Biden: Afghanistan Withdrawal Mess Was Totally Trump’s Fault

Biden: Afghanistan Withdrawal Mess Was Totally Trump’s Fault

Biden: Afghanistan Withdrawal Mess Was Totally Trump’s Fault

They’ll blame President Trump for everything. Including the Biden Administration’s complete and utter mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The White House released its congressionally-requested post-mortem of the Afghanistan withdrawal Thursday in a report that heavily blamed the Trump administration for the chaos.

‘President Biden’s choices for how to execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan were severely constrained by conditions created by his predecessor,’ the White House report read.

It then went on to give other reasons for pulling out, including ‘America’s goal was never to nation-build’ and saying the U.S. presence there had ‘unclear objectives and no end in sight.’

Let’s stop right there. The ‘unclear objectives and no end in sight’ is just hubris on a metric ton level given that it ignores the entirety of the 20 years of history of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan! And, those ‘unclear objectives’ included going after Al Quaeda and getting bin Laden! Ummm, guess who was Vice President when bin Laden was captured and killed?? Hellooooo Biden! 

That said, for the Biden Administration to point the finger and blame Trump for THEIR actions and the choices THEY made in the withdrawal debacle is arrogance beyond belief. 

A 12-page summary of events released by the White House on Thursday again attempts to fault Trump for the chaos, even as it acknowledged that the Biden administration has handled subsequent crises in Ukraine and Ethiopia far differently after lessons learned from the disaster in Kabul.

“We now prioritize earlier evacuations when faced with a degrading security situation,” the White House summary said, noting it withdrew some personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia in November 2021 “despite the vigorous objections of the Ethiopian government,” and evacuated personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv nearly two weeks before Russia invaded in February 2022.

Oh, so lessons learned included how to better prioritize the who/what/where/when of future evacuations. That’s just peachy.

The summary itself is just an amazing read. Please make sure there’s nothing available to throw or break nearby when you read it. Everything contained in the summary puts the Biden Administration in the best light possible while blaming Trump and the outgoing administration for not giving the incoming administration any guidance. Which is a load of horseshit. Why?

Because MOST of the players involved in any planning for the drawdown and withdrawal were still there! Never mind that. If they can blame Trump for anything and everything, they’ll find a way. And boy howdy, with this they did. 

“While it was always the president’s intent to end that war, it is also undeniable that decisions made and the lack of planning done by the previous administration significantly limited options available to him,” Kirby told reporters at Thursday’s White House press briefing.

“President Biden inherited a force presence in Afghanistan of some 2,500 troops. That was the lowest since 2001. He inherited a special immigrant visa program that had been starved of resources. And he inherited a deal struck between the previous administration and the Taliban that called for the complete removal of all U.S. troops by May of 2021, or else the Taliban, which had stopped its attacks while the deal was in place, would go back to war against the United States.”

Kirby said the Trump administration failed to provide any plans to remove U.S. troops, to transition security to the Afghan government or to increase processing for special immigrant visas for Afghan allies.

Except you can damned well bet that the Defense department DID have plans! As, I bet the folks at NatSec, the State Department, and others. So don’t try and spin this as the Biden Administration was starting from scratch. They didn’t and we all know it. 

And, of course John Kirby also tried to spin that things weren’t as chaotic as we believed during the withdrawal. Yes, he went there. 

Nice attempt at gaslighting jackass. Here’s another gaslight attempt.  

No Kirby. It was BILLIONS in equipment and sensitive stuff that was left behind. And just two weeks ago the Taliban BRAGGED about their plethora of riches in U.S. military hardware! But sure, try and tell us that it wasn’t that much? Go suck an egg. 

Peter Doocy asks a GREAT question here. 

There’s a huge list of people who need to be fired over this tragedy. Beginning with Lloyd Austin (who proudly announced he has no regrets as to how this was handled), Mark Milley, Kirby himself, and many many more. But they won’t be. 

What is infuriating is that this withdrawal was so badly handled, that many involved are still dealing with the physical and mental repercussions from this. As Toni wrote here, the one terrorist bomber was IN THEIR SIGHTS, and the order to stand down happened instead of giving our soldiers the GO to take him out. Thirteen of our soldiers were killed in that blast and many other soldiers and Afghans were horribly injured. 

But don’t blame us! It’s Trump’s fault! Joe and the entire Biden Administration need a reminder. 

The Taliban took over as the Biden Administration missed everything and willfully ignored actionable intel. 

The Biden Administration just can’t help themselves. Everything they do turns into a debacle. While they can try to gaslight us into believing it was President Donald Trump’s fault, the reality is, the buck stops with Joe Biden. Period. Full. Stop.

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  • Royalidiot says:

    “Unclear objectives and no end in sight”…..Sound familiar?…….Just substitute Afghanistan with Covid, inflation, supply chain, the border, the Ukraine …..Seems this list has no end in sight, either…..

  • Cameron says:

    There was a plan in place. Biden ignored it and went full metal retard because his handlers thought he knew better. And a lot of people are paying for that delusion.

    And before our mouth-breathing inbreds yap about Trump striking a deal with the Taliban on the withdrawal, stop huffing paint. When they broke their end of the bargain, Biden was no longer bound by that. Stop embarrassing yourself.

    • kamas716 says:

      “When they broke their end of the bargain, Biden was no longer bound by that.”

      Somehow that part gets conveniently overlooked hidden by all the “news” and politicians.

  • David135 says:

    There must be a damning report about to come out from Republican inquiries. For almost two years various Biden lackeys have been telling us what a great job they did. No regrets and there was no need for ‘accountability’. Suddenly, they’re now admitting there were ‘issues’ but it wasn’t their fault.

  • Steve says:

    Just as a footnote the Biden administration pulled all the airforce maintenance contractors out of Afghanistan on 20 January. The first day in office. Without the contractors the Afghan planes soon couldn’t fly. After 20 years of training to fight with combined forces including air power this administration pull the plug. If you were in that fight which side would you choose to join?

  • Thesgm says:

    Even in the absence of a plan, any high school debate team in the country could’ve come up with a better withdrawal plan. I refuse to believe that smart high school students would start a plan off by saying, “we are gonna abandon our most fortified air base, in the middle of the night, without telling any of our many allies, and abandoning all the civilians and equipment that can’t fit on the first planes.”

    Then this administration expects us to believe 2 things. First, that Donald Trump was a horrible, stupid, incompetent president. Second, given that assessment, that it was completely reasonable to just go with his plan without any tweaking or revisions or second thoughts.

    If we remember GEN Milley lying to Trump to keep from withdrawing then we have to be suspicious of his withdrawal plan. My suspicion is that he had 2 plans; a good one and one to make Trump look bad if he won reelection. Then he sent Biden both and Biden chose the bad one.

    Again… Any high school debate team, hell… any kid who has played Minecraft with friends… Could have concocted a better plan.

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