Abortion Is Not Safer Than Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Abortion Is Not Safer Than Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Abortion Is Not Safer Than Wisdom Tooth Extraction

On Wednesday, while walking to the Supreme Court to protest the Louisiana abortion clinic case being heard, California Representative Jackie Speier made a startlingly stupid claim. She claimed that abortion is safer than wisdom tooth extraction or endoscopy. This claim is 100% provably false.

If there was a contest for most reprehensible California United States Representative, it would be almost impossible to pick the biggest loser. Think about the choices: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Zoe Lofgren, Maxine Waters, and Jackie Speier. These choices are all reprehensible reptiles. Must be something in the water out there.

Most of the news about that SCOTUS abortion case protest was about Senator Chuck Schumer threatening the two most recent associate justices added to the court, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Yes, yes, Schumer did threaten them no matter how you spin it. Nina wrote about that thug behavior and you can read it here. Apparently, all the Democrats have are thuggish threats, lies and false equivalencies.

And, false equivalence brings us back around to the detestable Jackie Speier and her claim that abortion is safer than endoscopy or wisdom tooth extraction. Here is the video:

First of all, notice that all of these female congresscritters are wearing identical blue scarves. These females are worse than middle school girls. They coordinate their protest outfits. This year was the second year they wore white to the State of the Union address to protest Donald Trump’s war on women. I covered that here. If these women were truly empowered, their ideas would speak for them. They wouldn’t need matching scarves to appear powerful.

Next, it is provably and demonstrably false that abortion is safer than endoscopy and wisdom tooth extraction. Any procedure can result in death. That is a fact. The Today Show reported that, according to the American Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,”records show that the risk of death or brain injury in patients undergoing anesthesia during oral surgery is 1 out of 365,000.” Bandolier.org. reports that, “Upper gastrointestinal mortality occurs in between 1 in 2000 and 1 in 12,000 patients, and some morbidity in 1 in 200.” I lost a high school friend a few years ago. He got a bacterial infection from his routine colonoscopy. Like I said, any procedure can have ill effects.

Abortion versus wisdom tooth is a false equivalence. No matter what happens to a wisdom tooth, it will always be a wisdom tooth. It can stay in your mouth forever and nothing happens. It can rot and abscess. A rotted wisdom tooth can lead to infection that damages your heart and/or kills you. The tooth is still a tooth.

A baby, if not ripped from her mother’s womb, will change and grow. She will go to school. She will learn. She will become a scientist and discover a cure for a life threatening disease. Or, maybe he will become a teacher and influence a generation. The wisdom tooth will never do that.

Worse than any other outpatient procedure, abortion has a much, much higher mortality rate. At a minimum, there is a 50% mortality rate associated with abortion. Fact. If the abortion is successful, in the very least, the baby will die. As the Washington Free Beacon reported, we don’t really know about how the formerly, pregnant woman does:

There are 22 states not required to report any data on postabortion complications so it is unclear how many women ultimately suffer from the procedure. There is also no federal requirement for clinics to report abortion complications or manufacturers to track complications that follow a medical abortion.

Risks of a surgical abortion include hemorrhage, infection, and injury to the uterus or cervix. A medicated abortion procedure includes risks such as incomplete abortion (ongoing pregnancy), heavy and continued bleeding, infection, fever, and digestive system discomfort.

Success, as long as the baby is dead. Democrat women love dead babies. They want many more of them. On February 26, the Democrat Senators and Susan Collins voted for more infanticide and against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Remember when Democrats used to claim that they wanted abortion “safe, rare and legal”? Right? They want dead babies. Safe, no, doctors don’t need privileges at hospitals. Rare, no, right up to and possibly after the moment of birth. Not only legal, but maybe “required” in the future. You know for certain, undesirable people who won’t ever contribute economically. For the greater good.

According to National Right to Life, 61 million abortions, and a counting, have been performed since 1973. That’s 61 million United States citizens executed without benefit of legal representation or trial by a jury of their peers.

Each and every one of us is responsible for these deaths. Wastes of skin like Jackie Speier will roast in Hell for her part in spreading lies about this gruesome and horrific procedure. Wisdom teeth, my Aunt Fanny.

Newborn in a basket“Newborn in a basket” by Landworth is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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  • James Raclawski says:

    thanks toni… you say the things.. that I hear rolling around in my noggin… and boy-you struck gold here… the worshippers of death are creating the circumstances that have devastated generations of young girls…. eventually when these damaged souls meet their destroyed child at that final judgement I believe the Merciful God will make these poor things whole…. as for the grotesque enablers & “theologians” of abortion… these followers of Satan will be in a somewhat different que….

    mr schumer”s demon seems to have slipped his muzzel&leash … criminentlies…. chuck was dang near INCANDESCENT – all twitchy and giggling…. all full of lies afterward… but that’s really just his default condition

    SEMPER FI…. continue on mission

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