Bobby Henline Is Not A Prop

Bobby Henline Is Not A Prop

Bobby Henline Is Not A Prop

Last week, The Atlantic published a piece claiming President Trump called our fallen soldiers in France “losers”. Now, being a typical mouthpiece of the Left, no sources were named beyond the infamous “anonymous” ones. Mainstream media, loving the addition to their anti-Trump narrative, picked up the story an ran with it. But it wasn’t enough to go after Trump and try to drive a wedge between him and our troops. Certain members of the Left who don’t want to see Trump re-elected have pulled Bobby Henline, an Iraq War vet, into the fray, using his image without his permission in attempts to further alienate Trump from the military and its supporters.Bobby Henline isn’t your average vet. He is a wounded warrior, the sole survivor of an IED blast that killed four other soldiers. He served three tours in Iraq  during the war. Staff Sergeant Henline was severely injured in the ambush that cost his fellow soldiers their lives and has undergone approximately 50 surgieries since then to treat his injuries. To say he is not amused to see his image being used to discredit the Commander-in-Chief is putting it mildly.

As a highly recognized figure, it was brought to his attention last week that his image was being used in anti-Trump memes posted in and shared by various left-wing social media groups. He quickly took to Instagram to criticize those using him in order to spread their own ‘propaganda.’ . . . “Go on what you have with facts,” Henline said. “If you don’t have the power to win on your own merits, that you have to tear down your opponent, there is a problem there.”

Unfortunately, the Left doesn’t want to deal with facts. It knows Biden and company can’t win if left to their own devices. So these social media groups do all they can to sow discontent among Trump supporters. After all, if you cite anonymous sources, no one can prove them wrong. We can’t say they weren’t present at the time the statement was supposedly made because we don’t know who they are.

Worse, many in the MSM perpetuate the story, giving it credence by claiming they, too, have confirmed the story but–again–citing only anonymous sources. Forget about the fact John Bolton, who has no real love for Trump, and Nikki Haley and others who were present at the time the comments were supposedly mane saying Trump said no such thing. That doesn’t fit the narrative. So it must be discounted.

I really believe the president didn’t say this,” Henline said. “There’s been anonymous sources and other sources in the room that aren’t necessarily friends with the president or believe in his ways, but they’re still not gonna slam him and make up this rumor and keep it spreading. And so with that said, I don’t think he really said this.”

Henline isn’t the only person recently to find themselves at the mercy of social media groups that somehow think it is all right to use a person’s image and twist their words into something they didn’t say.

Joan Herbert isn’t a public figure. She is an average woman who decided she was going to vote for Trump. She made the decision–or mistake, depending on your point of view–of agreeing to do an ad for the President, explaining why she was going to vote Trump.

Eight hours later, a group posted an edited version of the spot making it look like she was not supporting Trump. She didn’t know anything about it until friends started calling and asking which one was real.

It’s interesting, and not in an 00h-aah way of interesting but in the “that’s no surprise” way, that the latter is still available on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You know, the platforms that pledged to do away with misleading political ads. The same platforms that deleted comments by Trump if they can find any way at all to rule it misleading or false. But this one is, according to its makers, “parody” and it appears the platforms are more than willing to accept it.

This is yet another indication the media, including those who run the most popular social media platforms, are working hand-in-hand with the Dems to sway the election against Trump.

Unfortunately, not only for Henline and Herbert but for the entire country, the media has forgotten what is job is and has willingly become a mouthpiece for the Democrats. The hatchet piece by The Atlantic and the subsequent pieces appearing in other media outlets confirm the bias. It, along with platforms like Twitter and Facebook, is a willful conspirator in the DNC’s efforts to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected.

It is up to us to make sure this attempted coup doesn’t succeed. Do not assume the polls are wrong and Trump will win handily come November. Do not give the liberals–the Socialists who masquerade as Democrats–any chance to further their hold on our country. When the media says it has unnamed sources, assume they might have “a” source and one that won’t hold up under scrutiny. Then start asking the hard questions and demanding answers.

Lift your voices and be heard–by both sides. Keep Lady Liberty’s torch lit. Don’t wait until the light of freedom is cextinguished.

Featured image by Jackie Ramirez from Pixabay Licensed under Pixabay License.

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  • GWB says:

    It’s grotesque to use Henline’s picture in anti-Trump ads as if he’s a representative of some group of anti-Trump military personnel. You would think that if there was a large anti-Trump cohort in the military, it would be easy to find some folks to speak against him. That they have to pull up a “generic” picture to go with their anonymous sources is pretty lame.

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