Biden Shows Up Late And Still Isn’t There For Presser

Biden Shows Up Late And Still Isn’t There For Presser

Biden Shows Up Late And Still Isn’t There For Presser

The media is determined, with every fiber of their collective being, to pass off Joe Biden as mentally sharp, cognizant, and able to lead the United States on the international stage.

The reality is something else altogether, though you would never know that if you were just watching the regular old nightly news, or even cable news stations that aren’t Fox News.

Take this as your latest example. Joe Biden was supposed to give a solo press conference after a phone call with President Erdogan of Turkey today while he was at NATO Headquarters in Belgium. He was over two hours late to his own press conference.

Now, while individual reporters on Twitter might point out the delay, they won’t put it into their reporting. In covering the press conference, the AP does not mention the delay at all in their running updated piece on Biden at NATO. Fox News mentions it in their article, but buries it near the end of the piece. If this were President Trump who had made the press wait for two hours, they would have led their stories with that fact.

And now we get to what the press thinks the public should be allowed to see. When Joe Biden finally did show up to his own press conference, he had prepared statements. Here is the CNBC clip of that speech, from which all the major outlets will run their stories tonight.

The fact that Biden can give a speech off a teleprompter is no surprise (though he routinely mangles words while talking – stutter or not, you make the call). The real problems arise when Biden is forced to talk off the cuff. Hold on to your seats, kids, because anything can happen here. Even though the White House is determined that nothing WILL happen, and so gives Biden – again – a pre-approved list of reporters to call on.

A lot of the questions at the presser by reporters were asking about the upcoming meeting between Biden and Putin. Toni gave us a preview of what to expect here. After seeing these unedited clips, which will NOT make the evening news, are YOU confident about letting this man into a room alone with Vladimir Putin?

Good Lord. By the time Putin is done with Biden, he may very well have promised to sell back Alaska for the original price of $7 million. I put nothing past Putin, and Jill won’t be in the room with Joe, despite her “prepping” for the G7 and all the other stuff that she’s likely been made aware of.

And no, the fun did not stop there. Biden kept on Biden-ing.

So, while we are all doing double-takes, this is actually a very old saying, though it has been shortened over time. The problem is, it is an OLD saying, and Biden even botched THAT. The first written example apparently is from 1605. You know, when Biden was in kindergarten, apparently. There’s nothing that screams “modern president able to go head-to-head with Putin” than coughing up a proverb from the early 17th century and messing up the grammar. Yikes.

Just remember all of this when the mainstream media is showing up their nicely edited and tidied up video packages tonight on the air. They are desperate to keep propping up Biden in order to prove that he is competent and that he is better than the Bad Orange Man. And they know that Kamala Harris is a walking disaster. The media is trying to keep the public from noticing just how badly Biden is flailing by tossing out polls saying that he is just awesome on the world stage – and tossing out the video clips that prove otherwise.

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