Beto Too: O’Rourke Oh-So-Sorry for Objectifying Women in 1991

Beto Too: O’Rourke Oh-So-Sorry for Objectifying Women in 1991

Beto Too: O’Rourke Oh-So-Sorry for Objectifying Women in 1991

While the intellectually-subordinate Democrat senators are hyper-focused on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s college beer-imbibing, and flatulence references in his old High School yearbooks, while ignoring a credible accusation of abuse against the sitting DNC co-chair, Beto “Fake Hispanic” O’Rourke’s past continues to also go unchallenged by these same jackasses.

Well, we here at Victory Girls are dedicated to calling out hypocrisy and bad behavior whenever we see it. And Mr. O’Rourke—who seems to be 2018’s Ted Kennedy Doppelganger—is in my particular crosshairs.

Like we said last week, ‘ol Beto can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. Behold his review of a Broadway play from 1991:

In 1991, the 19-year-old O’Rourke reviewed the Broadway musical “The Will Rogers Follies” for the Columbia Daily Spectator, the university’s student newspaper. Writing under the byline Robert O’Rourke, he panned the performance as “one of the most glaring examples of the sickening excesses and moral degradations of our culture.”

He went on to bemoan the bevy of “perma-smile actresses whose only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.”

Robert O’Rourke Review (Photo Credit: screenshot, the Columbia Spectator archive, Columbia Daily Spectator, Volume CXV, Number 161, 10 October 1991)

Catch the backhanded swipe at older America, as well?

Now, this was not something O’Rourke uttered to a friend during a drunken stupor, you know, when he was driving drunk and endangering the lives of innocent people on the road with him. No, he wrote it down, and published it in his university’s paper.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is decades-old dumb-speak from a guy who now wants to be the Freshman Senator from Texas, and you’re just trying to help Ted Cruz! Spit, spittle, tongue-wag! Well, guess what, Beto and the Beto-ites? Your side made the rules; I’m just playing by them. So I’d say: a man who fibs about a serious DUI—including trying to flee the scene of a wreck; denying it years after that fact; then feigning “white privilege”on behalf of himself for receiving a slap on the wrist, rather than owning up to his serious error in judgment—should be resoundingly rejected by all conscientious Texas voters.

And now—thanks to Dianne Feinstein and her ilk—we can grill him 24/7 on why he’d focus on the physical attributes of the actresses rather than their acting and dancing abilities.

It’s a fair question. And since we’re drudging up decades-old (false, in my humble opinion) allegations against a man whose personal history shows nothing but exceptional jurisprudence and dedication to family and friends, it’s fair game that we question Mr. O’Rourke’s decades-old grotesque objectification of women in print. And not simply accept his, “Oh, I’m so sorry; I was part of the white male patriarchy. We should be flogged in the streets. And oh, by the way, please deliver your early-voting ballots to your nearest election office, stat!” Right, Difi? Thems the New Rules.

Yes, past behavior does matter…unless you’re a charismatic newby primed to be the next JFK.

So let’s watch while the Left ignores O’Rourke’s decades-old misogyny, and squishy adherence to federal campaign finance law…

…because the truth is: the Left couldn’t give two rips about the past—or current—behavior of their favorite candidates, particularly of those who behave badly toward women, as long as said liberal men are their new Golden Boys. Because for those in the Double Standards ‘R Us Club, this whole Kavanaugh Crap Show is about nothing more than reclaiming power. Oh, and killing babies. So, yes, Beto will get a pass for this one, too. As will Keith Ellison, whose accuser, Karen Monahan, has actual corroborating evidence against him. Bank on it.

Good question. Believe All Women™ or something. Unless they threaten your power; then trash them from one end of the country to the other. Bimbo eruptions, right, Hillary?

Meanwhile, those of us over here on the Right, who actually hold people accountable for their bad behavior, should keep hammering the cultish, Ted Kennedy wannabe about his pattern of questionable judgement, and penchant for untruths, up to and including Election Day. Because again: your rules, Liberals; we’re just playing by them.


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  • GWB says:

    Writing under the byline Robert O’Rourke
    Well, given that’s his actual name………….

    Catch the backhanded swipe at older America, as well?
    Uh… no? Was it not in the quoted part? (I can’t read the photo on this screen, as it just sucks.)

    why he’d focus on the physical attributes of the actresses rather than their acting and dancing abilities
    Actually, that’s the whole point of the “breasts and butts” bit – they were NOT assembled for their acting talent, but rather for simply having a certain set of physical attributes.

    grotesque objectification of women in print

    Maybe we should focus on his bad policy preferences and not on trying to smear him? Because you’re not very good at Feinstein’s game.

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