99% “Environmentalists” watch fossil fuel protest on the Columbia from yachts

99% “Environmentalists” watch fossil fuel protest on the Columbia from yachts

I live in Portland, OR so I should (technically) be used to environmentalists who are hypocrites. How are they hypocritical you ask? Well, let’s see many of those who claim to be “Environmentalists” here in the PNW are actually hipsters who confine themselves to jobs as baristas as they are wasting their trust funds, or their parents funds, trying to figure out what to do with their shallow, pathetic existences whilst spouting loads of toxic jibber-jabber about how humans are a pox upon their precious Earth. This latest example of their hypocrisy, however, has set my blood to BOILING as it should yours. In the videos captured by my good friend Dan Sandini, also known as Daylight Disinfectant, we see a mini-van taxi, loaded forbear with Whole Foods catering-hardly the grocery store to the 99%-dropping a couple hundred dollars worth of goodies which are then loaded onto the Gallant-a $399 AN HOUR YACHT based out of Portland, OR. The smaller boat involved in this debacle is evidently for the budget minded hypocrite-coming in at a meager $150 an hour to rent.

The Gallant Yacht, rented by pleasure cruising Enviro-hypocrites watching anti-fossil fuel protests on the Columbia River over the weekend

Why has this set my blood to boiling you ask? Why shouldn’t people be able to spend their hard earned money on pleasure cruises and organic catered food? Touche dear reader, I am glad you inquired. You see when it is done by people who complain that people like myself-hard working people who have busted their tails to afford a house in a nice area of the city, who have made the choice to send their children to private schools, who WORK in order to achieve our dreams are EVIL because we support CORPORATIONS (God forbid) and live in more than 900 square feet (an unforgivable sin in their eyes)-that we are part of the DREADED 1%-yes, that makes my blood boil. Especially when everything that I have I have worked for and everything I am working for is going out to feed us in this Obama-ized economy where $103.00 no longer buys much for a family of three in the way of weekly groceries.

No, dear reader, I reject this hypocrisy and choose to show it for what it is-FOUL. So put THAT in your fossil fuel burning yachts tailpipe and SMOKE IT.

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