Biden: Pandering, Insulting And Just Plain Creepy

Biden: Pandering, Insulting And Just Plain Creepy

Biden: Pandering, Insulting And Just Plain Creepy

Among the incredible feats President Joe Biden succeeded at yesterday were pandering to the Black Community, insulting the Black community and being his normal, usual, creepy self.

Biden spoke in Tulsa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the massacre of Black citizens at the hands of a white mob. One of the strategies the Biden administration includes a pledge to boost federal contracts to minority-owned businesses by 50 percent.

According to this, the Biden administration wants to “Use the federal government’s purchasing power to grow federal contracting with small disadvantaged businesses by 50 percent, translating to an additional $100 billion over five years, and helping more Americans realize their entrepreneurial dreams.”

That’s cute how they want to bolster minority-owned businesses after encouraging white people to riot in Black communities all last summer and forcing some of these small businesses to shut down because of COVID restrictions. How nice of Biden and his crew. We’re sure Kamala will be right on that with him, taking on another job where she will prove equally as useless. But she might surprise us. After all, she’s refreshed and energized after enjoying her long weekend of respite.

The announcement builds on the president’s historic approach to advancing equity and racial justice across the whole of federal government.”-Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden spokeswoman

What constitutes a business as being “disadvantaged”? The color of the owner’s skin, apparently. Now, I have nothing against bolstering up communities of color in need and closing the wage gap. But, pray tell, how the hell are these already deemed “disadvantaged” businesses going to survive the next tax hike?

But panderers gonna pander. The sad aspect of our President and his administration atoning for how bad all white people are is that they are the perceived “good guys” behind this movement. They are the ones offering the aid. They are the ones apologizing profusely. What happened in Tulsa 100 years ago was tragic but now, an innocent American business owner who identifies as “Caucasian” in a checkbox, who had nothing to do with the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, will get passed over for a government contract in favor of a “disadvantaged” business?

What identifies such business as “disadvantaged”? This is where the insult comes in-and the media happily ignores this insult- the business is owned by a Black American. Who’s to say all Black businesses are disadvantaged? Look at BLM co-founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors. BLM may be a “charity” but this co-founder who dropped millions on real estate is hardly disadvantaged, I’d say.

Bidens’s insults just roll off the tongue. The man cannot help it.

The data shows young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding, given the chance, as white entrepreneurs are, but they don’t have lawyers, they don’t have accountants, but they have great ideas.”-President Joe Biden

These Black entrepreneurs, bless their hearts. They don’t have lawyers. They don’t have accountants. The white lawyers and accountants are too raaaaacist to represent them, apparently, and are too busy helping out young white entrepreneurs who have indispensable income to throw at lawyers and accountants. (Snort.) Psst, Joe-African Americans can become (and are) successful accountants and lawyers, too. Or, was Biden saying Black entrepreneurs don’t know how to find an attorney or an accountant? He wouldn’t dare…

You think? As I’ve said, the man can’t help it. And, speaking of things the man can’t help, we go from pandering, to insulting, to just plain creepy. It seems two (very) young girls caught Creepy Joe’s eye before he got down to the business of pandering and insulting. Seems he saw some barrettes glimmering from the side of the podium. Be a good little girl and keep those little lady legs crossed and you’ll get some ice cream.

Still creepy after all these years. And the crowd goes wild! The media? Silent on this. How old did these two little girls look in their barrettes, Joe? Nineteen? Twenty-two? Twenty-five? As long as they’re over eighteen in your senile old mind, right? I can hear the Biden defenders now. “C’mon, man! He’s a grandfather! He’s just acting like an ol’ grandpa!”

Wait-we didn’t see Joe offer any little Black girls any ice cream, now did we? Nah! Biden’s not racist. Much. (A note to the African-American community: consider this a blessing that he didn’t.)

But, according to the Biden administration, the biggest and “most lethal threat” to the U.S. is white supremacy? I would beg to differ. I would say we have ongoing “lethal” threats to the U.S., Mr. Biden, to include an administration that continues to stoke the flames of division and hate amongst Americans. We have an educational system that is rewriting history for our students, that easily throws around platitudes, select ideologies and subliminal bullying into silence instead of encouraging meaningful and rational discussions and debates. We have an academic and a work culture that is gradually transitioning from a merit-based system with checkpoints for equality in the workplace to leaning heavily on equity in the name of “diversity”. We have sick individuals in the media, online, in celebrity culture and in our every day society who want to groom our children and take their innocence away. Our reverence for lives lost to the battle for our freedoms has been replaced with burning flags and (deliberate) Tweets on “enjoying long weekends” and getting ice cream. Do other nations who despise us really think we’re on the right track with this pandering, racist geezer who pays unusual and awkward attention to little girls? Make no mistake. They are watching and waiting for us to crumble here and then, they will pounce.

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  • Ron says:

    Woman and minority owned businesses have been given preferences in receiving state and federal contracts for decades. All we got out of it was a bunch of white guys handing ownership over to their wives and more expensive goods and services.

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