SCOTUS Will Hear The Colorado Trump Ballot Case

SCOTUS Will Hear The Colorado Trump Ballot Case

SCOTUS Will Hear The Colorado Trump Ballot Case

SCOTUS, in a late afternoon announcement today, has decided they will proceed with arguments concerning the Colorado Trump ballot case.

Now, I know, given what I wrote the other week about this grotesque lawfare, that many were hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court would say NOPE and let the Colorado decision stand. Because all those who dislike Trump with the passion of 10,000 suns will go to their graves believing he is an insurrectionist. 

Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, very, and I mean VERY reluctantly, had the ballots certified.

Now, she’s been all over the airwaves with her insistence that Trump must not be allowed on the ballot in Colorado or anywhere else. 

Colorado has early voting and has been running with mail-in ballots for years now. Jena claims that the elections here are fair and without reproach. Her office has refused to answer as to why we had duplicate ballots sent to us during last fall’s election cycle. 

That said, because of how Colorado is set up, what I firmly believe is that Jena Griswold and others are hoping SCOTUS will rule in their favor and ignore the very thoughtful dissents from three of the Colorado Supreme Court justices. 

The Colorado court’s seven justices, all Democratic appointees, split 4-3 on the matter, with dissenters fretting that Trump wasn’t afforded enough of an opportunity to present evidence on the matter or that the state election law procedures followed don’t apply to claims that a candidate is ineligible by virtue of supporting an insurrection.

They were “fretting” about it? No, in reading their dissents they were very concerned about the rule of law, the chaos that might ensue, and what the entirety of the 14th Amendment says. Such as Section 5 which EXPLICITLY states that this is a decision that only CONGRESS must make. Yet far too many are ignoring that particular issue. I certainly hope that the Supreme Court will consider that when reviewing the briefs, which are to be submitted by January 31st, and hearing the oral arguments on February 8th. 

Remember the chaos comment from above? Yes, this ruling if allowed to stand, would open one helluva Pandora’s box. 

Both the Colorado Republican Party and Trump came to the Supreme Court by the Jan. 4 deadline, urging the justices to take up the case and move quickly. Representing the party, Jay Sekulow told the justice that the state court’s ruling “presents a constitutional crisis, national in scope.” If it is allowed to stand, he cautioned, “any voter will have the power to sue to disqualify any political candidate,” which will “not only distort the 2024 presidential election but will also mire courts henceforth in political controversies over nebulous accusations of insurrection.”

For example, the Maine Secretary of State took it upon herself to kick Trump to the curb without waiting for the courts to weigh in. A Wyoming court just kicked a similar lawsuit to the curb that not only involved President Trump, but Senator Cynthia Lummis as well. 

Keep in mind, Newcomb’s Wyoming lawsuit wanted Trump and Lummis kicked off the ballots in perpetuity, citing the 14th Amendment.. Yet, per the judge’s ruling, Newcomb is free to file again closer to the primary. See? Chaos. 

There are too many Democrats who are in agreement with Joe Biden and were likely cheering on the Colorado decision. 

They don’t even hear themselves anymore, their hatred is that deep and wide. As for that chaos, the Democrats are doing everything they can to have Biden be the only Democrat candidate on the ballot. 

SCOTUS has a very big decision to make after they read the briefs and hear the oral arguments. It’s a decision that is crucial to our Republic. Particularly in light of the fact that the CO Supreme Court majority ALSO opined about Trump’s First Amendment rights. 

The State Supreme Court addressed several other issues. Congress does not need to act before courts may disqualify candidates, it said. Mr. Trump’s eligibility is not the sort of political question that is outside the competence of courts. The House’s Jan. 6 report was properly admitted into evidence. Mr. Trump’s speech that day was not protected by the First Amendment.

On WHAT planet were those judges living on when they took at look at the First Amendment and decided that Trump had no First Amendment rights that day? 

Another reason why this 14th Amendment case is so crucial to our Republic is that we have people telling Americans that only CERTAIN candidates are allowed on the ballot. That is totally antithetical to what our Founders intended. 

Gird your loins folks. It’s going to be a very interesting ride these next few weeks. 

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  • John Shepherd says:

    The decision is going to be 9-0 against Colorado. Justice Jackson will with the other 8 if only out of fear of looking foolish.

    • Scott says:

      Not sure that’s true John, nothing in her past actions or statements shows she has the slightest fear of looking foolish… In a few cases, she even made the “wise latina” look intelligent..

  • Cameron says:

    10 bucks says there’s fiery but mostly peaceful protests if he stays on the ballot.

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