Biden Got Played By Xi Jinping

Biden Got Played By Xi Jinping

Biden Got Played By Xi Jinping

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping ended their summit at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference in freshly-scrubbed San Francisco on Wednesday. Joe, being the leftist Democrat he is, trusted the despot who wants to supplant the United States as the powerhouse of the globe. Oh he did acknowledge that Xi is a “dictator.” But it’s all good — the conversation had been the “most constructive and productive” between them ever.

Xi laid the sugar onto Joe Biden:

Mr. President, you and I, we are at the helm of China-U.S. relations.  We shoulder heavy responsibilities for the two peoples, for the world, and for history.  I look forward to having an in-depth exchange of views and reach new — reach new understandings with you on strategic and overarching issues critical to the direction of China-U.S. relations and on major issues affecting world peace and development.

Meanwhile, Leland Vittert of News Nation wasn’t buying the sweetness and light that Xi was presenting to Biden. Prior to the president’s speech Vittert predicted that Xi would cleverly exploit Biden’s weaknesses:

Xi studies domestic American politics, so he will exploit Biden’s need for a win because of his current weakness with progressives. Xi will then give Biden something to take to the climate enthusiasts to claim victory. 

Biden and Xi will reportedly agree to keep artificial intelligence out of drones, nuclear weapons and more. 

America will live by the deal and China will cheat as they always do….

Vittert concluded:

Today is a huge win for Xi — he got welcomed like the superpower leader he sees himself as, rather than the communist thug he is.


Biden Gives Remarks After Summit

On Wednesday evening, Joe Biden gave remarks and plans for further diplomacy after his meeting with Xi. He also said that the Chinese leader promised *wink wink* to reduce the amount of fentanyl that’s flowing into the US. As Vittert predicted, they also discussed artificial intelligence. And, of course, climate change.

Joe did fairly well reading the TelePrompter for his speech, but when it came to answering reporters’ questions, it was a different story. Relying on prepared cards in order to know which person and from which media outlet to call on, Biden fumbled.

Now you know that someone was bound to ask about the Hamas-Israel war. But Biden flubbed that one, too, blathering about a “pause” in the fighting to which Israel had agreed. Problem is, there is no publicly agreed upon “pause.”

No wonder Secretary of State Antony Blinken looks stressed whenever Joe opens his mouth.

Biden Blinken

Screenshot: @keny_berd/X.



Yet Not a Word About TikTok

Fentanyl from China may be killing the bodies of Americans, but another insidious Chinese product is warping the minds of young adults. That would be TikTok, the video site controlled by the CCP.

TikTok collects users’ location, gender and age and, most ominously, facial data. From there it uses algorithms to present content designed to capture a particular user’s interests, eventually presenting darker material as it keeps the person hooked.

Not only that, TikTok also presents political and social content.

For example, on the very day that Joe Biden and Xi Jinping were meeting, an old missive from Osama bin Laden was going viral on TikTok.

In 2002, bin Laden wrote an anti-American screed called “A Letter to America” in which the terror leader explained his reasons for 9/11. In light of the war between Hamas and Israel, a TikTok user found it at the UK The Guardian, which had published it in 2002. On Wednesday the Guardian removed the document, but not after the damage had been done on TikTok.

Bin Laden had written the following:

The creation and continuation of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals. Each and every person whose hands have become polluted in the contribution towards this crime must pay its price, and pay for it heavily.

And the young skulls-full-of-mush at TikTok — many of whom hadn’t even been born at the time of 9/11 or were mere infants — claimed the letter put them into “an existential crisis.” It also fed into the current Zeitgeist of antisemitism.

Did Joe Biden confront Xi Jinping about this poison? Nope, he took the W for his meeting with Xi.

But as Bonchie at Red State wrote:

Right now, Osama Bin Laden’s “Letter to America” is trending. Guess what site it’s trending on? That would be TikTok, the Chicom-owned social media site that is the top source of “news” for younger Americans. Instead of banning what is obviously a nefarious foreign information operation, Biden treats Xi Jinping like an old friend. 

We’re paying the cost of having this old, weak, and increasingly senile president at the helm. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping will return to Beijing knowing that he pulled another fast one on Joe Biden.


Featured image: The White House/public domain. Cropped.

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