Civil Reserve Air Fleet Activated To Help With Afghan Evac

Civil Reserve Air Fleet Activated To Help With Afghan Evac

Civil Reserve Air Fleet Activated To Help With Afghan Evac

The Civil Reserve Air Fleet, an entity that has been in place since 1952 after the Berlin Airlift, was activated by the Pentagon early this morning.

The Pentagon on Sunday activated the Civil Reserve Air Fleet that will allow commercial airlines to assist with the Biden administration’s evacuation of Americans and Afghans at risk of reprisals by the Taliban, according to a report.

The program will enable 20 airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, among others, to support the evacuation efforts of US citizens and Afghans with special immigrant visas from Europe and the Middle East, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Last night, the Wall Street Journal published an exclusive discussing the fact that this is a contingency now under consideration. Does this mean those 20 airplanes will be flying in and out of Kabul? No. 

Instead the air fleet will be ferrying evacuees from Germany, Bahrain, and Qatar to military bases within the United States. This is to alleviate the overcrowding already happening at those three in-take places, which led to at least one nine hour pause of flights out of Kabul. 

This also comes at a time when the danger to Americans still in Afghanistan, plus Afghan SIV’s and others is ramping up. 

There are a great many Americans still stuck in Afghanistan. Do you think it’s easy for them to just pick up and make a drive across Kabul or across a rough, rugged country to the ONLY working airport in the country? Evidently that’s what the Biden Administration thought. But now, as it becomes clear that the left and right hands nor the middle fingers of the Biden Administration knew what the hell they were doing, multiple contingency plans are suddenly appearing. 

In another aviation move, the Transportation Department issued an order Friday granting foreign carriers that wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to land in the U.S. blanket authority to conduct U.S.-government-sponsored evacuation flights to U.S. airports, until Sept. 30.

NOTE that date! September 30th. Remember how Joe was shrilly insistent that everyone would be out of Afghanistan by August 31st? Then WHY would evacuation flights potentially be running through the entire month of September? Perhaps because the Biden Admin is realizing that the plans they put in place were pieces of crap?

I mean seriously, who the hell decides to abandon a major military installation with TWO runways, leaves $85 million dollars in military equipment behind and then decides a single runway airport is the best possible choice to get thousands of people out of the country. Oh wait, that’s the Biden Administration with knaves and fools in charge. 

But NOW, as the situation worsens, let’s activate the Civil Reserve Air Fleet to help clean up the mess Joe and his pals created.

Will Joe try to tell us this afternoon that this was one of those contingency plans he’s been yammering about since Monday? Given his speech on Friday was so full of lies that Jennifer Griffin lost her cool and the New York Times ran a massive fact check, I’d say there will be more lies headed our way. 

Politico reported that Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III told Congress on Friday that some Americans trying to leave Afghanistan had been harassed and beaten by Taliban fighters.

An unnamed American resident in Afghanistan told ABC News that he had witnessed people holding U.S. passports not being allowed through Taliban checkpoints. Clarissa Ward, a CNN reporter in Kabul, said after Mr. Biden’s remarks that she had difficulty reaching the airport.

“Working how to get to this airport is like a Rubik’s Cube,” Ms. Ward said on CNN on Friday. “Anyone who says that any American can get in here is — yes, I mean, technically, it’s possible. But it’s extremely difficult, and it is dangerous.”

It’s incredibly dangerous in Afghanistan right now. There are reports of nearly 70K Americans trapped there, and all the Biden Administration can do is say they are politely asking the Taliban to let them pass without harm.

Tell you what, given the fear that Americans are dealing with, the State Department can take their diplomacy and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Twenty planes along with pilots and crew are being activated right now. However, if those twenty planes aren’t enough, the Civil Rescue Air Fleet can have up to 100 planes activated. Which could have an interesting and potentially negative effect on air travel here in the United States. Here’s something else to consider, if more planes are needed for the Civil Reserve Air Fleet efforts, this could be a problem.

Some large airlines have grounded their largest, widebody aircraft, the type most useful for this mission, due to international travel restrictions put in place fordue to the COVID-19 pandemic. Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has grounded dozens of its Airbus A380 super jumbo airliners during the pandemic. Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, has grounded all 10 of its A380s, as has Qatar Airways. It’s unclear how quickly they could return to service if the U.S. contracted either carrier.

But contingency plans for the win!

Depending upon how long it takes to get the Civil Reserve Air Fleet activated, the most important thing is, the work MUST continue to get all Americans safely out of Afghanistan. All Americans and all our troops there need our continued prayers. 

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  • ROP says:

    Some other thoughts to consider
    1) They are taking the passports and terrorist are using them to gain access to the USA
    2) Are we vetting any of these refuges “American” ?
    3) Suddenly bringing in 10s of thousand to the USA is a stupid dangerous move that will change the demographics
    ( but that is probably the plan) Just ask Europe !
    4) And I am sure they have all had there shots ( Not that I would take it) To bring in more diseases.

    Same thing this biden regime is doing at the southern boarder, that begs the question, This was all a setup wasn’t it!

  • […] then wondered why they wouldn’t fight. This withdrawal from Afghanistan that Austin’s Pentagon had to ask for help from the U.S. corporate airlines, as Nina wrote […]

  • AF JAG retired says:

    Activating the CRAF is yet more evidence of poor planning, as if any were needed.

    • GWB says:

      Not really. It’s a part of mass transportation planning at Scott AFB (where our airlift guys are headquartered). I’m betting those guys requested it a week ago. We do not have the in-house airlift/refueling capability to move that many people back to the US in a timely fashion.

  • […] also brought up the Civil Reserve Air Fleet being activated, and called it “voluntary.” Uhhh, what? The entire POINT of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet […]

  • GWB says:

    NOTE that date! September 30th.
    Note, also, that those foreign carriers are not coming straight from Kabul. Not to the US. The Sept 30th date is because – no matter how ridiculous of a deadline the end of August is – there will still be operations feeding Americans home after the date they are “out” of Afghanistan as they are processed in these foreign countries.
    Also, I’m betting most of that waiver is because of the number of airplanes that are “dual-flagged”. That is, Lufthansa airplanes are often Delta, and such. They play games with the “flagging” because of that rule about foreigners operating in the US, and you can take off from La Guardia in a Delta plane that magically becomes a Lufthansa airliner out over the Atlantic.

    let’s activate the Civil Reserve Air Fleet to help clean up the mess
    Actually, it’s probably the planners at Scott AFB (home of our military transportation experts) who asked to have the CRAF activated. We do not have enough aircraft to fly all the way to America and back (nor enough refueling capacity) rapidly enough to get our folks out. So they built a two-stage effort, using CRAF assets to complete the safe part of the journey.

    There are reports of nearly 70K Americans trapped there
    Why is that? Not entirely because of the Biden admin’s stupidity. A lot of it is because those civilians thought Afghanistan was “safe” because we delivered “democracy” and such. Because they are deluded people who think Western Civilization is brought about by voting or teaching gender studies at a university.
    If they worked for our government or our military, that’s one thing. If they were contracted to work for the Afghan gov’t, that’s another thing. If they were there on their own, or as part of NGOs, then my sympathy for them is very slight. If you go to a war zone, you should have an evacuation plan, preferably one that doesn’t rely on the infallibility of our gov’t. One that involves lots of cash for bribes and travel expenses.

    Which could have an interesting and potentially negative effect on air travel here in the United States.
    Airline travel has been down for almost 2 years. I’m betting the airlines are considering this a bailout. This is steady money, at a guaranteed price, regardless of how many people are on the plane when it flies.

    Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, has grounded all 10 of its A380s, as has Qatar Airways. It’s unclear how quickly they could return to service if the U.S. contracted either carrier.
    Well, those are great examples of utter meaninglessness to the CRAF, since CRAF doesn’t involve any foreign planes at all. While our gov’t might contract with them to move personnel out of the Middle East, they are unlikely to do so back to the US (since we’re paying the CRAF folks).

    the work MUST continue to get all Americans safely out of Afghanistan
    Despite my low level of sympathy for many of those trapped, I agree wholeheartedly with this. Once Slow Joe f*ed it up, we now had an obligation to get those folks out. And if I were President (honestly a lot of people) it would have already happened. (I would also bring back landmines and napalm, so you might know how this would go down with me in charge.)

  • AF JAG retired says:

    Disagree. If activating the CRAF had been part of a plan it would have been done weeks ago, This timing has the smell of last minute desperation. There probably was an evacuation plan for Afghanistan; it’s what military staff do. Biden didn’t give the military time to implement or adapt the plan, just like he refused to wait until October when the fighting season ended. He banged his sippy cup on the high chair and said “I want out NOW!”

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