#AmericanSniper: Michael Moore Offers Non-Apology Apology After Chris Kyle Snipe

#AmericanSniper: Michael Moore Offers Non-Apology Apology After Chris Kyle Snipe

#AmericanSniper: Michael Moore Offers Non-Apology Apology After Chris Kyle Snipe

As many of us have likely heard by now, and as blogged here by Deanna, Michael Moore, the hater of everything America—he recently used Veteran’s Day to tweet thistweeted out this tripe on the heels of the news that the box-office-smash film, American Sniper, was crushing early estimates for opening-weekend box office receipts:

Not surprisingly, supporters of Chris Kyle, and his inspirational story masterfully brought to life on the big screen by Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper, were apoplectic, including actor Dean Cain, aka Superman:

So, after receiving bucket-loads of backlash, Moore tweeted out this non-apology apology yesterday:

While that’s technically true, I think we all know to whom the big-mouthed Moore was referring. After all, a much-anticipated film about a sniper was just released two days earlier. I can’t remember the last time Moore lounged about his mansion tweeting about snipers, but I’m betting it was…never. But yeah, let’s all just assume that’s a coincidence.

But ever the bull-horned wannabe-bully, he didn’t stop there:

Funny, I just saw the film, and that’s not at all accurate, though there are some terrorists portrayed to which that particular term is an understatement. Here’s a newsflash, Mikey: War is not John Kerry and James Taylor snogging with a French President. It’s ugly. And it’s brutal. And you wouldn’t last two minutes.

Meanwhile, it apparently took much cajoling from his adoring fans for him to summons this film “review” somewhere from the depths of his bowels:

Be sure to click on the Facebook link from the above Tweet for further nauseating nonsense. And make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure meds.

Moore, and now Seth My Movie Sucks Rogen, who’s compared American Sniper to Nazi propaganda, protest too much. One says and does whatever he can to appear a fighter for Leftist causes like socialized healthcare with his right hand while raking in the dough as he criticizes capitalism with his left, and the other has just released what should be the hands down winner of the Razzie Award for Worst Film and Box Office Disaster of 2014. I can’t imagine what their true motivations are…

American Sniper BillBoard
Vandalized American Sniper billboard in L.A.

And one last thought: Chris Kyle was not “a killer,” as some liberal elitist Hollywood types and their ignorant parroting supporters have labeled him. He protected his fellow men and women in uniform, as well as this great nation, from terrorists through four grueling tours in Iraq, something those who ruthlessly criticize him would never lift a finger to do. They are small, jealous, ungrateful trolls who deserve not one more second inhabiting our thoughts. So Get Off My Lawn.

American Sniper is in the running for six Academy Awards, and conspicuously lacking a seventh. It’s deserving of every one. But even if it wins none of them—which is very likely given the Scarlet Letter it’s receiving around Hollywood—it doesn’t matter. Because the American public has spoken loudly and clearly about which film, and which inspirational American story, is its overwhelming favorite. Chris Kyle is not a fleeting one-time mention at a yearly awards show; he is an American hero for the ages.

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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Unless Mikey has his uncle’s complete autopsy report, eyewitness accounts and after-action report regarding the exact person who killed his uncle, it’s possible that Mikey’s uncle could be considered to have been “invading” another country and, just maybe, could have been killed by a citizen from that country (e.g., French collaborator?) vs by an “cowardly” military sniper.

    It’s amazing the knee(-and-other)-jerk reaction of Libs as they engage in the requisite verbal tap dance (think Riverdance on meth) when someone dares to challenge their lofty, self-righteous, hate-filled verbal hairballs.

  • Guess Who says:

    That’s what I love about America. Everybody has the freedom to think and speak and feel anyway they want without somebody trying to kill you for it!

  • Penny says:

    Thank you, Chris in N. Va.!!

    Perhaps we should all remember that our Revolutionary soldiers used the “Indian way” to confront the Redcoats….from behind, or in, trees, aka, sniping. It came quite naturally to them, stealth is very important when hunting to put meat on the table…they didn’t have the long range, scoped guns of today.

  • When you declare war on someone, you give them the right to try to kill you if they can.

    Mr. Moore had perhaps better watch out for obesity, which is sneakier than a sniper and surely has his number.

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