Benghazi Whistleblowers Testify Today

Benghazi Whistleblowers Testify Today

Imagine for a moment you’re in a foreign country; it’s pitch black, in the dead of night, and you’re on a rooftop. Below you are what are very likely Al Qaeda operatives. They surround the compound. They’re hurling mortars at you and firing automatic weapons. They’re fire-bombing the building your standing on and it’s ablaze. It’s just you and one other trying to stave off the attack. You’ve called for military backup, multiple times, and you’re certain military aid will arrive at any moment. You’re hit; you’re bleeding profusely, but you have faith in your government that they’ll “leave no man behind.” But hours and hours pass…and no one comes. You’ve fought for seven long, horrifying hours, but now, bleeding heavily from your injuries, you’ve reached the last moments of your life. Slumped over your weapon, blood running down its length, in your dying breath you realize, no one is coming to save you. No troops, no fighter jets, nothing. Your government, your President, has abandoned you, leaving you to die alone, in a foreign nation, at the hands of Al Qaeda, without so much as a second thought.

Now stop imagining. Because a nightmare scenario like this happened, on September 11th, 2012, in Benghazi. The President who ignored the urgent pleas for help, and left four Americans to die at the hands of Al Qaeda, and who got a good night’s sleep and then went campaigning the next day, was Barack Obama, with the complicity of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Today, eight months after that horrific night, the U.S. Congress is finally holding a Congressional hearing with three self-proclaimed whistleblowers. Reports indicate they will testify that the attack was immediately attributed to Al Qaeda, rather than the White House’s “It’s Because of a Video” narrative. They will also contradict the assertion that military help was unavailable, and perhaps even insist that no lives would have been lost had military help, stationed within hours of Benghazi, arrived. The cover up, all pourposfully orchestrated to win the November election, has the very real potential to take down this Administration…but…

The question is: Will the Congress summon the courage, or even have knowledge of, what to ask? Why were those men in a CIA safehouse in Benghazi and what were they doing there? Were they, as some theorize (2016: Obama’s America lays it all out clearly), arming the Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels in an effort to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, and consequently further the rise of Radical Islam, a very clear and present danger to the United States? We have yet to hear any of them ask these questions. They seem, rather, to be simply focusing on the erroneous cover story, and the misleading of the American voters, succeeding the attack. The families of the dead deserve answers. The American public deserves answers. But most importantly, the Americans left to die, and the dozens who would have perished alongside them if not for their bravery, deserve answers. It’s about damned time; don’t blow it, Congressmen.

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