Beachy Shutdown for Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi

Beachy Shutdown for Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi

Beachy Shutdown for Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi

Well, a girl just can’t let a government shutdown get in the way of a well-earned (sarc) vacay, can she? Nah, uh uh. San Fran Nan and Aunty Maxine are having a beachy time. Fox News has reported that Nancy Pelosi is at a pricey resort on Kona, Hawaii. Is there any other kind, really? Maxine Waters took in a Junkanoo Parade in the Bahamas with the hubs. Sand, sea, salt air, swaying palm trees and an icy cold beverage on the beach. Yes, I can almost taste it.

Why let pesky thoughts of dead migrant children, dragged by their parents through deserts and horrific conditions, cloud your mind? Marta has an excellent post on those poor babies and their wretched, despicable parents. You can read it here. A sarong, beachy hair waves and some grilled fish will banish any thoughts of the wreckage you left behind. Such as these quotes as reported by ABC News:

“It’s really unfortunate that the president has decided that he would shut down government at a time when the markets are in a mood, where people are losing their jobs in some industries. The auto industry, for one, where there’s uncertainty in terms of the financial security of America’s working families,” she said. “That’s a drastic thing for him to do, especially as we leave the Congress for the holidays because that means it would be shut down for a while.”


“[Trump’s] taking full responsibility for the Trump shut down,” Pelosi said. “Perhaps he doesn’t understand people need their paychecks. Maybe that’s not the life he leads.”

What would you know about the life 99% of Americans lead, you brainless, walking testament to bad plastic surgery. By the way everyone, stop blaming San Fran Nan’s face on Botox. I get Botox. Botox rocks. You cannot get that look from Botox. It takes several bad plastic surgeries to get that look. One more lift and Nancy is going to have a goatee.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s colleague from California, Maxine (Impeach 45) Waters is in the Bahamas. Waters’ Congressional District has a 21.4% poverty rate. Beachy times with the hubs is the perfect getaway from all that ugly poverty. After representing a California Congressional District for 27 years, the Bahamas might just be the place to get new ideas on how to keep your power and your constituents in poverty. Just the ticket.

The prob for Aunty Maxine is that she could not get away from the man she hates more than anything else in the entire world. President Donald J. Trump. He puts the 45 in Impeach 45. The Boxing Day Junkanoo parade she attended featured a Donald J. Trump float. Looking at that float almost wiped the perma sneer off of her face. Check out the Twitter video below:

I think it’s fair to mention that the vulgar swine, Donald J. Trump, could be at his beautiful Mar-a-Lago resort with his own family. But, no.Trump the Vulgarian stayed in D.C. except for his time travel visit to the U.S. troops. Trump could manage World Peace and he would still be more evil than Hitler. Nan and Max can have a beachy vacay while 54,000 Border Patrol Agents go without pay and nary a word is said against them.

To paraphrase the Wicked Witch of the West as she was being liquidated, “What a world. What a world.”

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  • xsnake says:

    Marxine givin’ her tan a tuneup?

  • Babs says:

    If the media were doing their job they would send photographers to Hawaii to snap pics of Nancy weathering the “crisis” of a “Federal shutdown” at a pricey resort…
    The weight of the country is on her shoulders, HA!

  • Pete says:

    My wife once remarked to me that rich people were altruistic, because they were so concerned with the suffering of the poor.
    My reply was, if they were actually altruistic they would give their money to the poor, the fact that they want to take my money and give it to the poor makes them cynical.

  • Anna Mac says:

    “Goatee”, heh.

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