Rochester Disaster: Police Command All Resign

Rochester Disaster: Police Command All Resign

Rochester Disaster: Police Command All Resign

Rochester, New York, has become the new Kenosha. If the rioting and insanity can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

The case of Daniel Prude’s arrest and death while in police custody back in March of this year has become the new flashpoint for the Black Lives Matter crowd, and their accompanying riots and chaos. Victory Girl Kim detailed the case here, but the fact that Prude died in policy custody was enough for the social justice crowd, which includes New York Attorney General Letitia James. James announced that a grand jury investigation would be taking place, even though internal affairs had cleared the officers.

Prude’s death came after his brother, Joe Prude, had called 911 seeking help for his erratic behavior. Prude had run away from his brother’s home late in the night, about eight hours after officers had already taken him into custody for a mental health evaluation because of suicidal thoughts. Prude spent a few hours in the hospital for the evaluation and then was released, Joe Prude told officers.”

The Monroe County medical examiner listed the manner of death as homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.” The report cited excited delirium and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or PCP, as contributing factors.”

A police internal affairs investigation cleared the officers involved of any wrongdoing, concluding in April that their “actions and conduct displayed when dealing with Prude appear to be appropriate and consistent with their training.” The seven officers were suspended Thursday.”

And the riots have been ugly, invading restaurants and burning whatever they please.

Well, the rioters are about to get what they wished for in a big way, because the police chief and many of the command staff have had it. They are resigning or retiring.

That would be the black police chief, just so you know.

Joining Singletary in retirement is Deptuty(sic) Chief Morabito, and Commander Fabian Rivera. Rochester police officials say both Deputy Chief Mark Simmons and Commander Henry Favor are returning to the previously held rank of lieutenant.”

A statement release Tuesday from Singletary said:

“After 20 years of dedicated service to the Rochester Police Department and the Rochester Community, I announce my retirement from the Rochester Police Department. For the past two decades, I have served this community with honor, pride, and the highest integrity.”

As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character. The events over the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity. The members of the Rochester Police Department and the Greater Rochester Community know my reputation and know what I stand for.”

The mischaracterization and the politicization of the actions that I took after being informed of Mr. Prude’s death is not based on facts, and is not what I stand for.”

I would like to thank the men and women of the Rochester Police Department, as well as the Rochester Community for allowing me the honor of serving as your Chief and fulfilling a lifelong dream. I look forward to continuing to serve our community in my next chapter.”

Anyone else get the impression that Chief Singletary is just DONE with all this crap? And who can blame him? And yes, the mayor was completely caught off guard. Shades of Carmen Best in Seattle, don’t you think? Let the mob drive out the black police chief in order to satisfy your social justice needs.

Of course, the rioters in Rochester are THRILLED. They’re getting the police to quit! The streets will be theirs! But just so you know, their next target is getting the mayor to resign. No wonder she’s nervous, between losing the police chief and the command staff, and knowing that the rioters have now been emboldened. She knows they want her gone, and she doesn’t have anyone left for the alligator to eat next.

So, beware. Rochester is a disaster zone. Those creating the chaos think they have scored a victory, while the mayor shrinks into a corner and the citizens who can’t even eat out at a restaurant in peace are still under siege. The mob will never be satisfied until they get what they want (and the demands never stay the same), or everything burns to the ground.

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  • Sadie McQueen says:

    So, they won’t be sending in the social workers?

  • Maureen from Regina says:

    I live in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada, far away from Rochester, but guess what? Our cable programs come in from Rochester – very little reporting in these stations about ANY of this. Why is that?

  • Bucky says:

    Chief Singletary and his command staff could have made a powerful statement against the madness by publicly rebuking the politicians who have pandered to the mob. Sure they would get fired for doing so but they would have taken one for their team of officers. Instead they are saying to their guys “bye, you’re on your own”.

  • GWB says:

    They’re getting the police to quit! The streets will be theirs!
    Only because the citizens abdicated them long ago. A more active citizenry? These folks would be lucky to survive without a bunch dangling from lampposts or riddled with holes.

    Call it “insurrection”, “invasion”, or “domestic unrest”, it all amounts to the same thing: these jacka**es coming in and destroying a community. The community has every right to simply level arms and destroy them. It’s one thing that violence “solves” rather nicely.

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