#BlueLivesMatter: More Attacks On Police Over the Weekend

#BlueLivesMatter: More Attacks On Police Over the Weekend

While the number of attacks on police may not be going up, the 24 hour news cycle means that we are seeing more coverage of these incidents nationally instead of just locally. Since Thursday, there have been five different non-fatal attacks on police officers across the country. While we can be grateful that all the officers involved will recover, the attacks themselves show that a pattern of violence is continuing against law enforcement.

The scene in Las Vegas after a police car was targeted at a stoplight on September 6, 2015 (photo: Las Vegas Metro PD via Twitter)
The scene in Las Vegas after a police car was targeted at a stoplight on September 6, 2015 (photo: Las Vegas Metro PD via Twitter)

Last Thursday in Pennsylvania, Sergeant Melissa Ruch was attacked and then thrown over a guardrail when she stopped to help a disabled car.

Sgt. Ruch was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where her injuries are now said to be non-life threatening. Her attacker, said to be a Hispanic man, is still at large.

Las Vegas had two shooting attacks on police this weekend. The first involved a response to a 911 call on Saturday morning. Two suspects are now under arrest.

(Steven) Turner sparked a manhunt after a 911 burglary call was made from a home. The call came in after 3:30 this morning near Rainbow and Alta. The homeowner says a man was ringing his doorbell.

“Two officers met the caller at the door and went to the house through the door to the backyard. As the officers opened the back door they were immediately fired on,” said (Sheriff Joe) Lombardo.

Detectives say Turner fired an AK-47 towards 14-year police veteran Jeremy Robertson. Officer Robertson was shot in the leg. Police say 20-year-old Clemon Hudson fired a shotgun towards the officer but Robertson’s partner fired shots and hit Turner in the calf before more shots could be fired. Turner then ran away but Hudson remained in the backyard where a police K-9 attacked him.

Officer Robertson was rushed to the hospital, where it was discovered that his femur was shattered. He is stable and will eventually recover, though a badly broken femur is no easy injury.

The second attack in Las Vegas is described as an “ambush-style” shooting of police officers at a stoplight.

We can be grateful that the injuries are no worse, and that the suspect is in custody.

And reports broke late Sunday night of NYPD officers being involved in hit-and-runs, as cars actually struck officers on foot.

The two hit-and-runs occurred less than one hour later and four miles apart. It is unknown at this time if it was the same car in both incidents.

And technically, we’re not even done with the weekend yet, as most people have today off for Labor Day.

I am sure that police across the country would like to be done with the constant drumbeat of an attack here, an assault there, a shooting somewhere else. Is it any wonder that they feel uneasy and on edge?

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  • aldeous leekie says:

    Media grab to try to pass more bullshit laws to protect cops from being prosecuted when they commit crimes. It’s not enough that they are one of the SAFEST, under worked, over paid, best benefits and retirement out of most jobs in america, but now they want MORE!! They get the ceremonies, the bag pipes the gun salutes all the bullshit, and now they want more, and idiots will give it to them.

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