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An Open Letter To Meghan McCain

An Open Letter To Meghan McCain

Dear Meghan McCain,

I gather from the content of your writings, and your Twitter feed, that you are deeply concerned with the direction of the Republican Party.  And now you have a TV show, which kind-of-sort-of shows you off as some socially “evolved” Republican, who wants gay marriage, legal pot, along with fiscal responsibility.

Meghan, you are going all about this the wrong way.

If you want to change the Republican Party, sniping about it on TV won’t do a thing.

Real change comes from within.  So if you are serious, then, as this article from the Guardian puts forth, you are going to have to run for office as a Republican.

You already have the visibility, the platform, the political and family connections, the money, and the time.  Why are you lacking the will?  That is, if you truly want to change the party?

The thing is, Meghan, I don’t really think you do want to change the Republican Party.  If the GOP changed, then who would you get paid to make fun of then?

If you were serious about wanting real change within the social platforms of the Republican Party, then your ideas would have to sink or swim among the constitutents that you would be appealing to and asking to vote for you.  You, dear Meghan, have no interest in being exposed to harsh criticism of your lofty ideas.  Your Twitter feed says as much.  So there really is no way that you would willingly open yourself to exposure by asking people to vote up-and-down on what you want to stand for.  What if they said no?  How would you cope with their rejection?

So, it’s easy for you to sit back and complain about how the party doesn’t reflect you.  After all, you have money, a political name, attention, a platform, and visibility.  You sit and whine about how the GOP needs to listen to YOU, without making any effort to put yourself forward to do the hard work.

Meghan, dear, if you can’t get your own father to acknowledge your views as valid, then why should anyone else?

But that’s not really what you want.  You just want to be the “cool” kid.  You want to be the “cool and hip” Republican who gets invited to all the big swanky parties because she likes the right people, supports the pet issues, and, let’s not forget, you still have a politically-connected name and the money to go with it.

You see, Meghan, I’m not that much older than you.  I’ve lived a far, far different life than you, but we both belong in the same generational group.  You could be my younger sister.

And if you were my sister, I would tell you to get off your butt and actually DO something meaningful with your life.  If you want to be involved in politics, then either run for office or get yourself deeply involved in a political issue that you want fixed.  If you want social change, then back a campaign, learn all the details surrounding it, and pursue it with all your heart.  But if you want to be taken seriously, then you have to stop this vapid, time-wasting navel-gazing and really apply yourself to making a difference in the field you choose.

I know, I know.  You won’t get invited to those big parties if you stop making fun of Republicans and actually work to change things.

Which tells me two things – you don’t want to work to change anything, and you really don’t care about the Republican Party at all.

You can stop pretending now.  I’m pretty sure your parents will love you just the same.

But until you stop pretending, don’t ask me or anyone else to take you seriously.

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  • Peggy L. says:

    Since she wants the republican party to become like the democrats, why not just switch parties and be done with it? She’s already shown she’s more democrat than republican.

  • Jen says:

    Her father had a segment this afternoon with Neil Cavuto in which he exaperatedly claimed that “the government is eventually going to be back up and the debt ceiling is going to be raised, so why don’t we do it sooner than later!”

    I used to be amazed that McCain lived through the Hanoi Hilton. I’m beginning to understand why, he simply gave up whatever he needed to the North Vietnamese in order to save himself. I have to wonder how many men died because of his trade offs.

    Is this a harsh comment, yes. But I have never seen a Senator so hell bent on repeating how his party cannot win this or that….I seriously wonder had he won the election, would we still be in the same predicament as today..I think yes.

  • kevin says:

    OMG … As a liberal democrat, had I said, ” I’m beginning to understand why, he simply gave up whatever he needed to the North Vietnamese in order to save himself. I have to wonder how many men died because of his trade offs” the heads of the bloggers on this site would explode.

    The first rule of good parenting is consistency. Good golly!

    • Jodi says:

      I wholeheartedly disagree. Jen’s assessment of Mr. McCain is spot on, regardless of political ideology, Kevin. He’s a sellout. I’d say we’re consistent there.

      Care to take Mrs. Clinton down a peg or two? Go ahead. I dare ya. 😉

  • kevin says:

    Questioning John McCain’s patriotism and that he sold out the United States to the North Vietnamese and implying he put his fellow soldiers in harms way is more than taking him “down a peg or two.” Most people feel some remorse when things are said in the heat of the moment. Get a grip on reality and put things in perspective. I couldn’t imagine what would be equitable when it came to “knocking Mrs. Clinton down a peg or two” with the McCain is a traitor comment. I don’t think like that, thankfully.

    • Jodi says:

      Kevin, perhaps the fact that Mrs. Clinton is a backstabber herself is of equitable comparison? It was on her watch when four of our fellow Americans, including a man she called her friend, died at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi, after pleading for help for hours. It was on her watch that weapons were very likely provided to Al Qaeda via Benghazi, which is the definition of treason (and one of the reasons for the cover up). It was on her watch that an American was dragged in by authorities in the dead of night when she lied and blamed his video for the violence that eventually engulfed the Middle East. And it is on John McCain’s watch that our country is dying, yet he calls himself a “Republican” and does nothing to combat it. He’s a coward; thus I think Jen’s theory is highly plausible. Most of our “leaders” are not what they present themselves as. Be brave and pull off the veil. You won’t like what you see.

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