911 Caller Warned Of More Bombs After Chelsea Attack, How Many More Is The Question [VIDEOS]

911 Caller Warned Of More Bombs After Chelsea Attack, How Many More Is The Question [VIDEOS]

911 Caller Warned Of More Bombs After Chelsea Attack, How Many More Is The Question [VIDEOS]

Two bombs in the Chelsea area of NYC on Saturday. One blew up, injuring 29 people, thankfully not seriously. The other, found just 4 blocks away, was disarmed. BOTH bombs were pressure cooker bombs similar to what was used in the heinous terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon.

Sunday, while authorities scrambled to find those responsible and the governor straddled the fence about terrorism definitions, information regarding a 911 call was released.

A 911 caller issued a chilling warning moments after the Saturday night bomb that rocked Chelsea — saying, “There will be more.’’

“I’m looking at the explosion down the block. There will be more,” the unidentified male caller threatened, law-enforcement sources told The Post Sunday.

It turns out the caller was right.

“There was a suspicious package with multiple improvised explosive devices this evening at the Elizabeth Train Station in NJ. Bomb techs from the FBI, Union County, and the New Jersey State Police have arrived on the scene and are now rendering the area safe,” the FBI said in a statement. “In the course of rendering one of the devices safe, it detonated. There are no injuries & law enforcement personnel are at the scene processing evidence.”

Folks, that was just last night. 


Reviewing what happened over the weekend should bring chills.

1. Seaside area of Point Pleasant NJ: A major pipe bomb blew up along the route of a Marine Corps charity 5k run Saturday morning. Thankfully it happened BEFORE the run even got started
2. Early Saturday evening at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud MN a man runs through crowds slashing at people while screaming Allah Akbar and asking if his intended victims are Muslim or not. 8 people are injured before an off-duty cop shoots him
3. At nearly the SAME time as the MN attack, a bomb goes off in the Chelsea neighborhood sending 29 people to the hospital. Another bomb was found 4 blocks away
4. Late Sunday 5 more bombs were found at a train station in Elizabeth, NJ. As Deanna notes here, one exploded while bomb techs were attempting to disarm it.

Four attacks in less than 36 hours. Of those, authorities are now saying that three of them, Seaside, Chelsea, and Elizabeth were the work of one man.

They also point out that he’s likely not working alone. Family members of Rahami have been arrested and the search continues for others.

Meanwhile Governor Cuomo continues to play word games when discussing the terror attacks this weekend. He goes from this,

To saying suspect is of Afghan descent BUT he’s an American!! Okayyyyy

Finally, but probably not really finally, he says this.


Thank YOU Captain Obvious!!

Folks, here’s the deal. 4 attacks in less than two days. These attacks should put us ALL on alert. Ahmed Khan Rahami and his pals aren’t nice people. PERIOD.

It doesn’t and it SHOULDN’T matter that he supposedly became a naturalized American. He planned terror attacks and tried to make them work. While authorities scramble to find this terrorist,



We must and should ask ourselves this question. How many more attacks are planned? The 911 caller warned of more. How many more is the question. Given that we don’t have those answers, Lisa’s right, we need to be strong, NOT weak. We need to be vigilant. It is past time for ALL of us to be sheepdogs instead of sheep and stop the wolves before they attack us again.

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