A Bridge Too Far? Feds Investigate Christie’s Use of Sandy Relief Funds

A Bridge Too Far? Feds Investigate Christie’s Use of Sandy Relief Funds

There is another storm brewing on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s horizon. Reports are surfacing that the Feds are investigating the governor for his use of taxpayer-funded disaster assistance following Hurricane Sandy.

Feds are probing whether or not Christie improperly used federal relief funds to pay for post-Sandy tourism ads featuring Christie and his family. Christie was running for re-election at the time. The audit is expected to take several months, and will investigate the use of $25 million in taxpayer-funded Sandy relief monies for a tourism-promoting campaign following the severe damage to the state’s coastline, according to New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone, a 27-year veteran of the House. Pallone, back in August, requested that the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s inspector general dig into Christie’s relief fund spending, claiming he was concerned about the bidding process for an ad buy:

“Pallone wrote that he was concerned about the bidding process for the firm awarded the marketing plan; the winning firm is charging the state about $2 million more than the next lowest bidder. The winning $4.7 million bid featured Christie and his family in the advertisements while the losing $2.5 million proposal did not feature the Christies.

“This was money that could have directly been used for Sandy recovery. And, as you know, many of my constituents still haven’t gotten the money that is owed them to rebuild their homes or raise their homes or to help,” he told CNN.”

Christie’s office stated Monday that the “Stronger than the Storm” campaign was part of an Obama Administration-approved “action plan” for the state working to regain lost tourism dollars, and that audits are routine when federally dispersed funds are involved.

Now we know, given recent polling, that Governor Christie is the only potential 2016 presidential candidate leading Hillary Clinton. And we also know that just a week or so ago, the New York Times, the very same rag that broke the bridge closure story, wrote a factually-flawed report attempting to exonerate Hillary Clinton from any responsibility for four dead Americans in Benghazi. That may be just a coincidence leading into 2016, but given the hyper partisan MSM wedded to the hyper-partisan Obama administration, coincidences like those are tough to come by.

On a side note: It’s astonishing the lightning-speed to which the Feds have jumped to investigate Governor Christie, given its own administration’s endless litany of scandals and foot-dragging. It seems Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of Conservatives, unconstitutional recess appointments, conflicts of interest in its own partisan investigations of itself, etc etc etc make no difference to an administration whose motto is “The End Justifies the Means.”

Unfortunately, Governor Christie is finding out the hard way what many of us have known for years: That the Obama Administration cannot be trusted, and getting into bed with Barack Obama will only result in a potentially career-ending case of political syphilis. Too bad he didn’t realize that fact before he held hands with Mr. Obama like a giddy schoolgirl following Hurricane Sandy. When Obama, Hillary and the Democrats demand rain, it pours.

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  • Perhaps Christie should have paid closer attention to the fate of Arlen Specter, who switched from being a Republican to being a Democrat. Specter – a left-leaning Republicans who disdained the GOP base, switched parties because he did not to be defeated by the Tea Party-backed candidate. Ironically, even after switching Specter still lost the Democrat primary to Joe Sestak. While a Republican Specter loved to portray himself as the victim of “right-wing extremists” in the GOP, but it was the hard Left extremists running the modern Democrat Party who actually ended his political career.

    No matter how much Christie wants to believe otherwise, he will never be acceptable to the media and the Democrat Party. Like Specter, Christie was useful to Democrats until he threatened their preferred candidate. Christie should have played it straight and not adopted Obama’s Chicago-style politics of using the powers of government to settle political scores.

  • Jodi says:

    Spot on, RL.

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