Afghanistan Withdrawal Collateral Damage

Afghanistan Withdrawal Collateral Damage

Afghanistan Withdrawal Collateral Damage

We watched the horror of the withdrawal from Afghanistan with our own eyes last year. The deadly and chaotic withdrawal did not have to be that way. As time goes on, we will learn more stories and they will do even more damage to our reputation in the world. Admiral John Kirby will brag about how many persons the military moved out in a matter of days. When Joe Biden is medicated enough and deigns to speak to the media, he will blame it on President Trump. As more stories are told, we will find out it was much worse than what we saw. And remember, not one rank was thrown on a desk.

Deanna began our Victory Girls’ Anniversary Remembrance with stories of the Afghanistan Fallout. Joe Biden has no events scheduled today. If we had a fair media, Biden would be excoriated for that oversight. We don’t. The suicide of the brother of one of the Fallen Marines is another casualty of the botched Afghan withdrawal. Last week, Nina told you about the memory holing of the Afghan withdrawal.

Kurt Schlichter, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, has a righteously angry post in Townhall today, “Afghanistan and the Collapse of Normals’ Faith in the System”. In it he wrote:

The clusterfark of an exit with zero planning from the worst possible departure position – our genius generals and senile president just gave up Bagram for no good reason – was bad. The deaths of 13 of our troops was worse. I had the honor of briefly representing the family of one of the Marines killed there and I was present for the detailed tactical briefing on what happened. At the battalion level, the Marines performed flawlessly in the situation and with the resources they were given. But they should never have been there in an unprotected location that could have had the proper infrastructure built months before in order to keep hundreds of unvetted Afghans from being right up next to a bunch of our people. That’s a senior leader issue – the senior leaders failed them and a terrorist with hundreds of metal chun.ks in his bomb got right up by our guys and blew them to pieces.

What is the name of a guy fired for this incompetence?

What was the name of a guy fired for failing to win in Afghanistan, or Iraq for that matter?

What is the name of a guy who resigned and said “I’ll be no part of this idiocy?”

The answer is Captain Nemo (No One)

I just finished reading “Scars and Stripes” by Tim Kennedy. Kennedy is retired Army and a MMA fighter. He went over to Afghanistan to help get people out because everyone, including my dog MacDuff, knew this not going to go well. In this Joe Rogan clip, Kennedy talks about all those heart grabbing photos of babies being handed over walls to military personnel.

One in ten of the babies made it. The other nine bled out in the concertina wire. We didn’t know that. Paints things in an even more gruesome light.

Also, in the book, beginning on page 372, Kennedy talked about the Abbey Gate suicide bomber:

A suicide bomber got inside the wire and detonated, killing thirteen U.S. service members, all twenty-five years old or younger. One of them, I would find out later, is Sergeant Nicole Gee, a young leader who grew up a few hours from where I did, in Sacramento. She helped us earlier that day when we had to search the women we rescued before bringing them on base. She was really sweet, and high energy. She wasn’t going through the motions — she greeted every Afghan with a smile. She loved her job and her service.

Tim Kennedy has daughters the same age as Nicole Gee and it felt personal to him. I felt the same about Ssgt. Ryan Knauss, KIA, from here in Knoxville.

Corporal Kelsee Lainhart, paralyzed in the bombing, is learning to walk with leg braces.

The fallout from this incompetent, irresponsible and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan has only just begun. To this date, not one of the members of this administration, who are entirely responsible, has been reprimanded, fired or held accountable in any way. We cannot let this go. These people need to admit their shame. No rest until they do.

Featured Image: 24th MEU/Wikimedia Domain

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  • Cameron says:

    They don’t care. They never will care. All that matters is that they got us out of that country and to hell with everything else.

    And before some smooth brain, window licking moral cripple bleats “But Trump!” I will remind you (With small words) that the Taliban didn’t hold to their side of the agreement and that Biden was under no obligation to get us out of there.

  • Kevin says:

    If only The F^#king Genius (TFG) followed through with his imbecilic plan to invite the Taliban to Camp David. We lucked out as a nation when we saw Biden win by millions and millions of votes. Whew, that was a close one.

  • Gregory Brou says:

    I was disturbed by the very young age of the 13 blown up. Over half had just graduated from high school.

    Why were the kids placed outside the wall without experienced support?

    Why were the kids grouped up, not dispersed to limit target value?

    Basics that are company level accountable

    • Cameron says:

      Why did they focus the evacuation efforts in Kabul when Bagram was bigger and could have handled the traffic better?

      And while this is something that should have higher levels accountable, no one will be. And no general had the stones to tell the President’s handlers “We can’t do it this way because people will get killed.”

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