ABC News Conducts Fawning Interview with Traitor Chelsea Manning [VIDEO]

ABC News Conducts Fawning Interview with Traitor Chelsea Manning [VIDEO]

ABC News Conducts Fawning Interview with Traitor Chelsea Manning [VIDEO]

Chelsea Manning left Ft. Leavenworth prison last month. But if you thought she would go quietly, you were wrong.

ABC News held an interview with the traitor who leaked 750,000 secret documents to WikiLeaks, and they just released a teaser for next week’s broadcast. And, as you might have guessed, the interview was fluff. Manning looks like a hero — or is that heroine?

So Manning thinks she had a “responsibility to the public” to release top secret documents. It may have cost the safety of various military and intelligence personnel and foreign agents. So let me ask you this: who the hell died and left this traitor an arbiter of what the public should know? Furthermore, what inept government agency decided that this disturbed person should have access to government secrets?

But she “accepts responsibility” for her actions. Fine. Tell that to the patriots who daily risk their lives in the military or in foreign service to keep the nation safe.

It’s this sort of liberal fawning by the media which makes fools like Reality Winner give America the finger, too. However, she’s a very different animal than the pathetic Manning. Winner, who appeared Thursday in a Georgia court on a charge of ‘willful retention and transmission of national defense information,’ is highly intelligent. She’s also quite arrogant. Prosecutors reported that Winner called her mother to tell her how to play the media. She also told her sister that she planned to cry in court for sympathy, because she was “pretty, white, and cute.”

Reality Winner in her “cute” orange prison garb. Credit:

Well, she got one out of three correct. She is white.

Winner also referenced — guess who? Yep, Chelsea Manning. In a recorded phone call, she said she would “go nuclear with the press — because that’s how Manning got out.” She may have a point — the media obviously love Chelsea Manning, and Winner may get some love, too. After all, Rosie O’Donnell just called her a ‘brave young patriot’ and gave $1000 to her GoFundMe site. O’Donnell also tweeted “i support reality winner speak truth to power #resist #womenUNITE.”


Of course. Birds of a feather, and all that.

As long as the media fawn over people like Chelsea Manning, and the “Resist” crowd on social media give kudos to America-haters like Reality Winner, expect to see more security breaches. Especially if the vetting of these people for top secret clearance continues to be as substandard as it apparently is now, and the leakers are richly rewarded in the public eye.

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  • Max says:

    “I take full responsibility” is political-speak that, translated, means there will be no or limited consequences.

  • Scott says:

    manning, winner, and o’donnell.. line em all up, and it’ll only take one bullet… they are all human refuse, ans need to be dead… if we’d had a real president the last 8 yrs, manning would be rotting in a dark hole somewhere!

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