#AHCA: Dems in Full Meltdown After House Repubs Pass First Step in Euthanizing ObamaCare

#AHCA: Dems in Full Meltdown After House Repubs Pass First Step in Euthanizing ObamaCare

#AHCA: Dems in Full Meltdown After House Repubs Pass First Step in Euthanizing ObamaCare

In case you missed it, here’s how the oh-so-professional House Democrats behaved following the passing of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) through the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon, repealing parts of ObamaCare:

Classy. My former toddler exhibited more maturity than these nitwits.

But they’re not alone in their childish meltdown. Democrats of every flavor engaged in a group implosion all over social media, too.

Let’s start with the usual suspects: Bernie Three Houses Sanders, and his female counterpart, Walks With Commies:

Seriously, do they HAVE any other talking points aside from fear-mongering and over-the-top hysteria? No. No, they don’t.

Exhibit C:

And D, from the hypocrite, and morally-bankrupt, She Who Will Never Be POTUS (thank you, Lord):

And this from a Bernie follower in desperate need of a civics course:

Given the Democrats’ fanatical support of the Cult of Planned Parenthood, little more than a taxpayer-funded abortion mill, yes, she tweeted that nonsense with not one iota of irony or self-awareness.

Exactly. But wait, there’s more:

They’re nothing if not redundant and repetitive (sarcasm on).


Yup. But we’re all gonna die…unless we implement single-payer healthcare, which was the plan all along as those of us paying attention know, until Hillary Clinton failed her bid for Obama’s third term on November 8th, 2016.

Yawn. It never ends with these loons.

Look, Dems: though it’s mildly amusing watching the lot of you pee all over yourselves like a pack of un-housebroken toy poodles, this bill is not law. It must pass through the Senate, where it will either be re-written or amended til the cows come home, and the likelihood of it looking anything like it does right now and, heck, just making it out of the Senate at all, is low. Rand Paul, ever the voice of reason, and expert on the limited role of the federal government, had this to say about the bill’s outlook as it makes its way through the Senate:

So there it is: the Senate will have its own say on what will happen with the monstrosity known as ObamaCare. And with open minds. What a concept. But by all means, please continue being outraged by Every. Damned. Thing, Democrats. It makes it far easier to keep you distracted with SQUIRRELS!!! whilst the adults clean up the substantial crap sandwich that last guy left all over the floor of our collective kitchens.

Yes, super-ghoul Cecile Richards, the AHCA will destroy pregnancy prevention, because birth control didn’t exist before ObamaCare or something. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

No. Regardless of the rhetoric otherwise, this is not a repeal; this is a first step, one of many that I hope will rid America of ObamaCare—which has cost my family its health insurance at least three times, and has no business residing at the federal level, PERIOD—once and for all. Am I holding my breath? Nope. But at the very least, the process has made a significant move forward, and for that I’m grateful.

Now let’s hope that the end product—if there is one—doesn’t lift the ObamaCare albatross from the necks of the Democrats and wrap itself around the throats of the GOP. Because we all know how good they are at shooting themselves right in the foot with their very own bullets.

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