Alyssa Milano: Silly NRA Supporters, Guns Are Not For Peasants!

Alyssa Milano: Silly NRA Supporters, Guns Are Not For Peasants!

Alyssa Milano: Silly NRA Supporters, Guns Are Not For Peasants!

What do you do when you were once a popular TV star back in the 80s and your star doesn’t shine as bright? You become a “political activist” for the Democrats!

Yes, Alyssa Milano is dubbed a “political activist” on her Bio. Granted, it’s her Wikipedia Bio, but she’s still…uhhhh…an “activist”…

So, imagine the reactions of bystanders when Ms. Milano showed up to lead a protest in Dallas this past weekend with armed security guards!

The train wreck did not stop there. It made a few more stops along the way before it toppled over and completely derailed.

Oh, boy.

But wait, there’s more! The #NoRA Gun Safety “Bill of Rights”. Add that artful masterpiece to her claim that there are “no background checks for ‘long guns’ (AR-15s) in Texas” last year. And, who remembers the time Alyssa called for a boycott of the Republican Party and the GOP?

“I have nothing against the NRA members that are law-abiding gun owners. My problem is with the NRA and how they are the gun lobby that has bought off our government and therefore threatened our democracy and our safety as American people, and our children’s safety.” –Alyssa Milano

Well, good, Alyssa. Considering you are married to one but the NRA threatened our democracy and our safety as American people? Really? Has she done any research lately if at all? I know we are talking about a child actress who went on to star in the oh-so intellectually invigorating Melrose Place, Poison Ivy 2 and Charmed. But let’s compare the NRA’s political donations to that of, say, big labor? And as far as threatening democracy and our security as American people? Where, then, does a homebrew server to store sensitive information fit in? And, no, I’m not even going to touch #Boogergate.

Train derailed. Train wreck.

…But, but, but…”common sense” gun reform, everyone! Whose “common sense” are we talking about here, anyway? Whatever you say, Alyssa Milano. You be you. As far as Who’s The Boss in my home? Last time I checked, it was ME and “Mr. Sig” gets to stay.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    “I don’t want to take your guns away. I AM NOT AGAINST THE 2nd AMENDMENT.”
    Then why are “we” even having this dialogue?
    *sheesh* This is why “artists” generally rely on script writers. (and caterers, costume makers, make-up experts,
    lighting specialists, sound effects, background/incidental music, “business” agents, and a laugh track.

  • CaptDMO says:

    “We” just need to come to ANOTHER compromise…for just a few minor, common sense, adjustments….”
    Um, no. YOU need to remember, “We the people…”, no starch, and hold the mayo.

  • Hank says:

    The celeb elite think that the right to bear arms only applies to those who can afford to hire ‘gun bearers’.

  • GWB says:

    I’m going to go to an anti-gun event with armed security like Alyssa Milano too…
    Hey! I’ve been to one of those in Bosnia! We were anti-Serb/Bosniac-guns, and we showed up very heavily armed.

    if, as you claim, your husband is a responsible gun owner than he should be a NRA member. If not he is not a responsible gun owner.
    Well, no. Being an NRA member is not the criteria for being a “responsible gun owner”. *eyeroll* But I’ll accept the hyperbole.

    ”common sense” gun reform
    I agree entirely with this. Repeal everything from the NFA of 1934 onward. States should pass laws requiring municipalities to organize and train militias. Federal and municipal buildings should be open to carry. Automobiles should be required to have holster receptacles the same as they’re required to have airbags.
    (OK, no, that last one is a joke. I wouldn’t willingly impose any mandates on the freedom of manufacturers or consumers.)

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