Biden’s July 4th 2022 — Aren’t You Excited?

Biden’s July 4th 2022 — Aren’t You Excited?

Biden’s July 4th 2022 — Aren’t You Excited?

Remember all the hoopla last year as the White House press corps came together to clap like trained seals over the announcement that your BBQ cost you 16 cents less than in 2020? We haven’t forgotten.

So let’s see what next Monday has in store for us, shall we?

After the Biden White House touted last year that Americans would save $0.16 on their 4th of July cookout, U.S. consumers can expect to pay $10 more in 2022.

A summer cookout for ten people costs nearly $70 on average, or slightly less than $7 per person, the American Farm Bureau Federation observed on Monday.

An average cookout will now cost 17% more than last year. The most recent consumer price index shows that prices rose 8.6% in May from 12 months ago.

All of us hoi polloi who have to balance our checkbooks and work over the family budget more than understand this. Going to the supermarket and seeing odd patterns of empty shelves, by passing the occasional steak now that it’s over $13 a pound and reaching for the hamburger, yet again, gets old fast.

Klaus Schwab and the WEF would rather you eat bugs, so we should be happy with a burger or pork chop. For now.

Don’t think this Independence Day downer is solely food oriented. While our transportation secretary, Precious Pete Buttigieg, is offering up Kamala-style word salads about train tracks and cars, supply chain issues go unaddressed and 1800 plane flights for the weekend have been canceled. So far.

More than 1,800 flights have been canceled as of Wednesday morning, according to FlightAware. Only 460 cancellations involved flights within, into, or out of the United States. There has also been an estimated 9,340 delays on Wednesday, with more than 660 of them occurring in the U.S. These numbers are expected to escalate in the next few days.

Let’s add that both supply chain issues and runaway inflation is impacting fireworks, too. Another year of canceled 4th of July displays.

In Phoenix, Arizona, where three fireworks shows normally light up the Fourth of July, none are happening this year.

Also canceled are July 4th firework shows in Kansas, Maryland and California.

Let’s go, Brandon! Great job!

Our Ruling Class would rather you focus on the stunning and brave Jussie Smollett, Jr, and her tales of a 6’3″, 76-year-old, overweight President jumping over the front seat of an armored SUV to attack a Secret Service agent — while screaming “This is MAGA country!” or something.

The only gas not in short supply is what is being issued out of D.C. these days.

As you sit in your home alone, unable to travel, rationing your lights and air conditioning and eating the cheapest stuff you could find …

Remember in November. Take America back.

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