Benghazi: Ten Years Later And Forgotten

Benghazi: Ten Years Later And Forgotten

Benghazi: Ten Years Later And Forgotten

While it is deeply important that we continue to mark and remember 9/11 and the nearly three thousand innocent souls who perished on that day, we should also remember the Benghazi attack that cost the lives of four Americans ten years ago today.

Unfortunately, thanks to a bootlicking media who bent over backward to make sure that Barack Obama would not have to answer any uncomfortable questions during the last weeks of the 2012 presidential election, the Benghazi attack that saw the body of a United States ambassador dragged through the streets in Libya has been largely forgotten. These days, the most people know or recall about Benghazi comes from the movie “13 Hours,” which came out in 2016.

Most people have forgotten that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was ultimately Ambassador Christopher Stevens’s boss. Most people have forgotten that the Obama administration, in the form of Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton, claimed that a random YouTube video was at fault for causing a “protest” that led to the deaths of four Americans, which was an outright lie. Most people have forgotten that when Congress held hearings on Benghazi and she was confronted with the lie that it was all a protest about a video, when it really was a planned attack, Hillary Clinton blurted out these immortal lines.

The difference that it makes is that the media was busy rushing to cover for the Obama administration, and the lie about a “protest over a YouTube video” could just be perpetrated long enough to re-elect Barack Obama, then it was worth it to the media. Most people have forgotten that when Mitt Romney brought up Benghazi during a presidential debate, the allegedly neutral moderator, Candy Crowley, actually broke into the conversation and repeated the video lie in order to provide cover to Obama.

The media has only become more strident when it comes to slanting coverage in order to get the election result that they want ever since 2012.

Ten years after Benghazi, the Democrats and the media have gotten largely what they wanted, save a Hillary Clinton presidency. The lies and cover-up were good enough to get Obama re-elected. The voices of indignant and hurting families were largely ignored. The report that assigned fault was also ignored. Benghazi, and the names of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty are remembered by fewer and fewer, unless you pay attention to certain news outlets or have watched “13 Hours.”

And those who were there are trying to keep the story of what actually happened in Benghazi remembered for posterity.

The Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sharia attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Department of State employee Sean Smith and CIA contractors and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Woods were killed in the assault.”

(Mark “Oz”) Geist and a CIA officer were at a dinner meeting when the attack started, but Woods soon called them back to the annex, warning them to not drive past the consulate, recalled Geist, who was serving as a CIA security contractor at the time.”

Flames and smoke billowed from the consulate as Geist climbed on top of the annex roof, tasked with protecting the 20 or so Americans inside the CIA outpost. He heard gunfire and saw the bright glow of tracer rounds and rocket-propelled grenades flashing through the night sky.”

He heard the State Department’s armored vehicle approach the annex before he saw it. The tires slapped against the pavement, drained of their air. Dozens of bullets had turned the windshield into a spiderweb of cracks. Geist’s teammates arrived next and set up a perimeter.”

The attackers soon targeted the annex and the American security operators fought them off for hours without reinforcements.”

“It was the right six there,” Geist, a Marine Corps veteran who started contracting after 9/11, said of his team. “We were all the right guys that should have been there.”

Doherty and his quick reaction force commandeered a plane in Tripoli and flew to Benghazi to aid the annex team. One of the many militias vying for control in Libya held the operators up at the airport, Geist said, resulting in an hours-long delay until they joined the fight.”

Shortly after Doherty met Geist and Woods on the rooftop, the assailants launched another attack using mortars and small arms fire.”

A mortar attack during this time ended up killing Woods and Doherty, and badly injuring Geist. Geist survived and now works with other wounded contractors through his nonprofit, Shadow Warriors Project.

Benghazi happened, and the Obama administration was anxious to cover it up because they didn’t want to have to explain how four Americans in a U.S. consulate had been killed in a terror attack on their watch. The media was more than happy to comply. Aside from books and the one movie, Benghazi has been shoved into a memory hole and expected to stay there. Barack Obama is never asked about it. Hillary Clinton simply walked away from it.

Ten years later, those four Americans deserve to be more than a forgotten footnote in the War on Terror. Their families deserve better. Remember their names, and remember how the media would like you to forget that it ever happened, and then they wonder why you don’t trust them, or their chosen politicians, any more.

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Featured image: Dignified transfer ceremony of remains from Benghazi at Joint Base Andrews on September 14, 2012 via the United States Air Force, cropped, public domain

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  • Scott says:

    That movie should be required in all schools, to honor those lost, and to show that Obama and Clinton are truly criminals.

    I’ve been honored to meet and talk to Tig, Oz, and Tanto. Amazing how they all tell the same story of those events, and it’s radically different from what the criminals responsible tell…

  • Walter L. Ronten says:

    What amazed me most, and what most people seemed to miss, was the mind boggling incompetence in establishing the Benghazi facility. Imagine it as a final exam question for Secretary of State 101: “You are establishing a diplomatic facility in a country currently in the midst of a multi-partite civil war and all of these parties, basically, hate our guts. Should the security for this facility be: a) light, b) moderate, c} heavy, or d} what the hell are we doing there in the first place?” And we nearly elected this twit President.

  • GWB says:

    One more thing we need to not forget: Clinton (and 0bama’s puppeteers) was responsible for causing the horrid civil war in Libya to start with. If they hadn’t encourage the civil war, then offed the bad guy who was trying to actually not have it turn into a failed state (because they were still living in 80s elitist foreign policy), there wouldn’t have been any firefight.

    And I will not forget. Progressives delenda est.

  • American Human says:

    I was part of a project team to de-mil recently declared chem weapons. Gaddafi, a bad guy and ruthless dictator, hated Islamic terrorists (they wanted to depose him in favor of the greater Caliphate so no wonder) but he was very aware of the recent massive defeats of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein and actually wanted to join the “community of nations” so he declared his stockpiles of chemical weapons (courtesy of the old Soviet Union) to OPCW. the U.S. DTRA was given with the demil tasks and we were arranging for a contractor and team to do this when Hillary started a war to oust Gaddafi. Our team leader actually met with Stevens and all the plans were underway but because of Hillary’s war, it was all put on hold. Then Stevens was killed with the others. Per the convention we couldn’t simply transport the weapons to the U.S. and demil them there because that would put us in violation of the treaty. They were eventually transported to a ship docked in the bay and still in Libyan territorial waters and they were destroyed there.
    Hillary Clinton is simply the most abominable and corrupt politician ever.

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