Didn’t You Know? Only Virtue-Signaling Liberals Get To Stand Up To Bullies.

Didn’t You Know? Only Virtue-Signaling Liberals Get To Stand Up To Bullies.

Didn’t You Know? Only Virtue-Signaling Liberals Get To Stand Up To Bullies.

A bunch of celebrities reached out to a young man by the name of Keaton Jones yesterday when his video went viral on the Internet.

Keaton was recorded by his mother upon being picked up at school on Friday. He consented to the filming of this video.

“Just out of curiosity, why do they bully? What’s the point of it? Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It’s not okay. (They) make fun of my nose, they call me ugly, they say I have no friends.”-Keaton Jones

A Twitter storm of celebrities Tweeted out to Keaton yesterday to include Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry and Enrique Iglesias. Chris Evans invited Jones to The Avengers premiere:

Even Ultimate Fighting Championship President, Dana White offered to let the boy come to Las Vegas to hang out at UFC headquarters.

#StandByKeaton was a hashtag that unified us for a brief moment yesterday. Until Donald Trump, Jr. chimed in, that is:

And here we have it:

Once. Just once could we have a little reprieve in the division? I thought for a skinny minute that we were about to experience a Christmas miracle of sorts. Where everyone, regardless of political ideology, came together to support this kid. Because it is about this young man. It is not about Donald Trump or Junior. And Junior was not making it about his father or him, he was offering this boy and his family a place to stay. But of course, Donald Junior is doing this all for “political gain”, according to some. This is their logic once again rearing its ugly head and tentacles. You can stand up to a bully only if you are deemed as being on the correct side of politics-their side. If you are not on their side, you clearly are a “bully” (just like our President) and you do not get to sympathize with young Keaton Jones. Unbelievable.

#StandByKeaton has gone gangbusters and a GoFundMe account that was set up in his name is going strong at above $40,000 in donations. It is our hope that Keaton can see from all of this that good people come from all walks of life, and that kindness can span the political divides.

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  • GWB says:

    WTH?!? A GoFundMe for this kid?!? Because he gets insulted by the mean kids?
    He needs some good lessons about quiet dignity, denying them a victory, and how to physically fight back if necessary. (I doubt his mother will teach him that – posting a video online is not really quiet dignity.)

    And, yes, the people who make this about Trump are the juvenile ones. Standard schoolyard retorts, there.

    • Lisa Carr says:

      I am happy to see people rally by his side but yeah, I see your point, GWB. If my son was being bullied (and he has in the past), I doubt I would post a video (even if he was okay with it) to social media of him crying about it.

      When he was dealing with one class bully and another friend who wasn’t standing up to him, I posted this on the door so he could read it every day before he left (it’s still there):

      You are the head and not the tail,
      You are above and not beneath,
      You are a leader and not a follower.
      You are a person of valor.
      You have the whole armor of God.
      You are loved.
      Now go out and kick some butt today!

      He managed to muster up the strength to tell the bully off and get mad at his friend who wasn’t standing up for him, came to terms that his “friend” made a (bad) choice and then walked away from all of the drama. Said bully moved on to other targets and has since never told him he could “drop him” again.

  • Cameron says:

    Just once could we have a little reprieve in the division?

    Nope. In the eyes of those people, The Struggle™ must be at the forefront of everything at all times lest you be branded the enemy.

  • Kate says:

    There’s a Keaton in every school in this country that needs a friend to stand with him. Very happy for this kid but I worry about all the others who are still going it alone.

  • GWB says:

    And now, they are evidently receiving grief (how fast the worm turns!) because some other pics on her FarceBook have the confederate battle flag in them.

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