AOC, Unapologetic Capitalist For Socialism

AOC, Unapologetic Capitalist For Socialism

AOC, Unapologetic Capitalist For Socialism

No one is more appreciative of the opportunities that America affords even the most untalented people among us than AOC.

After all, only in America can an avowed socialist charge $58 for a sweatshirt and still claim that she is a good little socialist.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Among Us imposter) was unshockingly re-elected in a blue district in New York that, as Nancy Pelosi once said, would elect a glass of water if it had a “D” after it on the ballot. The congresswoman is going to likely be with us for a long, long time – at least until her hubris convinces her that New York, like Vermont, would love its own socialist senator. In the meantime, AOC would like you to prove that you are down with the struggle by buying up her merch for yourself and your loved ones. After all, who doesn’t want a “Tax The Rich” sweatshirt for Christmas?

Can AOC back up her claims of “made in the USA with only union labor,” or are we supposed to take her word for it? You know, the way we’re supposed to believe her when she says that we only have twelve eleven years now to save the earth by passing the monstrosity of wealth transfer called the Green New Deal?

Also, Amazon selling merchandise and creating jobs – BAD! AOC selling merchandise and creating jobs – GOOD!

(If you want to really be entertained, check out this reply to AOC’s tweet that devolves into an argument on whether the clothing line is “inclusive” enough because the sizes only go up to 3XL instead of 6XL. Because only in America can socialists be THAT large. Certainly not in Venezuela. Ah, Twitter, you never fail to amuse.)

And when people had the temerity to point out to the congresswoman that she was *gasp* PROFITING OFF HER SOCIALISM BY USING CAPITALISM *gasp* she… didn’t take it well.

Perhaps the crowd that she is trying to market her wares to should be spending their money on something else?

Oh yes, that. But who wants to be RESPONSIBLE with their money? That’s what AOC says Big Daddy Government is for! They’ll cover your bills, and you can buy her stupid sweatshirts and T-shirts and the Green New Deal onesie for babies (why is AOC promoting having children? Overpopulation is BAD and you’re supposed to give up having babies to save the earth!) and an “Abolish ICE” baseball hat (only $28 if you hit up that pre-order now)!

For someone who claims to be such a devoted socialist, AOC sure does love making a profit off her wares. After all, anyone can order custom text merchandise off Etsy for much cheaper – a quick search finds that a T-shirt will run you less than $20. And these people ARE small business owners just looking to support themselves. Is the tiny little “AOC” logo on all her merch really worth that inflation? I thought the point was the CAUSE, not the BRANDING.

Oh, well, that’s the dirty little secret. Socialists are selling themselves, not the idea they claim to represent. Bernie Sanders didn’t get rich by living his ideals, and neither will AOC. Their message is their brand. After all, AOC already believes that she IS Eva Perón, and Eva had quite the brand. AOC would probably love a musical in her honor – provided that she got a cut of the licensing for the merchandise and royalties for using her name and image. She knows how to make a profit off herself, just like all the good little socialists.

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  • GWB says:

    AOC, Unapologetic Capitalist For Socialism
    Well, no, not really. She’s not a real socialist, she’s an aristocrat/technocrat. She is more than happy to make her serfs (the union) work to ensure she maintains her position/power/perks. And then to reap the benefits from the other serfs who buy the stuff. (Actually, it’s much closer to “capitalism” as Marx meant it than the free market we mean when using the same phrase.)

    made in the US with dignified, union jobs paying living wages
    Again, the lack of an understanding of economics is profound for someone with an economics degree.
    (‘Cause those wages have an impact on the price, which she admits…. Making it impossible for the little people to buy the merch without getting their own raises, which make everything else more expensive, negating their wage increase, necessitating another wage increase for the union folks, necessitating another wage increase for the low income people, raising the price of everything, necessitating….)

    a quick search finds that a T-shirt will run you less than $20.
    I found a similar sweatshirt for $30 – half the price of AOC’s union-padded fashion.

    I thought the point was the CAUSE, not the BRANDING.
    Then you haven’t been paying attention. She’s a technocrat. It’s ALL about the branding.

    AOC would probably love a musical in her honor
    Hey, I like that idea! As long as it ends the same way a musical about Marie Antoinette ends……


  • John Wilson says:

    Let’s put up a cheaper version of the shirts to show her how capitalism really sucks.

  • Skillyboo says:

    What socialist don’t understand is the meaning of the words END USER. Their mantra of Taxing the Rich would take on a new meaning if they only understood that by taxing the rich they are only taxing themselves since all taxes are always passed onto the end user. And if they were anywhere nearly as smart as they claim to be they would also understand that paying a LIVING WAGE has the same outcome as taxing the rich. But who am I to question their intelligence, I’m just a rube living in flyover country.

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