Background Check Executive Order From Biden

Background Check Executive Order From Biden

Background Check Executive Order From Biden

Joe Biden went to Monterey California to capitalize on the mass murder that occurred there during the Lunar New Year’s celebration by announcing a new Executive Order with enhanced background checks for guns. Criminals from sea to shining sea are shuddering with worry that they won’t pass the Biden background checks. Everyone knows that violent felons, domestic abusers and certified gang members prefer to purchase the weapons they intend to use for nefarious purposes from reputable arms dealers.

I hope you read the above with dripping and utter disdain. That is the way it was intended. If you remember the Monterey Park mass shooting, it was an horrific event that busted all of the mainstream media narratives. The shooter, Huu Tran Can was a 72 year old Vietnamese man. He was not a 17 year old White male. Our Deanna wrote “Monterey Park Shooting Doesn’t Fit Narrative” and told you all about this:

Okay, let’s back up the narrative track just a little bit. The shooter was not white – strike one. An “assault rifle” wasn’t used – strike two. The shooter is an older man – strike three. What’s left? THE GUN! Let’s call it by a big scary name, and lament that California’s gun control laws are clearly not working. Is that the narrative the police and the media are truly going to go with now? Well, CNN actually identified the “magazine-fed semi-automatic assault pistol” that was recovered in Alhambra, where the shooter was disarmed.

“Automatic assault pistol” is a hand gun. From the South China Morning Post:

Tran used a MAC-10, a semi-automatic gun, in the shooting. He bought that gun in 1999 but it was not registered with the state of California, Luna said.
Police recovered two other weapons, the pistol Tran used to take his own life and a rifle at his home.

Oh my stars and garters, Tran didn’t go through a background check? The cheek of the mass murderer. But, Joe Biden is going to fix it, it’s just common sense. He’s going to have AG Merrick Garland redefine what it means to hold a Federal Firearm License (FFL):

President Joe Biden took executive action Tuesday that seeks to increase the number of background checks conducted during gun sales as the White House reverts to unilateral ways to tackle gun control amid bleak prospects in Congress.

The order stops short of requiring universal background checks, which the president has asked Congress to pass through legislation. His action instead directs Attorney General Merrick Garland to clarify what it means to be “engaged in the business” of selling firearms.

Federal law requires that individuals in the business of selling guns be federally licensed and therefore check the backgrounds of buyers. Under the order, Garland will use his discretion to ensure gun sellers “willfully violating the law” and those unaware of background requirements become compliant.
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“We remember and mourn today, but I’m here with you today to act,” Biden said at a Boys & Girls Club in Monterey Park, California, where he grieved with family members of 11 people killed in a mass shooting there in January. “It’s just common sense to check whether someone is a felon, a domestic abuser before they buy a gun.”

I don’t trust Merrick Garland to clarify what it means to eat a sandwich, do you? Here Joe announces his new Executive Order:

Let’s break it down some more:

“Every lawful action” means rewriting Federal Firearms Laws to do an end run around the Constitution. The Left has an unbelievable hatred for the First and Second Amendments.

Ban assault weapons. Ban them again. Joe must have been tired. He is not really yelling:

Let us note that, yet again, that criminals do not submit to background checks. They are criminals. They are no-good-niks. They do not follow the laws. What The Left would adore beyond anything is to void the Second Amendment. Right after they void the First Amendment. We know the desires of their heart. Background checks just put a nice little zing to it.

And, just to reinforce my main point, in case you forget:

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  • Cameron says:

    It makes sense when you realize that gun grabbers only want one thing: The total and complete revocation of all laws that permit private gun ownership. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or willfully blind.

    Hopefully this gets struck down hard enough to leave a mark.

  • GWB says:

    Oh my stars and garters, Tran didn’t go through a background check?
    Huh? The statement above didn’t say that, at all. It stated he had not registered the gun with California. That is a state law (arguably very un-Constitutional) and has nothing to do with background checks – federally mandated or expansive state-required ones.

    Tran used a MAC-10
    The problem here is one of bad PR. The original MAC-10 was a weapon that could be easily made fully automatic, and it seemed to be the choice of narco-criminals everywhere (though how much of that was Hollywood versus reality is unknown). The feds made the company change their design so it could not be as easily converted, and shortly thereafter the company went out of business.
    The company now making a “MAC10” is making a clone of the modified original and was marketing it as such. Well, that original had a bad reputation among the Safety Set and even among a lot of shooters (it wasn’t outrageously reliable – so, Saturday Night Specials all over again). So, for the older grabbers it was instantly recognizable as “That evil gun!”

    directs Attorney General Merrick Garland to clarify what it means to be “engaged in the business” of selling firearms
    Thing is, he had already directed Garland to do that. Heck, I think they already got smacked down once on that one.

    Do something big.
    Oooh, I’m all for that! I don’t think I mean it the same way he does, though.

    so once again, this really only affects law-abiding citizens
    But, let’s specify that those law-abiding citizens are very often law-abding because of the law. Laws actually do stop potential criminals. At least if it’s believed there will be consequences for breaking them. Of course, some people evade the laws because they have another goal in mind.
    We could eliminate almost all “gun violence” in America if we simply captured, prosecuted, and locked up for a very long time those people who commit crimes with firearms and other weapons. Until we do that, even the laws we currently have won’t do much except to those marginals who are discouraged by the prospect of any jail time.

  • Ol’guy says:

    UBC’s are only going to work for New Purchases that can be Date, Time Stamped and/or SN Production Dating.

    The gun someone bought 2-5-10-20-30-50 yrs ago…(and there are MILLIONS) one could sell to whomever (family memeber) and post date a reciept if they felt so inclined to some Pre-UBC Date.

    Dissolve ATF and take all the agents Certs.
    NONE, should ever be allowed in LE again.

    Let the piss ants flip burgers

    UBC is all show.

    This is just another Bologna Slice for them.

  • John in Indy says:

    It is also arguably unconstitutional under the 5th Amendment to require criminals and prohibited persons to register firearms, as that would be forcing them to self-incriminate. A Supreme Court held so, in a case years ago.
    NOTE. This does not mean that criminals can not be prosecuted for the ACT of illegally possessing a firearm.
    The “redefinition of being a person engaged in the business of dealing in firearms” is intended to criminalize the private sale of firearms.
    Not everyone has a canoe. It might be worthwhile to deposit the cash you get from selling your evil gun(s) into your bank as an individual deposit, so that, absent a receipt, you can prove that the evil gun was actually sold.
    John in Indy

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