Buttigieg Proves Big Tent Doesn’t Include Pro-Life

Buttigieg Proves Big Tent Doesn’t Include Pro-Life

Buttigieg Proves Big Tent Doesn’t Include Pro-Life

It was one of those moments where the quiet part got said out loud, thanks to now-former Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

With the senators who are running for president now tied up in the Senate impeachment trial, candidates who aren’t senators have a major advantage at the moment. Pete Buttigieg tried to capitalize on that by taking part in a Fox News town hall in Iowa on Sunday evening. However, the end result wasn’t what Buttigieg was probably hoping for, as the left’s abortion dogma was on full-tilt display in his answer to a question posed by Kristen Day, whose bio on Twitter lists her as “executive director for Democrats for Life of America.”

Day had a simple question for Buttigieg – is the purported Democrat “big tent” still big enough to acknowledge pro-life Democrats?

Buttigieg tries to go all lawyerly and smooth on the answer, but the basic truth is that he – and every other major Democrat candidate – is a pro-abortion zealot who would not dare cross the Big Abortion Lobby.

“I’m a proud pro-life Democrat. So, do you want the support of pro-life Democrats?” town hall audience member Kristen Day, president of the Washington, D.C., organization Democrats for Life, asked the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor. “And if so, would you support more moderate platform language in the Democratic Party to ensure the party of diversity and inclusion really does include everybody?”

“I’m not going to try to earn your vote by tricking you. I am pro-choice, and I believe that a woman ought to be able to make that decision,” Buttigieg, 38, responded. “But I know that the difference of opinion that you and I have is one that we have come by honestly. And the best that I can offer — and it may win your vote, and if not, I understand. The best that I can offer is that, if we can’t agree on where to draw the line, the next best thing we can do is agree on who should draw the line. And in my view, it’s the woman who is faced with that decision in her own life.”

Even moderator Chris Wallace tried to reel Buttigieg back in, noting that President Trump had just spoken at the March For Life. Wallace then asked Day if she was “satisfied” with Buttigieg’s answer. Day was maybe not expecting to get a second shot at addressing the former mayor, but absolutely nailed him with her response, which Buttigieg had no good answer for.

“I was not because he didn’t answer the second part of my question,” Day said. “The Democratic platform contains language that basically says that we don’t belong, we have no part in the party because it says abortion should be legal up to nine months; the government should pay for it. And there’s nothing that says that people that have a diversity of views on this issue should be included in the party.”

She noted that in 1996 and other years, there was language in the Democratic Party platform that welcomed those with different views on abortion.”

“I support the position of my party that this kind of medical care needs to be available to everyone,” Buttigieg said. “And I support the Roe v. Wade framework that holds that early in pregnancy, there are very few restrictions and later in pregnancy, there are very few exceptions. And again, the best I can offer is that we may disagree on that very important issue, and hopefully we’ll be able to partner on other issues.”

Of course, Democrats have been hell bent on getting any roadblocks to late-term abortion eliminated (Virginia comes to mind), and with their continual angst and loathing of pro-life Democrats in office, the sad truth is that Democrats have become inflexible on abortion. “Safe, legal, and rare” has given way to “Anywhere, anytime, with taxpayer dollars.”

NARAL Director Ilyse Hogue proved Day’s point in a tweet thread when the Buttigieg clip started picking up traction. Day is welcome in the Democrat “big tent” so long as she keeps her personal views to herself. This is otherwise translated as “keep your mouth shut and just support the Democrats because we know better.”

So much acceptance. Much flexibility of thought. Such wow.

I feel badly for Day and other pro-life Democrats. They can buy in to every single other social justice element of the Democrat platform, but when they ask for a simple acknowledgement by the party that they exist, and that they would like language in the platform that states that all Democrats don’t march in jackbooted lockstep over the bodies of dead children straight to their Lamborghinis, they are told by those who hold more sway (and dollars) to sit down and shut up.

Pro-life Democrats, I don’t envy the position you are currently in. You wish to belong to a party that is openly worshipping the very practice that you are protesting against. And while you don’t feel comfortable staying, you feel as if you have no political home to move to. This is a hard moment, but at least you can thank Pete Buttigieg for one thing. He demonstrated, once and for all, that none of the Democrat candidates for president will dare cross the abortion lobby to extend a hand to the pro-life crowd, and your interests will no longer be considered in party platform language. Buttigieg has given you the gift of certainty that the Democrats will not be friendly to you, or even pretend to be friendly just to get your vote. What you do now, with this gift of knowledge, is completely up to you.

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  • Scott says:

    “I feel badly for Day and other pro-life Democrats. “..
    Maybe that means you’re a better person that I Deanna, but the way I see it is if people like Day still want to be democrats, that means that by and large, they still want to government to control every other aspect of our lives, just not abortion.. While I obviously applaud their decision to support life, and stand up against the murder of innocent unborn children, the must also obviously have no problem with the government taking away our rights in any other aspect of life, be it free speech (an interesting dichotomy, since they don’t like not being able to speak their mind on abortion), our right to bear arms, or any other… They most likely support the immoral policies of confiscatory taxes, taking from those that earn it to those too lazy to do so, or racist policies that encourage the destruction of the traditional family that has destroyed minority communities since the 70’s, or any other of a litany of democrat policies that are just as bad…

    So like I said, maybe you’re just a better person than me, but I don’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy for anyone that WANTS to be a democrat!

  • We should play that back to the Left 24×7: “You support abortions to the child’s first breath and demand that we pay for them.”

    As with all pro-abort arguments, they ignore the child who gets killed.

  • Abolitionist says:

    Kristen Day wants most of what other leftist Democrats want, universal Obamacare, and “every single other social justice element of the Democrat platform”. She needs to decide if the support she gives to the Democrats profoundly anti-life party by retaining her membership in it is the sacrifice she will make to get what she wants. She has to de-prioritize her support for the unborn because the party itself is not going to budge, no matter how many time she “asks questions” of the candidates.

    The party will change when she and others like her finally refuse to have anything more to do with them. She’s not ready for that yet.

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