‘Borat’ Tells Palin ‘I Wasn’t REALLY a Disabled Vet.’ [VIDEO]

‘Borat’ Tells Palin ‘I Wasn’t REALLY a Disabled Vet.’ [VIDEO]

‘Borat’ Tells Palin ‘I Wasn’t REALLY a Disabled Vet.’ [VIDEO]

So Sacha Baron Cohen—aka “Borat”—pranked Sarah Palin the other day in a fake interview while he dressed as a disabled vet.

Cohen set up an interview with Palin through a legitimate speakers’ bureau, but was really out to punk her for an upcoming Showtime series, Who Is America? 

Palin wasn’t the only one to receive the prank treatment for the Showtime series. Cohen also tricked former Veep Dick Cheney into signing a “waterboard.”

Cohen has used this schtick for a long time: duping famous people into fake “interviews” with the intention of poking fun at them. Fine, whatever.

But he hit a new low with Sarah Palin. For not only did he ask her about a “government-funded sex change operation for Chelsea Clinton”—which a source called “the last straw” for Palin, causing her to remove her mic and leave—but Cohen also dressed up as a disabled veteran. Palin said that Cohen had “heavily disguised himself as a disabled US Veteran, fake wheelchair and all.”

Oh, no I didn’t! retorted Cohen. Yeah, I was in uniform, but only as a UPS driver! And I only shot a Mexican!

Plus, he’s not really Sacha Baron Cohen; he’s actually Billy Wayne Ruddick, PhD. And here’s his “website.

Got that?

Here’s how Cohen explains it all. Plus, he wants an apology from Palin, too:


As I said above, Cohen’s schtick is punking people, using alter egos “Borat,” ‘”Ali G,” and “Brüno.” I’ve seen some of his earlier characters on the British TV program Da Ali G Show, and in the movie Borat. I gotta admit I laughed at them both, even though a lot of the material was cringe-worthy.

Still, I think it goes beyond the pale to dress up like a disabled veteran. And while Sacha Baron Cohen is British, not American, there are plenty of disabled Brits who have also been wounded in action. Consider, too, that Cohen never served.

But did Sacha Baron Cohen ever try to punk President Trump? Why, yes he did. In 2003, Cohen, as “Ali G,” presented a “business pitch” to then-businessman Trump. Here’s how it ended:

So did Cohen manage to fool Trump? Well, it depends upon whom you ask. In 2012 Trump said he “immediately” walked out of the interview, although Cohen claims that the Trump interview went seven minutes. Cohen also says that he was “the first person to actually realize that Trump is a dick.”

Well, maybe Trump was a “dick” to Sacha Baron Cohen. But the biggest dick is Cohen himself, for dressing up like a disabled veteran.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    Poseurs gonna pose. Stolen valor anyone? Once while sitting around a waiting room that didn’t have the Communist News Network on, these people were in hysterics over BoRAT and I thought what the hell is this crap and what is supposed to be so funny.

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