Boat Ride with a “Terrorist” across Lake Erie

Boat Ride with a “Terrorist” across Lake Erie

Our Great Lakes are beautiful wonderful places to visit. Yet they are so big, that it’s difficult for our Border Patrol or Coast Guard to be everywhere at once. And because they are spread too thin, there is the potential to make it all too easy for someone to test the security or rather insecurity of our Northern Border. And that is exactly what happened.


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, debuted his latest video on Monday. In it, an actor dressed up as an Ebola-infected ISIS clad “terrorist” with a British accent carrying bags purporting to be ricin motor boated across Lake Erie to Cleveland and was not stopped. The video, released on Monday highlights additional security concerns for both Canada and the United States.

‘The British government says American journalist James Foley’s ISIS assassin was an Englishman,’ O’Keefe says in his narration.
‘British intelligence believes more than 500 British citizens have joined ISIS. Brits can enter Canada without a visa; it’s virtually an open door.’

Take some time to watch the entire video:

According to the Inquisitor:

Operators of small pleasure vessels are supposed to check in with immigration officials via the honor system when they leave U.S. waters. Whether that occurs in practice is another matter.


O’Keefe’s video indicated that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame could be at risk.


The actor was able to walk into the building carrying a duffle bag, and not one person stopped him.


Quite a few people regard what O’Keefe is doing as ‘stunts’ or as ‘muckraking.’ Some have even told O’Keefe to “give it a rest” The question is, does this video help or hurt those who are working hard to keep this country secure?  Honestly, its likely a bit of both.  What I do know is the issue of border security and the threat of terrorism is a grave concern to many in both countries.  This week’s CNN/ORC poll highlights the fact that 90% or 7 in 10 American believe ISIS is a threat to the US.  Stunt or not, the security of our border is definitely a concern for this American and I’d rather NOT find out that real ISIS terrorists are using Canada and our Great Lakes as a means to get into this country.

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