Charlottesville Mayor, Nikuyah Walker, Says Her City Is A Rapist

Charlottesville Mayor, Nikuyah Walker, Says Her City Is A Rapist

Charlottesville Mayor, Nikuyah Walker, Says Her City Is A Rapist

Charlottesville VA, the city and therefore Thomas Jefferson, is a rapist. Yes indeed, that is what Nikuyah Walker, the MAYOR of Charlottesville boldly posted on Twitter yesterday.

Yes folks, you read that correctly. A city is a rapist. 

“Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker on Wednesday tweeted a poem she’d penned about the college town she leads, one so spare that it approached haiku, and yet abundantly shocking.

“Charlottesville: The beautiful-ugly it is,” it reads. “It rapes you, comforts you in its [graphic word deleted here] stained sheet and tells you to keep its secrets.””

Reading the above two paragraphs, I’m struck by two things. One, the fact that the WaPo reporter was complimentary about the STYLE of this so-called poem. Secondly, it was also the implied glee at how shocking this is.

Well folks, let’s take a gander at how shocking this is. Here are the two main NOT SAFE FOR WORK screen shots in case she takes her tweets down. 


This is a public official tweeting this out. Furthermore Mayor Nikuyah Walker put this on Facebook first.

“A controversial post on Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker’s Facebook account is causing a stir.

The post was briefly removed by Facebook for violating community standards. However, Walker went to Twitter to show in a tweet what she had posted.

Her full original “short poem” was removed from Facebook because it is against community standards. Therefore, she ran to Twitter to stick it to the man, specifically white men and Thomas Jefferson in particular. Hence the above screenshots of her ugly self. 

And no, I’m not calling her physically ugly. I’m calling her CHARACTER ugly. 

More than a few folks, in response to the above, ran to her defense by saying that she was just empathizing with the victim or just hadn’t thought the tweets through in regards to how harmful her diatribe is to rape survivors. 

Meanwhile, Nikuyah Walker evidently thinks of her posts and tweets as “art.” Furthermore, she has some interesting friends, who were pals with former Governor Terry McAuliffe. 

“Dr. Wes Bellamy, a former Charlottesville city councilman, posted a picture with Walker on Twitter following her re-election in 2020. “Run it back for my Round [Walker]! 2 Time Mayor in here!!!!!” wrote Bellamy. “Let’s get it!!!”

Bellamy took a position as a member of the Virginia Board of Education in 2015, but resigned from the seat in 2016 after multiple tweets with racist and homophobic comments, as well as comments about rape, resurfaced online.

The fact is, there is NO defense to what she’s put out in the public square, NONE. 

While there are some attempting to excuse her words and actions, many more are seeing it for what it is. 

A. An indictment of her own CHARACTER and shows that she is the wrong person to be in leadership for Charlottesville, VA.

B. A detriment to the tourism and a turnoff to many who were considering attending college there. 

Oh wait, there are others who are saying… SHE’S right! Why? Because of what happened in Charlottesville in 2017. What happened then? This whole protest over erasing history by getting rid of Thomas Jefferson’s statue that involved bad actors and thugs, escalated leading to the tragic death of a young lady who was run over. 

There was a great deal of overreaction and obfuscation of who said exactly what and when along with media gaslighting over any utterance or tweet of President Trump’s. 

Now, fast forward to today and we have the current Mayor of Charlottesville sending out the above tweets and wanting applause for it. Perhaps to hide from this issue?

Mayor Nikuyah Walker called her city a rapist. By doing so, she essentially called her entire constituency rapists. If this is who Charlottesville wants as their leader, so be it. For me, her calling the city she is called to represent a rapist is the very worst kind of leadership. 

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  • American Human says:

    This is truly a shame. I lived in Charlottesville for several years. I used to walk through that park downtown where the offending statue stood and never even realized it was there. Charlottesville VA is truly a beautiful city with a rich history and is just plain a great place to be. That is until, perhaps, this lady was elected as Mayor. How on earth did such an ugly thing happen to such a beautiful city?

  • beau says:

    why is anybody surprised at this? officially tolerated racism against whites (privileged white leftists and white leftist politicians excluded) is everywhere.

    this woman…this mayor…has revealed the location of her mindset and it is firmly in the gutter. great ‘leader’ that.

    your city reflects that which it elected by electing such a person. keep your ugly, halfwit city to yourself.

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