Abrams: Voter Suppression Will Have Us Speaking Russian in 2030

Abrams: Voter Suppression Will Have Us Speaking Russian in 2030

Abrams: Voter Suppression Will Have Us Speaking Russian in 2030

Stacey Abrams, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate has awakened from her nap under a rock and thinks we will be speaking Russian. Remember when she repetitively blamed voter suppression for her loss to current governor, Brian Kemp?

Why does Abrams think we will be speaking Russian in 2030? Because, obviously, they have been meddling in our elections! And she is blaming the Russians for future meddling. (Video embedded in Tweet):

Abrams spoke at an event hosted by National Security Action, a left-leaning organization that works with Democrats on foreign policy, initiatives to discuss climate change, immigration, and Donald Trump’s presidency.

There’s no more fundamental and national-security crisis than the theft of our elections, not simply through Russian hacking, which is incredibly important and we have to pay attention to it, but by the suppression of the very voters whose voices could change the direction of our country. Suppression of the vote is “pervasive” and “insidious,” she said, because it convinces people it’s a “user error.”

If we do not secure our democracy and ensure that every vote counts in 2020, we will be having a very different conversation, possibly in Russian, in 2030.”-Stacey Abrams

Speaking Russian in 2030? Hold up, Ms. Abrams…I thought we all were going to be dead in 12 years from the excess use of airplanes and eating burgers?

Yep, we think somewhere McCarthy is laughing his ass off right now.

This fear-mongering is coming from an individual who lost the election by 55,000 votes in an election with record turnout. If Hillary is the sore loser queen, Stacey Abrams is in her court and, at the very least, a contender for second place. Translation: if an election does not go the way (democrats) want it to go, voter suppression is at work. We are so happy, however, that the Internet is indeed, forever:

Voting rights of prisoners? No problem. Allowing those here illegally the opportunity to vote? Again, not a problem. Ballots being returned with multiple candidates selected and therefore being rendered useless? Not an issue. States dropping certain candidates to be on their ballots-imposing rules on a federal election? This could be problematic but it’s nothing when compared to those Russians.

Just this past week, both California and Washington State passed bills that could prevent Donald Trump from showing up on the 2020 ballot if he does not release tax returns from the past five years. Democrats do not even see the irony and the sheer humor that a tax attorney, who couldn’t seem to pay her taxes, is running her mouth about voter suppression. Yet, most of the very same Democrats are totally on-board with an obstruction in a federal election such as this.

Meanwhile, on the planet Stacey Abrams currently resides (we’re not convinced it’s Earth), the real problem is those meddling Russians. Is there any point in which journalists will even question this lunacy? Is there any point in which democrats stop for a moment and actually think about what they are saying? My guess is a big, fat, “Nyet”. Pass the borscht and the vodka, comrades…and pass Abrams the proverbial tin foil hat. Red Scare 2020 is in full effect. Na Zdorovie!

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  • GWB says:

    she needs an intervention
    THIS. Definitely this.

    lost the election by 55,000 votes
    Well, that was a margin less than 1.5%. (Vote total was almost 4 million votes.) I think it is a pretty strongly contested race. And a good Democratic machine could manufacture that many votes, though it would be hard to hide from the media. Ummm… *snerk* … *guffaw* … who am I kidding? The media would help carry the bogus ballot boxes.

    pass Ms. Abrams the proverbial tin foil hat
    Sadly, any more, you don’t know if they’re really crazy, or they just think all their constituents are.

    BTW, if you look at the county-by-county map of that election (here), you will notice she only won (with a 1.5% margin!) Atlanta, Savannah, an odd bit down between Albany, Alabama and Columbus, and another odd spot between Atlanta and Augusta. It’s this very red map, with only 4 clusters of blue on it.
    I wouldn’t say it’s the typical distribution nowadays, but it’s typical of the very clustered Democrat voter distribution in so many places.

    • Ryan says:

      One might say the vote being as close as 1.5% was manufactured… if one was cynical.

      • GWB says:

        It might have been an attempt. But if it were *successfully* manufactured, it would have been 1.5% the other way.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I agree with Ms. Abrams.
    Time to CRUSH the suppression of entitled voters.
    NO illegal aliens will “count” in population determining House Representation.
    NO “same day”, motor voter, College/driver’s licence, ID, “unverifiable” mail-in vote return addresses ,
    “selective” harvesting/”assistance” collection, involuntary institutionalization ballots, non-compis mentis “curation”,, et alia, ad nauseam.

  • Scott says:

    Voter suppression?? She’s not wrong.. (well, about the Russian part maybe)… Here’s a couple examples…



    Of course, her and her heros obama / holder had no problem with it back then…

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