Austin White Liberals Move In, Call Cops On Minorities

Austin White Liberals Move In, Call Cops On Minorities

Austin White Liberals Move In, Call Cops On Minorities

Austin, Texas has been a liberal stronghold for quite some time. Residents have come from places like California to start anew in the city only to realize one thing. They don’t like what’s going on in the city.

According to this, residents at Austin’s Eastside luxury apartment building, The Weaver (say it with your pinkies out), are not big fans of the car meets that are happening in “their” neighborhood. A bunch of customized low-riders, muscle cars and trucks have gathered this past Sunday in East Austin’s Fiesta Gardens, or “Chicano Park”, as the locals call it. In flooded the calls to the Austin Police Department about the “scary displays of toxic masculinity“.

The horror! The chrome wheels. The sub-woofers. Pitbulls! The smoke from the tires killing the nearby trees! The angry white people terrified of toddlers who are not their skin color, barbecues and pit bulls in their East Cesar Chavez neighborhood. How dare the Hispanics and Blacks disturb the tranquility they were promised at The Weaver!

The Weaver boasts luxury living that is indeed Instagram-worthy. Including a Whole Foods, yoga studios and a bunch of hip little haunts for brunch and nightlife. Throw in a few boutiques and there you have it. The perfect urban experience.

Nestled within The Hatchery, what will soon become a lively urban village complete with restaurants, parks, and a front row view of Lady Bird Lake, The Weaver is both a refuge from the city and just a short jaunt away from everything Austin has to offer.”–

Don’t dare mess with their perfect vision of urban living. These are well-heeled white people who embrace diversity. After all, this is why they moved to this space. Black and Latino lives matter. Until they are disturbing the peace. Then, they will post a security guard by the door and threaten to move back to Chicago. They will stand in solidarity that police forces are corrupt and march with the poster boards of virtue in support of defunding the police. Until they need them, that is.

‘[W]e should shut this thing down,’ a third resident, who blamed the lack of police response on the ‘idiotic’ city council’s decision to slash the Austin Police Department’s budget, wrote in March on a building forum. Indeed, at a recent gathering, a non-Hispanic white tenant had flagged two police vehicles and pleaded with officers to disband the celebration, calling it ‘scary.’ The officers eventually drove off without taking any action. Even though the event sometimes violates noise and traffic ordinances, it doesn’t pose major threats to anyone in The Weaver, nor does it break other city rules.”-Peter Holley, Texas Monthly

And while residents of The Weaver say they were sold a bill of goods that they did not sign up for and threaten to leave, old businesses, owned by Hispanic residents are being bulldozed to the ground.

It’s no secret that Austin is changing rapidly and that the primarily working-class community that once supported our business is dwindling fast, pushed further and further out.”-The Lejarazu Family, owners of Jumpolin piñata store.

On top of this, home values in Austin’s East Cesar Chavez neighborhood have skyrocketed. Older homes bulldozed, overtaken by real estate firms and replaced with luxury apartment buildings like The Weaver with security fences and security guards. An average home that was once $100,000 is now $800,000 in gentrified Cesar Chavez. So much for diversity. The white “professionals” have pushed the inner-city, working-class minorities out.

They will continue to do so because they can. And while they enjoy their grotto, their swimming pool, their white-washed cabinetry and marble countertops and taking their yuppie strollers for a run to Whole Foods for a kale casserole they plan to make in their state-of-the-art kitchens, they will continue to vote blue. They will continue to go to supermarkets and complain about Rosarita being featured on the refried beans package, Aunt Jemima on a syrup bottle and an Native American woman on a package of Land O Lakes. They will continue to say that “cops are bad”, and go to weekend protests with other white jokester wokesters and trash someone else’s neighborhood while claiming “no person is illegal”.

They will claim to embrace “diversity”, unlike that terrible Orange Man President who built a wall. They will do this with a straight face while they call the cops on residents who do not resemble their skin color or lineage who are having a good time at a local park in a neighborhood they occupied first.

Does anyone else see the irony in all of this here? No immigrants are illegal but (legal) immigrants are no longer welcome in a neighborhood they once occupied? Is it me or does anyone else hope one of those pitbulls they are “scared” of chases them down at one of the car meets and bites one of them in the ass? I’d grab a nice hot piece of Austin brisket to watch that. Sadly enough, they would lobby to euthanize the dog.

But Conservatives are the evil racists. Carry on, Austin white liberals. Carry on.

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  • SFC D says:

    Liberals happily support diversity right up until they buy the neighborhood out from under those they claim to champion. And then… we see this. Repeatedly. THIS is true white supremacy.

    • Scott says:

      While you’ll never see me defend s racist liberal, I do have a different take on at least the concept of gentrification ( urnderstanding that in practice, it’s often just as described above). In general, riding property values should be good for anyone that already owns property ( while obviously making more difficult to buy a property). As for the inner city areas where this generally happens, it seems to me ( YMMV) that there are three options. Those that already live there can clean it up, take care of their properties, and drive out those who would continue to drag down their neighborhood, the community as a whole can just say F#@k it, and let it continue to deteriorate, and be a source of crime and hopelessness, or those with the means to do so can buy properties that have been abandoned, or are owned by the city, and turn it into a decent place to live ( again, not for a second defending these leftist assholes who are ” offended” by people of s different color legally enjoying the day). While I think the first option would be the best, that opportunity has existed for decades, and hasn’t happened, so we’re left with the last two options… We can see the results of the second option in many democrat run cities, and given hat we see there, the third would seem much preferable… Again, just my opinion, and I’d be more than happy to have it proven wrong, but it seems that people who are happy living in crime and drug infested neighborhoods screaming about gentrification is ludicrous on its face..

  • 68AMC343 says:

    The link to the Daily Caller article claims “liberals” in the title, but isn’t qualified anywhere in the body. It’s written by a pro-Russian, pro-Trump hack who basically cherry-picked from the Texas Monthly article, which has ZERO references to “liberals”. In fact, from the details, it sounds like a bunch of “Karens” moved in and are asking to see the manager. Maybe get your facts straight before spreading a false narrative.

    • Pro-Chinese, pro-Antifa hack.

    • GWB says:

      Trust me, those “Karens” are liberals, in the sense of “progressive virtue signalers”.
      If you want “evidence”:
      newly arrived, wealthy residents
      a “display of toxic masculinity,”
      an influx of big tech companies
      a cafe catering to cat owners

      But, thank you for providing a link (that was actually provided in the Daily Caller article) (oh, and was provided by this author right in the piece, first sentence of the third paragraph).

      • Brian Sauger says:

        Engaging on slanted sites like this (oops, I meant opinion site, since we don’t want anyone assuming anything stated here should be considered “truth”) is like walking in on someone caught in the act of cheating. The triggered reaction to a differing viewpoint is so unexpected you get one person replying to themselves several times because they keep thinking of increasingly clever things to say. It’s adorable, really.

        By definition a “Karen” is a white, privileged, racist asshole. Any attempt at gaslighting the public into thinking they’re also liberals is hilarious, but you be you!
        And again, the source material cites ZERO evidence of their political backgrounds, so you’re projection is simply confirmation bias on steroids.

        Re: the Uzbek author, congrats on answering your own questions. The author is a hack first and foremost because he introduced an element to the original story without evidence to further a narrative. Are you even following?

        I probably won’t bother reading any responses, finding this site was purely accidental and hopefully won’t happen again 😉

        • Scott says:

          “liberals” or more accurately leftists are the original racists, but nice try sparky. I’m sure you’re getting paid by the word, but in case you’re not, try going back on your meds..

    • GWB says:

      Also, you say he’s pro-Russia because he’s an Uzbek? Or because he wrote for Russian news organizations? Or just because ORANGEMANBAD!?

  • GWB says:

    they would lobby to euthanize the dog
    While simultaneously demanding the end to the death penalty for humans that actually murder folks.

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