Border Patrol Gets Blamed for Another Child’s Death

Border Patrol Gets Blamed for Another Child’s Death

Border Patrol Gets Blamed for Another Child’s Death

Felipe Gomez Alonzo was not sick, when he started his journey from Guatemala to the United States and before being detained by US Border Patrol, according to his grieving mother. The mother, who is still in Guatemala and demanding that her husband be allowed to remain in the US while her son’s remains be returned to her – as if she has any right to make demands – claims that her son was healthy when he left the country.

That very well may be the truth. The boy may have been completely healthy when he began the trip, but traveling in a caravan of thousands of strangers in conditions so poor, that the migrants are being treated in Mexico for all kinds of plagues and diseases, it’s no surprise he caught some kind of crud.

Migrants who came with the caravan are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious health issues, Tijuana’s Health Department warned on Thursday morning.

The spokesman told Fox News that out of 6,000 migrants currently residing in the city, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

According to CBP Commissioner, Kevin McAleenan, it was the CBP officials who noticed that the child in their custody was ill. It was Border Patrol agents who rushed Felipe to the hospital – twice – where he got an examination and medications, released, and was taken back with his father after a hot meal, according to the timeline of events as described in the Guardian. These kids travel thousands of miles, brought along by their parents, who think they will be allowed into the US quicker if they’re dragging a child along, according to the boy’s 21-year-old stepsister, Catarina Gomez Lucas, who told the Associated Press that the family heard it would be easier to enter the United States if the adult is dragging along a child.

These adults don’t seem to understand the dangers of forcing a child to walk lengthy distances without proper sanitation, water, food, or shelter. They don’t seem to understand that when they enter a country illegally – much like they enter a home that does not belong to them without being invited – they will get detained. And they don’t seem to understand that they don’t get to make demands. They are cared for, they receive medical attention, and sustenance at American taxpayer expense, many times rescued by US Border Patrol from vicious human traffickers.

And yet, the US media insists on blaming the Border Patrol – and the Trump Administration – for the children who are falling ill after being dragged on a hellish journey by ignorant or abusive parents, exposed to all kinds of diseases, and straining Border Patrol resources.

“What are you doing to ensure that these children are healthy, as healthy as they can be?” asks one of the mediots.

And this is where we understand why I could never have a high-profile job with the CBP that would require me to be interviewed by journowhores flogging an agenda.

“Well, imbecile,” I would reply, “We have tens of thousands of children crossing our borders illegally, lacking proper care, sustenance, and exposed to a myriad of infectious diseases, and we’re woefully unprepared for the influx, because your leftist handlers are promoting an open borders agenda that will allow any and all filthy, diseased, entitled migrants to enter our home country. So the only thing we can do is screen for diseases to the best of our ability and to take them to the hospital when appropriate. We have paramedics performing secondary medical checks. We even MEDEVAC sick children by helicopter when necessary! And further, in this case, the father declined further medical care after he and his son received a hot meal and after the boy had taken his medications. Declined even though the boy vomited after having taken his drugs. So your implication that somehow we are not doing the best we can for people who intentionally drag their innocent children across the border illegally and fail to provide even the basic necessities for them because these youngsters appear to be little more than their ticket to the promised land is not just ignorant, but abhorrent and reprehensible.”

So to recap…

Father drags little boy on a lengthy, dangerous journey among thousands of filthy, diseased hordes without proper sanitation, because he heard Americans are suckers who will allow him in if he’s wielding a small child as a shield.

Border Patrol agents notice the child is not feeling well, and take him to the hospital for treatment. The child is given medication and released (I note that the mediots squawked at the CBP Commissioner that it’s somehow his agency’s fault that medical professionals released the child after a medical exam).

Child and father both have a meal, and child takes his medication. Then child proceeds to vomit, but daddy dearest declines medical assistance because Felipe is “feeling better.”

Three hours later the little boy is nauseous and vomits again. This time the Border Patrol agents take him back to the hospital, but the child loses consciousness on the way there, and doctors are unable to revive him.

Mediots demand to know 1) why the child was initially released from the hospital b) whether sick children should go back to CBP custody given the fact that their facilities aren’t (and shouldn’t be) equipped to handle these youngsters, and iii) whether CBP is lying to them and the American people about the number of children who died in Border Patrol custody, apparently accusing the CBP of hiding the bodies of hundreds of migrant kids in a freezer somewhere.

The CBP is now mandating medical checks for every child in its custody, given the fact that their parents apparently lack the decency, smarts, and responsibility to ensure that their children aren’t endangered by the trek. Ever wonder how much that will cost in addition to the more than $200 per day bed rate to house these people? But hey, Americans are a generous, kind people, and instead of using a trebuchet to toss these people back over the border, we are actually ensuring that they have food, medical care, and shelter.

But the media will continue blaming the CBP and the Trump Administration should a child tragically die while in the care of Border Patrol agents, even if the illness is caused by parental negligence or ignorance.

Featured photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

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  • Scott says:

    I vote for the trebuchet!

  • GWB says:

    much like they enter a home that does not belong to them without being invited – they will get detained
    If, by ‘detained’ you mean “in a body bag”. They’re getting off relatively lightly by all historical standards for invading a foreign country.

    “Well, imbecile, […] abhorrent and reprehensible.”
    Dang, you’re being nice about it. That paragraph made me all tingly inside.

    The CBP is now mandating medical checks for every child in its custody
    The thing is, they were pretty much doing that already. They’re just moving all the kids to the front of the line, now.

    You know, maybe we conservatives should establish new frontiers. Do a little what used to be known as “adventurism”. Venezuela needs freedom and a decent gov’t – all I need is a sponsor to pay an initial year’s salaries for some soldiers and oil workers. Or maybe one of the Central American countries that is now a craphole (and therefore sending loads of people to El Norte).
    Heck, a whole country would be a sight better than my dream West Texas Guns & God commune.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Using leftist logic Schumer and Pelosi should share the blame for any and all crimes committed by illegals since they are the outspoken leaders of the no wall movement.

  • Jim says:

    ”These adults don’t seem to understand the dangers of forcing a child to walk lengthy distances without proper sanitation, water, food, or shelter.”

    In most Western societies such treatment would constitute child abuse by the parent and formal intervention would occur.

  • Kate says:

    Citizen Stan

    I had placed you on a temporary soft hold from commenting here because after many warnings, you weren’t interested in civil discourse. Now you have devolved into a low-rent troll who not only uses ridiculous ad hominem attacks on VG writers, but other readers as well. Bye Stan. We hardly knew ye.

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