, is indeed just another train wreck in this train wreck of an administration. In fact, Buttigieg’s list of failures is appalling.

Let’s talk his two-month vacation of 2021 as the supply chain fell apart:

The secretary was “mostly offline” as congressional negotiations over an infrastructure package fell apart and the supply-chain crisis threatened to ruin Christmas for millions of Americans. (He did, however, have time to attend the world premiere of the Mayor Pete documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.) In August 2022, the secretary took a “personal trip” to Portugal at the height of tense negotiations with rail worker unions to avoid a potentially catastrophic strike.”-Andrew Stiles, The Washington Free Beacon

Let’s talk air travel for the “peasants”:

The U.S. airline industry descended into chaos on Buttigieg’s watch. Delays and cancellations surged along with ticket prices. The secretary assured the American public that the situation would ‘get better’ before the busy holiday season. Alas, it did not. Airlines canceled tens of thousands of flights, stranding passengers and ruining their holiday plans.”-Andrew Stiles, The Washington Free Beacon

People like Buttigieg would like to blame this on the greed of pilots and the air travel industry in general. Joe Biden all but said so in his SOTU speech a few weeks back. It’s easy for the elitists to point their fingers and do nothing in the name of “helping” Americans. They are not helping. Nor do they care to. At least, they don’t care to in a town with a make-up of mostly white people such as East Palestine, Ohio. No future opportunities for a Buttigieg presidential campaign, there.

The trail keeps a-rollin’ as we move right along on this track. Let’s talk $70.000 dollar vehicles for all:

Buttigieg has repeatedly scolded the American people for complaining about rising gas prices when they could simply buy an electric car for $70,000 and not have to worry about the price of gas. After returning from his secret paid leave in 2021, the secretary touted the department’s purchase of Ford electric SUVs that were made in Mexico. Ford recalled the vehicle model months later due to a safety defect that ‘could result in a loss of power’ and ’cause a crash.'”-Andrew Stiles, The Washington Free Beacon

Gas vehicles? How dare you pollute the environment for Pete and his precious children! Doesn’t matter if someone else’s precious child is having to drink bottled water and breaking out in strange skin conditions because of exposure to chemicals. The Transportation Secretary simply cannot be bothered. “Thousands” of these derailments happen every year, he says. Just the cost of doing business, we suppose.

And, while thousands of these (derailments) happen every year, Pete Buttigieg is continuing to focus on what is really important. Exciting times ahead. Woke highways. Woke skies. Because highways are racist, don’t you know? And don’t you dare utter the word “airmen”. And-(GASP) “cockpit” is a bad word, too…although, I would have thought Buttigieg would’ve quite enjoyed that one, silly me.

All crudeness aside, Pete Buttigieg’s lack of experience and indifference to this most recent chain of events is apparent:

In the real world (you know…where people actually WORK for a living), we call this passing the buck, Pete.

It couldn’t be a more exciting time for transportation. It’s had its challenges. … We’ve faced issues from container shipping to airline cancellations. Now we got balloons.”-Pete Buttigieg

We might suggest a career in stand-up comedy but judging from this poorly-timed attempt at humor, Pete Buttigieg would probably suck at that, too. Exciting times? The only thing that would make us excited is if he resigned.

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  • SFC D says:

    Nobody in the Biden administration got there through skill and competence. Including Biden.

  • Scott says:

    “Let’s talk his two-month vacation of 2021 as the supply chain fell apart:”… Nothing says “committed to the job” like taking vacation as soon as you start the job..
    “People like Buttigieg would like to blame this on the greed of pilots and the air travel industry in general.”… Can you say “vaxx mandates”??? I knew you could…

    “The only thing that would make us excited is if he resigned.”.. really can’t improve on that Lisa…

  • Skillyboo says:

    When you check all the boxes, that are a democrat requirement, no actual experience is required. Just look at what it took to remove the luggage thief. Why didn’t It appear in court dressed in the clothes It feels most comfortable in. Oh yeah, It’s wardrobe is being held as evidence. And the other cross dressier, it is serving as assistant secretary of health. It could go help Fetterman with his depression. Seeing It would be better than shock therapy and would convince him that there are people out there who have bigger problems than himself.
    So I’m guessing that unless Harry Houdini, er, Pothole Pete resigns or is caught doing something the media can’t cover up we’re stuck with him masquerading as someone with intelligence while blaming every heterosexual White male for all that is wrong with this country.
    Hopefully the middle class that voted for all this are realizing how wrong they were come 2024 and correct their blunders.

  • Dane says:

    FiveThirtyEight invented Mayah Pete. They had a glowing article on him in the autumn of 2019 (I believe that was the date of the article. He was the anti-Trump candidate they thought they needed to unseat their nemesis). They published a glowing article about the handsome, gay, ex-military, smart mayor of South Bend who “could” one day be president. Two weeks later, the formerly respectable libertarian outlet, reason magazine, echoed this sentiment with their own glowing report on Mayah Pete.

    From there, the MSM and powers that be amplified the narrative and promoted an untested, unqualified, inexperienced candidate who would be king.

    The Secretary of Transportation gig was for his resume. “They” have destroyed meritocracy and replaced it with identitarian flotsam and jetsam of the now decrepit duopoly.

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