Adam Schiff Wants Intel Briefings ‘Dumbed Down’ For Trump

Adam Schiff Wants Intel Briefings ‘Dumbed Down’ For Trump

Adam Schiff Wants Intel Briefings ‘Dumbed Down’ For Trump

Adam Schiff is a dangerous fool. He is also big mad that, once the nomination is secured, the intel community will start briefing President Trump.

U.S. intelligence agencies plan to provide briefings to former President Donald Trump this year if he secures the Republican presidential nomination, even though he faces federal criminal charges that he mishandled classified information after he left office.

The intelligence community is likely to adhere to past practices for nominees and has no plan to cancel the briefings if Trump becomes the GOP nominee, two sources with knowledge of the matter said. Scrapping the briefings for Trump could open President Joe Biden up to accusations of politicizing access to intelligence, one of the sources said.

Launched by President Harry Truman in 1952, intelligence briefings for presidential nominees are designed to ensure a smooth transition of power and to prepare a prospective commander in chief for office. The briefings are not required by law.

Given how many in the intel community have acted towards Trump these last years, you just know that they are having quiet fits over this prospect. However, it’s something that has been done since 1952, and it’s something that should be done correctly for the safety and security of this country. 

Of course, the media immediately points to the fact that Trump is unreliable because the weaponized DOJ arrested and charged Trump with keeping classified documents at Mar-A-Lago. Therefore public perception is that it is only TRUMP who is careless with classified information. They say nothing about the decades of documents (including many classified documents) scattered all over hell and gone that Joe Biden has kept in various homes, offices, and out in the open in his garage. THAT’S DIFFERENT because reasons! 

Yet, here trots in Adam Schiff during yesterday’s Meet The Press segment. 

In case you didn’t want to watch the weasel in action, here’s what Schiff said. 

“I have to hope, and knowing the intelligence community as I do, that they will dumb down the briefing for Donald Trump.”

“That is, they will give him no more information than absolutely necessary, nothing that will reveal sources or methods, because we can’t trust that he will do the right thing with the information,” Schiff added.

“He’s been so reckless. So yes, it does concern me. It is part of a long tradition, they will be wary of what they share with him — and they should,” the representative noted.

Schiff himself was previously chair of the House Intelligence Committee when the Democrats controlled the chamber.

Of the briefings, Schiff also said that it “is the practice” for nominees to receive them, “but we’ve never had a situation where one of the candidates for president has been so criminally negligent when it comes to handling — if not worse — when it comes to handling classified information.”

There’s a great deal of ‘pot, have you MET kettle’ in Schiff’s assertions. Adam Schiff was kicked off the intel committee because of HIS recklessness and continued insistence that everything including punctuation was correct in the Russia dossier. 

Furthermore, the intel community has an obligation to the safety and security of THIS country as a whole to provide ALL the details to Trump and Biden through this election season. Whether they like it or not, it behooves the intel community to pull up their big boy panties and do their damned job, or be prosecuted. 

Yes, remember when TIME happily published how the Democrats and Deep State fortified the system during the 2020 election? That’s what they are doing again. 

So, for Adam Schiff to literally tell the world that he WANTS the intel community to “dumb down” the intel briefings is beyond reckless and stupid, it is a detriment to our national security. 

Adam Schiff is a disgrace beyond measure. I truly hope that Steve Garvey prevails and is able to kick this dangerous loon to the curb. 

Feature Photo Credit: Brookings Institution/ Commons/Michele Grewe/ Domain

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  • draigh says:

    Schiff is being disingenuous. What he really means is that he needs the briefings dumbed down to a 2nd Grade level so HE can understand them!

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