Biden Tries For Happy Face On Afghanistan Chaos

Biden Tries For Happy Face On Afghanistan Chaos

Biden Tries For Happy Face On Afghanistan Chaos

Joe Biden once again cleared time out of his very busy schedule to give a national update on Afghanistan on Sunday afternoon.

And when I said “cleared time out of his very busy schedule,” I mean that he did NOT get to spend his weekend in Delaware as had been planned. He had to stay at the office and work. Perhaps we should all remind Joe that this is the job Jill wanted him to have he wanted to have, and that means working through crisis situations?

However, with now-Tropical Storm Henri making landfall in New England and battering the area with heavy rain and warnings of flash floods, this gave Biden the perfect excuse to not talk as much as he would have had to about Afghanistan.

The entire press conference can be watched here, all 25 minutes of it:

After showing up 18 minutes late, Biden jumped directly into the flash flooding in Tennessee (which has been horrific) and then wanted to talk about ALL the storm prep that had been done for Tropical Storm Henri – after forgetting the name of the person in charge of FEMA.

And please wear a mask while you participate in hurricane preparations. Yes, he said that.

Then he moved on to Afghanistan. Did everyone know that we have gotten 11,000 people out in 36 hours? Because Biden felt the need to tell us a few times about it, and then congratulate himself and the military for JUST BEING THAT AWESOME.

Biden also brought up the Civil Reserve Air Fleet being activated, and called it “voluntary.” Uhhh, what? The entire POINT of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet is that the airlines are being COMPELLED to hand over their services to the government. This is not something they are doing from the goodness of their hearts. This is something they are doing because they are being ordered to do so by the Pentagon, all because it’s brutally clear that there was no evacuation plan for Afghanistan.

But that shouldn’t matter, Biden claims, because everything was just going to go to shit no matter what we did.

And Biden kept repeating “When is the right time to leave?” and trying to put an extension on troops in terms of another five or ten years, while claiming that all this chaos was simply inevitable. What, is he Thanos, trying to bring everything back into balance? He sure thinks we should be grateful to him for simply pulling the plug and walking away from Afghanistan.

Hey Joe – here’s the answer to the question “when is the right time to leave”: When ALL American citizens AND our allies are OUT OF THE COUNTRY. If you are determined to leave, then THAT is when you leave. Not before everyone is out, AFTER everyone is out. Would that really have taken five or ten years? Nope! It would have taken a coherent evacuation plan, something which apparently no one in the top brass or Team Biden even considered implementing before abandoning Bagram Airfield. We sure could use some more runways and access right now in order to get people out, huh?

And yet, Joe believes that he is on the side of the angels here, because history will judge him as right and blameless.

Again, it’s not the WHEN, it’s the HOW, and Biden has no brains left to comprehend the difference.

Mean Grandpa Joe called on four members of the press from his pre-approved list (he’s not even trying to hide it any more; besides, everyone knows he wouldn’t be able to remember names and outlets that quickly), and all credit to the press here, they did not give him any softballs. (NPR didn’t get called on after Friday’s presser when their reporter pushed for answers.) The Associated Press, Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal, and CBS all got called on to ask questions (most snuck in two-part questions, and he did pause for one question as he was walking away), but CBS probably wins with the question that Biden walked away from on Friday: “Do you trust the Taliban?”

Biden’s answer: “I don’t trust anyone, including you – I love you, but there’s not a lot of people I trust.” (This would explain why his aides were “too afraid” to tell him that his decisions were crap, and why he keeps saying Hunter Biden is one of “the smartest people” he knows.) And then he followed up with the administration’s favorite narrative, which is that the Taliban are ackshually “seeking legitimacy” on the international stage, and this desire to be accepted by all nations will keep them in line.

In reality, the Taliban are more of a mind with Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: “Fear will keep the local(s) in line.” The Taliban, newly equipped with all the American hardware that they have gotten from the Afghan army, IS inspiring fear in the local population. And they know that the Americans, despite Joe Biden’s attempt to pat the troops on the head and take a victory lap, are leaving. Biden remains cruelly indifferent to the real agony that he has caused. He thinks he did something wonderful and noble. Why won’t the press just let him get back to his vacation time, already?

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  • Lloyd says:

    Does he really think what he says is true??
    Does he really think he is doing the right thing?
    Does he really think that most Americans support him?
    Does he really think… all?

  • OedipusWrecks says:

    The people who for voted for Biden and the media that covered for him hiding in his basement: You Own This. You did this.

    This senile old fool only got elected because of you. #Blood on your hands.

  • Chad King says:

    The fact that The Wall Street Journal was on the approved list of administration shills is an indication of just how bad the “news” portion of the Journal has become. The editorial pages (which I believe are under separate editorial control) remain solidly conservative, but it’s getting harder to tell the difference between the Journal and The New York Times. At some point (probably in the near future) I’ll have to end my 43-year long subscription to the Journal–just like I fired the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Annapolis Capital, and Hilton Head Island Packet. Why should I finance institutions that hate me and my country?

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